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Nick Nolte (Nolte Nick).

( Actor)

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Biography Nick Nolte (Nolte Nick).
Born 8.2.1941 in g. Omaha (pc. Nebraska). When in the mid-70's American TV shows have multiple screen version of Irwin Shaw's novel 'The rich man, poor man', the audience mostly liked the dissolute, bad hat and a good Tom Jorda, although his role was played by actor obscurity. This sturdy, blond literally splashed on the screen prowess and charm. Name debutant - Nick Nolte - was at the hearing of many Americans, but for another reason: the father of a new rising star was a famous player of the national football team. Even after they learned that the son in his youth was not a stranger to this sport, but nothing in it has not reached and went to the theater.
Time to complete obscurity lasted for twelve years. Nick wandered with wandering troupes throughout the province, whiling away their free time performances day and night bars. Perhaps, Tom, and it was so organic that the hero's character and the actor were shozhimiN Nolte been born thirty years earlier, he could comfortably exist for many years, displaying on the screen - under various pretexts - himself. But in the 70's at a constant image-mask was difficult to achieve success.
Therefore Nolte, when Hollywood after telepremery drew attention to him, went out to try different genres. Soviet audiences saw him in the 'Abyss' (1977) - the first work of the actor to movie screen. Sensations not
made. There was bypassed and racing past Nolte ( "North Dallas Forty ', 1979), experienced and Nick on the material,' of which American heroes are made '(' Cannery Row ', 1981, by John Steinbeck). As far as the Nolte, he reckoned: the success of television to help him get a major role in the film F. Coppola's 'Apocalypse Now', but the director, invited Martin Sheen. Veteran of the Vietnam War Nolte played in the film to Flight 'Who will stop dozhdN' (1978). And did it very well. It is possible that this is why at the beginning of an acquaintance, and our viewers the movie 'Under Fire' (1983) offered a quote from this film. Slowly Wandering by machine guns from helicopters and elephants - the personification of horror and absurdity of what was happening then in Vietnam, and then in other parts of the world, in Latin America. Awareness of this and makes an American photojournalist Russell Price (the thing that plays Nolte) siding with the Nicaraguan patriots.
Nolte is constantly expanding his acting opportunities. He performed well in comedy, . playing a hitman in the film 'The final decision of Grace Quigley "(1984), . and then - the tramp, . help the family of a wealthy businessman to solve numerous problems ( 'In Beverly Hills and back', . 1985), . detective in the movie '48 hours '(1982) and its sequel "Another 48 hours' (1990),
. One last important works Nolte was the role of the lawyer in the thriller M. Scorsese's 'Cape Fear' (1991). He plays a chapter 'ideal' American family, which contributes to punish a man trying to rape a woman. The offender came out of prison, takes revenge on him, skillfully playing on the fact that the hero does not believe his wife and is concerned about the early demonstrated his daughter's sexuality ...

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Nick Nolte (Nolte Nick)., photo, biography
Nick Nolte (Nolte Nick)., photo, biography Nick Nolte (Nolte Nick).  Actor, photo, biography
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