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Robert Duvall (Duvall Robert)

( Actor)

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Born 5/1/1931 in San Diego (pc. California).
'The long road to glory' - so should be an actor. Classmate D. Hoffman and D. Hackman on the New York acting school 'Neyborhud Playhouse', where in the mid-50's, these young people get professionally skills. He walked slowly to fame, satisfied the roles of the second plan. And only to the 90 th earned honorable nickname of "the American Olivier". PrichinyN Usually, imperceptibly outward appearance, which doomed him to the role of farmers, police and military. Shyness, often result in dry, lack of emotion. Thoroughness in all that relates to work that often led to quarrels with the directors, from which - alas! - So dependent on each artist. Eternal discord with the press, unceremoniously invading people's private lives. However, screen longevity and world-wide fame, though late, but came to Duval, once again shows: talent, personal integrity, strive lar. served up to the rank of Admiral, Robert childhood governmental nationwide. Hence - excellent knowledge of the American Province: dialects, customs, costumes, so useful to him in the future. Studying at the Lee Strasberg in the Stanislavsky helped to learn a profession and has since the late 50s Duval began the difficult life of an actor. Private, reserved man with a sense of humor which allowed him some haze over the people, he not transferred well in the bohemian environment. Only Ulu Grosbard saw in him the role of the beautiful singer Eddie Carbone - Docker-Italian - a play by A. Miller 'View from the Bridge', set in one of the vnebrodveyskih theaters. Lean blue-eyed actor, has a subtle intuition and original style of play, immediately noticed, and the film debut did not wait. Viewers remember whacky with surprisingly good eyes as we have known the film R. Mulligan 'To Kill a Mockingbird' (1962). As, however, and dweeb Eddie also be showcased in our film Alenia 'Pursuit' (1965), due to which all the hero's life derailed.
Images, Robert created the on-screen variety, unlike each other. Famous bandit Jesse James in 'Great attacking Nortfield in Minnesota "(1972) F. Kaufman, he showed as a psychopath obsessed with sexual problems. Title page as a hero 'TNH1138' (1971) D. Lucas - a robotic future occupant, dressed all in white and with a shaved bald head, on the contrary, distinguished by the normal human emotions: love for a woman in a society where it is considered a crime. In 'M.E.SH.' (1970) R. Robert Altman played a major, . embody the negative aspects of the military caste: incompetence, . arrogance, . hypocrisy in the 'Godfather''Coppola, F. (1972) was the adopted son and legal adviser Don - quiet, . imperceptible, . calm and utterly devoted to his master,
. In 'Apocalypse Now' (1979) of the same producer he - manyakleytenant Kilgore, who utters the terrible words: 'I love the smell of napalm in the morning'. The man who loved war, the actor revealed in the 'Great Santini "(1979). And really detectives and police officers ( 'Detective', 1969 'Ice Lady', 1973), villains ( 'Bullet', 1968 'The lawyer', 1971), professional 'killers' ( 'elite assassins', 1975), cringing officials ( 'Licensor', 1976) Duval beat myriad.
. And while he is in 70th years, four times chosen for the Oscar for supporting actor, the first of which was obtained in 1983
. have a home - in the film 'Grace of the Lord' B. Birsforda. Showing the emotional and spiritual rebirth through love older pyanitsypevtsa, Robert has not only demonstrated the integrity of the personality and charisma rather coarse, but good performance on the guitar of his own songs. (At the time, Duval wanted to play Woody Guthrie - famous folksingera - in the film 'The train rides to glory', 1977, but he preferred to David Carradine.) With a non-standard manner of games with Robert for the captured image is not visible performer. He is reincarnated in all his characters, leaving no impression on them self. It is this feature of his talents helped him play impressively title page of the hero in the film by Ivan Passer 'Stalin' (1992). In this movie, the leader of the crime shows mainly in personal terms: the murder of his wife, friends, colleagues. While outside, despite the skillful makeup, the actor is not very similar to their historic prototype, the internal force leader, a man accustomed to deciding the fate of people who felt not only in his appearance, but also in words and deeds.
. Since the second half of the '70s and the actor asked the directors: they put a documentary film 'We are not timid' (1977) - Family of Nebraska, . engaged rodeo, . and the feature film 'Angello, . my love '(1983) - on the gypsy kid in New York.,
. Duval was married twice: in 1964 - on a beautiful brunette Barbara Brent, two girls whom he reared as his children
. After divorcing her in 1975 seven years later, Robert married with a young actress Gayle Young: with it, he acted on Broadway.

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Robert Duvall (Duvall Robert), photo, biography
Robert Duvall (Duvall Robert), photo, biography Robert Duvall (Duvall Robert)  Actor, photo, biography
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