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Srtip Meryl (Streep Meryl)

( Actress)

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Biography Srtip Meryl (Streep Meryl)
photo Srtip Meryl (Streep Meryl)
Real name: Mary Louise. Born 22.9.1949 in r. Summit (pc. New Jersey). Theater became involved, while still at Vassar College and Dortmund. In 1975. graduated from Yale University with a Masters of Fine Arts, which is also involved in Drama.
In the cinema, where the Strip came after several years of work in one of the best New York theater, directed by Joseph Papp, debutante is not too lucky. Already well-known actress, who played Shakespeare, Strindberg, Williams instructed the small role of a society lady in "Julia" F. Zinnemann (1977). But in the process of mounting almost all the shots with her participation cut. However, subsequent work, mainly the heroine of the second plan - immediately attracted the attention of connoisseurs of true art. Rate this - Award of the National Society of Film Critics' Best Supporting Actress in "The Deer Hunter" (1978), . highest television award "Emii" for participation in the film "Genocide" (1978) and the prize of the New York critics for "Seduction of Joe's Secret" (1979),
The real triumph was the same screen for the actress in the familiar role of Johanna, and we film P. Benton's "Kramer vs. Kramer" (1979). In this image created by the actress stressed - after adjusting for a century - many of the features characteristic of Ibsen Hope, played by it in the theater. Streep was well aware of the whole-won position of his character - a mother who has abandoned the child. But she went on the risk and won. Oscar for Best Supporting Actress was a just reward for the skill
. The "French Lieutenant's Woman" (1981), Streep embodied on the screen at once two characters: reject Victorian society mistress of a mythical French Lieutenant Sarah and modern actress named Anna, . creating two independent female character,
. Both of these images have in common the desire for freedom and independence in the sphere of personal relations. They, like Joanna, are endowed with "negative charisma". Actress uninteresting strictly positive heroine, as a rule, the resulting colorless.
His second Oscar - for the execution of already leading lady - Streep won for taking part in the movie A. Pakula antifascist novel Y. Styron "Sophie's Choice" (1982). Here, she again had to play two roles, but not different women, but one: in Auschwitz and postwar New York. And here and there assigned to the problem of choice: first - which of his two children doomed to death, then - prosperity or decency - she chose the latter, paying for it with their lives. (Fought fascism and another heroine Streep - Susan Traherne - in the film F. Schepisi "Abundance", 1985.) Cycle "civic" images entered into a trade union activist in the movie M. Nichols' "Silkwood" (1983), which perfectly reflects the evolution of title character from the hilarious "factory girl" to the man to whom even the proximity of his own death did not prevent to think about surviving colleague.
Mid-80's marked the Strip for a series of films about love. In "Lovers" Y. Grosbarda (1984) it is perfectly demonstrated how trivial love adultery turns into a large, real feeling. In "Jealousy" M Nichols (1986) Meryl played a real woman - Nora Ephron, which tells the story of the collapse of her marriage to Carl Bernstein - one of the two journalists untangle the "Watergate affair". Love is hard not only in the big city, but even where there was no one around - his whole game says the actress in the film with. Pollack's "Out of Africa" won an Oscar as best film of 1985. Several tired of all these beautiful and passionate women, Streep stretched to the roles that plan.
In 1987. Brazilian director Hector Babenco, invited her to his American movie "Ironweed", where the actress showed amazing ability to dramatically change the appearance. And at the same time forced the audience sympathetic consideration to a very unsympathetic character.
Cannes Film Festival award for best female lead actress got a part in the film F. Schepisi "Cry in the Dark" (1988). She played here mother convicted of killing his own baby, who disappeared during a trip to the mountains. Credibility of the game helped the actress and that her daughter - Grace - was about the same age as the child disappeared. (Since 1978, Mr.. Streep is married to sculptor Don Gammerov, they - two boys and two girls.)
She tried Streep forces in comedy - "Demon" (1989) C. Seydelman, "Death to her face" P. Zemeckis (1992) - and very successfully, in the drama "Postcards from the Edge" M. Nichols (1990), where she sang beautifully, and now dreams of a musical - a genre in which she performed in theater. But no matter how differed played its role, they are generally viewed the leading theme of creativity that actress: defending human dignity, women's independence, the right to love by choice. Her heroine, to what age and country they would belong to, is in tune with our times, when the feminist movement in the West is becoming a larger scale.
. It's not a scheme can be no question, because the characters Strip - real women with autonomy does not destroy the lyricism, as cold and calculating can be combined with the generous impulses of their own detriment
. Such non-one makes them alive, warm, human.
Streep and is actively involved in social activities. Previously, she fought against the nuclear arms race, and now - led the movement for the reduction of nitrates in food. The talented actress is always aware of their civic duty to the people.

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Srtip Meryl (Streep Meryl), photo, biography
Srtip Meryl (Streep Meryl), photo, biography Srtip Meryl (Streep Meryl)  Actress, photo, biography
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