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SUTHERLAND Donald (Sutherland Donald)

( Actor)

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Biography SUTHERLAND Donald (Sutherland Donald)
photo SUTHERLAND Donald (Sutherland Donald)
Born 17/7/1934 in Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada. He studied at the University of Toronto. Participated in the performances of the amateur theater troupe. In 1956, Mr.. went to the UK.

He studied at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art. Played in a number of British provincial theaters and on TV, then made his debut on the London stage. In the cinema with 1964
. The first role on screen, this tall, thin, with the original face, eccentric actor was due to his unusual appearance, peculiar, only his tone of voice.
. These were the characters flawed, abnormal, most often in horror films, in which Sutherland played with his usual artistry and sense of humor ( "Castle of the Living Dead," 1964, "Dr. Terror's House of Horrors" 1964, "The Believer", 1966)

The real fame came with the role of Sergeant Hakki Pierce in the film F. Altman's "MASH" ( "MASH", 1970). The script of this "black" comedy, . consisting of witty dialogues, . skits and improvisations, . centered antics of three friends surgeons, . Sutherland gave an opportunity to show effervescent comic talent, . combined with the talent to pass both a dramatic subtext role,
. In a grotesque Sutherland, together with its partners, discredited the myth of "bravo" soldier, forced to wage war without an ideal. It combines the game and outrageous, bordering with the scandal, and laughter - on the verge of hysteria. A year later, the actor draws the attention of a new, far from the acute distinctiveness, rather, a lyrical role - private detective in the film A. Pakula "Klyut" (1971). His hero is coming to New York to find his disappeared friend, but unexpectedly falls in love with "call girl" (Jane Fonda), a psychopathic killer threatens. Thanks to the wonderful acting duo, band, originally conceived as a dynamic thriller, became more like a psychological drama. Sutherland fascinated study of feelings of his character, not the fate of a spoiled, lonely and unsettled. Interest in the inner world of man, to the pathological manifestations of his mind clearly sounded in the interpretation of the image of John Baxter in the film "Now do not look back" (1973) H. Roega, plotted on a story by Daphne du Maurier "terrible shock in December in Venice". The protagonist is always in the power of fear, which was blown obsession that plagues his agonizing thoughts of death. Sutherland superbly conveys a close to madness confusion Baxter, who can not distinguish reality from his own invention.

The film "Day of the Locust" (1975) J. Schlesinger homer in the performance of Sutherland - a typical anti-hero. Actor is his kind of "man in the case, in which the fate of a sudden bursts into misery in the form of base passions and consumed by the girls from the Hollywood crowd. Blinded by love, terribly shy, awkward constricting his big hands, Homer looks like a big child, ridiculous and stupid, in his quixotic credulity to the vulgar world. which he so kindly opened the door of his house. "Day of the Locust" is associated with the biblical "Day of Wrath. And Sutherland in the final picture shows how terrible it can be sudden fury blind, and who saw themselves on the brink of Rights.

In their roles, and they have more than sixty Sutherland, an actor willing to change Role. His fascist Attila in the movie "The Twentieth Century" (1976) B. Bertolucci is in this historical fresco proper sinister place. In the performance of Sutherland, he appears as a theorist and practitioner of cruelty. Actor in the film makes it a symbol of black totalitarianism hanging over Europe in the XX century.

And in the same year he created an absolutely opposite nature - Casanova - the same name tape F. Fellini, originally would treat a legendary personality. Sutherland found his key to understanding the contradictory and not completely solved the figures of the famous Venetian. The actor is - a tragic character, as if compelled to playing the role thrust upon him and naively believe that fame brought him to scientific work, but not amorous adventures, tales of which have become known around the world. This role, as do some other work of Sutherland, sometimes perceived as ambiguous criticism, and audience. His original talent, by virtue of their unordinary is controversial.

Sutherland was married twice to actress Lois Hardwick and Shirley Douglas. Now he is divorced. He has a son, Kiefer Sutherland, who like his father, became an actor.

. Winner in the categories: Best Supporting Actor
. in the series, miniseries or movie,
. filmed for TV
. 1996 - Citizen X
. / Citizen X

. Final Fantasy
. / Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within, 2001 (voice)
. The Art of War
. / Art Of War, The, 2000
. Space Cowboys
. / Space Cowboys, 2000
. Instinct
. / Instinct, 1999
. Easy money
. / Free Money, 1998
. Virus
. / Virus, 1998
. Double
. / Assignment, The, 1997
. Shadow Conspiracy
. / Shadow Conspiracy, 1996
. Epidemic
. / Outbreak, 1995
. Exposing
. / Disclosure, 1994
. Six degrees of alienation
. / Six Degrees Of Separation, 1993
. Backdraft
. / Backdraft, 1991
. Pokey
. / Lock Up, 1989
. Twentieth Century
. / Novecento, 1978
. Fellini's Casanova
. / Casanova Di Fellini, Il, 1976
. Klyut
. / Klute, 1971
. The mobile military surgical hospital
. / MASH, 1970
. Dirty Dozen
. / Dirty Dozen, The, 1967


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SUTHERLAND Donald (Sutherland Donald), photo, biography
SUTHERLAND Donald (Sutherland Donald), photo, biography SUTHERLAND Donald (Sutherland Donald)  Actor, photo, biography
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