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Val Kilmer (Kilmer Val)

( Actor)

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Biography Val Kilmer (Kilmer Val)
photo Val Kilmer (Kilmer Val)
Born 31/12/1959 in Los Angeles.
Val Kilmer - the young singer who has an attractive appearance and classical
actor training, which can boast not all the stars, sprouted in recent years on the Hollywood horizon.
In 17 years, Val became the youngest student Dzhuliardskoy arts school. His grandfather was a gold -. Maybe Val inherited from his independent nature and love to travel (after his first film he was almost a whole year off to wander in the U.S. and Europe). In Hollywood, he is famous as a rebel, attack of the free hand. Trouble many young actors today is that they lack the inspiration, courage. They once and for all choose their genre and simply imitate Marlon Brando, James Dean or Montgomery Clift. Kilmer is confident that the actor must always be himself, whoever he may play.
In the movie he made his debut in the film 'Top Secret' (1984), where he performed the role of a singer, for chance became embroiled in the fight against fascism. Genre paintings almost defies classification - there is anything: rock, spies, missiles, the Nazis, resistance, comedy and melodrama. In a sense, atoms symbolic, because at Kilmer also has no settled acres of image: a singer, then a detective, a soldier, the airman.
In 1988. actor tries himself in a fantastic movie-tale 'Willow', calculated on the youth audience. Wicked witch knows that it can only win a little girl, who cares about the dwarf Willow. Kilmer plays his ally, the warrior Madmartigana. Production has been very expensive, and the realization that two minutes of shooting cost thousands of dollars, could not affect the Executive. In the resulting picture will be too elegant, too shiny. Partner Kilmer was British actress Joanne Whalley, who became popular after the film 'Scandal'. In 1988, Mr.. Val and Joan were married and, later, Joanne Whalley-Kilmer has been named among the 50 most beautiful people in the world. Together with his wife, Kilmer starred in the film 'Kill me again' (1989), where he played a private detective, and Joan - his client.
1991 was notable in the life of shaft: he was marked by a meeting with Oliver Stone.
The prospect of playing singer Jim Morrison in the film directed by an extremely eminent fascinated Kilmer. Even as a child with him involved one student who had visited Vietnam. It was he who instilled a love for the boy culture of 60-ies.
According to the plan Stone, the whole atmosphere of 'door' (1991) - the so-called rock band, Jim Morrison - was supposed to be a concentrated expression of the era, typical of her idealism, desire for absolute freedom. Executor's so unconventional role was not easy to find. Before you opt for Kilmer, Stone has tried about 200 candidates. Val is an effort to get the role, he took a small tape, on which he sang with the group, made-up by Morrison.
The physical similarity between the actor and his character in 'door' is striking: the same hairstyle (Incidentally, Kil-up preferred to grow hair, but not to play in a wig), clothing, gait, the same gestures. Their tastes, as it turned out, also the same, even in songs. They are both poets, singers, writers, actors, in fact, Morrison has played in every song. Kilmer is also very strong and has long been fond of music, often singing for friends. Professionally, he first sang in 'Top Secret', and now this experience proved useful to him. He not only performs part of Morrison's songs, but in some places, their complements skillfully. Val even seriously considering a vocal career, but to take rash steps does not want to take it very seriously.
In the 'door', he plays a man, gradually becoming more and more lonely, in the literal sense of moving away from the world. Throughout the film the singer either drunk or drugged, but it will work with convincing acting Kilmer remains an intriguing figure.
In 1992. actor starred in the film 'Heart of Thunder' Meptida. In addition, it attracts and producer-lic work in film. He dreams of eventually establish similar cooperation with any director, which existed between Marlon Brando and Elia Kazan or between Robert Redford and Sydney Pollack. Perhaps he would like to see such a film director was for him, Oliver Stone ...

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Val Kilmer (Kilmer Val), photo, biography
Val Kilmer (Kilmer Val), photo, biography Val Kilmer (Kilmer Val)  Actor, photo, biography
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