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Jessica Lange (Lange Jessica)

( Actress)

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Biography Jessica Lange (Lange Jessica)
Born 20.4.1949 in Klokete (pc. Minnesota).
Jessica's father was a traveling salesman for an average hand, and during her childhood the family moved 18 times. Nevertheless, the girl is always a good student, and stood out among his peers beautiful gift. After school, received a scholarship to the University of Minnesota specialty painting. But having studied a year, dropped everything and went to Paris, where he enrolled in school memes. Upon returning to America on the advice of friends went on trial film 'King Kong' (1976) and won the role of beauty Duan. And though now blamed for the young actress, she served as good advertising.
. Starring in the small role of the Angel of Death in the film 'All the fuss' (1979), Jessica finally got the opportunity to show what she could do as an actress in the film 'The Postman Always Rings Twice' (1981)
. With the participation of D. Nicholson and D. Laing fourth screen version of the plot, telling how the collusion of his wife and her lover was killed by a roadside restaurant owner trusting, may be called the best. Always spectacularly pretty, Jessica then seemed to forget about it. Painted, burned with traces of peroxide hair perm, slovenly dress, worn shoes at low-heeled. But this 'homeliness' only helped to create Laing expressive portrait of a woman and jerking dark passions. Absurd death cortex is the logical conclusion of its wickedness.
Creative reputation Lang further strengthened after it appeared in the film 'Francis''(1982) - biography of a popular film stars 30-ies Frances Farmer. Actress illustrates the transformation of a beautiful, talented, intelligent women in the hunted, being outcast, 'Francis' - something more than the traditional biopic. This is a tragic story of a woman who ventured to go against the flow, to follow their own convictions and gorks punished for mutiny. For Jessica, this was obrag opportunity to express their own attitude to Hollywood, creativity, cinematography.
Working on the film 'Francis', Lang first experienced the need for systematic education and enrolled in courses Milla Natasha's, where he studied the Stanislavsky system, and acting technique 30-ies. She also mastered techniques of meditation that helped her out of the state 'ny fierce glare, which runs in Dei stviya flowed Francis. But, as the actress confessed she 'was in the thrall of this heroine a few years'.
In hot pursuit 'Francis' was filmed another biopic - 'Sweet Dreams' (1985) about the famous singer Patsy Cline, but he was less successful.
Award 'Oscar', obtained Jessica Lange in 1983 for the comedy 'Tootsie' (1982), finally consolidated its creative reputation. Now she could choose a role in its sole discretion and to dictate its conditions to producers. Moreover, she financed the film 'Motherland' (1983), tells the dramatic story of a farm family from Iowa. Jessica familiar with the problems of farmers. While her colleagues have sought to acquire apartments in prestigious areas of New York and Los Angeles, she invested in land. She owned 150 acres in the state of Minnesota, 100 acres in New Mexico. And she lives on a large ranch in Virginia, surrounded by cows, horses and other animals. So people with problems related to land, she is familiar firsthand. Perhaps because the image Dzhavel Ivey, the heroine of 'homeland', has turned out such a convincing. Bareheaded, in jeans and simple blouse, the woman from morning to evening is busy around the house - washing, working in the field, but it still can not save them from collapse of his farm. Problems of the American heartland and the film was dedicated to the 'Far North', taken in collaboration with Sam Shepard.
Lang belongs to the galaxy of 40-year masters experiencing today is not the best of times. Following them is already two generations of actresses, quite vigorously asserting his right to leadership and the best role. Jessica chose the correct position by betting only on large-scale paintings, the director's big names, even more carefully than before, avoiding migratory roles. Great response was tape 'Music Box' (1989). Lang performed the role of lawyer Ann Talbot, forced by circumstances to become a bushel accuser of his own father who turned Nazi criminals. This was her first political statement, and it sounded weighty.
Good looks and Lang in the film 'Cape Fear' (1991). And it was not easy, because in the center - a duel of two such personalities as Robert De Niro and Nick Nolte. Jessica plays Lee, the wife of lawyer. Their marriage is in a state of crisis. The blatant hostility comes through in his eyes Lee, when she looks at her husband. She knows about all his novels, is jealous of his. But in the face of danger represented by the mad a criminal Cady, a family rallying. In place of tantrums comes cold calculation. Lee has shown himself a real fighter. It was she, not her husband can turn the tide against violent rapist and save herself, her husband, daughter.
In recent years, Lang has become more glances in the direction of the theater. Deserves special commendation of its performance in the play 'Cat on a Hot Tin Roof'.
Fulfilling the role of strong, independent women, Jessica prefers to remain independent and in personal life. She never married and does so for reasons of principle. Her first daughter Alexandra was the result of an affair with a Russian dancer M. Baryshnikov. For several years she lived with the famous American playwright Sam Shepard. And although they have two children, Hannah and Samuel, they still are not married. Actress avoids and secular life, which gave herself with pleasure during a whirlwind romance with Baryshnikov. The time between the shooting she spends on the ranch to care for children and household. Deleted it much less often than other actresses. Over the past four years on the screens of America came only two films with her participation.

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Jessica Lange (Lange Jessica), photo, biography
Jessica Lange (Lange Jessica), photo, biography Jessica Lange (Lange Jessica)  Actress, photo, biography
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