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Glenn Close (Close, Glenn).

( Actress)

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Biography Glenn Close (Close, Glenn).
Born 19.5.1947 in r. Greenwich (pc. Connecticut) to a wealthy New England family. Received an excellent education, first acting in a theatrical college 'Ui-lyam and Mary', and then to stage school 'Phi Beta Kappa'. After beginning work in the Broadway 'Phoenix-theater'. Has successfully performed in productions of 'King Lear', 'Tattooed rose', 'Streetcar' Desire ',' Barnum ',' extraordinary life Olberta Nobbs', 'real thing'. From colleagues in the theater - Meryl Streep, Kevin Kline, Bill Hurt - heard a lot about
Movies. But Glenn had the opportunity to debut there, only when she was 35 years old. Director Dr.. p. Hill, invited the actress to perform the role of mother in the film 'The World According to Garp "(1982), which tells the story very eccentric family. Before we come to the site, Glenn Close a few hours spent in the dressing room, where she made from an old woman. But the discrepancy between the age of the heroine and the actress has had a beneficial effect on the interpretation of the image, giving the nature of ambiguity and mystery.
After the 'World According to Garp' invitation to the movies became systematic. She played in the movie 'Big chill' (1983), 'Something about Emily' (1983), 'The Stone Boy "(1984),' present '(1984),' Maxi '(1985). But particularly interesting roles was not, and only in the film 'Jagged Edge' (1985) Close was finally able to show their skills. She was told to create an image of a lawyer Tedtsi Barnes, defending at the trial of a handsome millionaire, accused of sadistic murder of his wife. Without much trouble Teddy can get an acquittal, but the very next day it receives proof that the client is a murderer, and he too was sentenced to death.
Close devoid of the usual female appeal. She had severe facial features, small eyes, long nose, big mouth. Almost male figure - some muscles and not an ounce of fat. It is no accident her best theatrical work was androgynous (bisexual) woman in the play 'The unusual life Olberta Nobbs'. However, the game inspired the actress makes one forget about the ugliness. Moreover, it has absolute control over their bodies and emotions, and always holds the audience's attention. Because in 'Jagged Edge', it seems at times a beauty.
In 1986, hands Close accidentally hit the screenplay 'Fatal Attraction'. Knowing that no one will think about it, because the filmmakers were looking for attractive women like Isabelle Adjani, she decided to act itself. When film director Adrian Lyne looked at samples, then decided that Close is the one performer who needs film. His story quite banal, but the embodiment - excellent. Married man starts a lighter affair with an unmarried woman, and when he gives her retirement, she begins to pursue a former lover with the tenacity of a mentally ill man and nearly kills knife. Close ably portrays blinded-ness passion and maniacal passion for the subject of love, and yet it is something more than a woman-monster. It shows the drama defrauded a woman who can not accept the fact that she cast him as a useless toy.
With this interpretation of the image of the heroine of 'Fatal Attraction' has found admirers not only among fans of thrillers.
No less resonance a picture of 'Dangerous Liaisons' (1988). Glenn Close plays the Marquis de Merten - an experienced conductor of secular society, realizing his outstanding intellect and will in a series of unseemly intrigue designed to ensure that corrupt and destroy people. And as often happens, one of these plots is striking itself marquis, making a spectacular lady without children in decrepit old woman. Not every actor drops an opportunity to play such a role and not every actor is able to create such an image. Glenn Close has tried to show the Marquis not only as ugly intrigante, but also as being broken. And this is the most severe sentence that could be imposed on a man accustomed to consider himself the supreme arbiter of other people.
Although Glenn Close began his film career relatively late, talent and performance helped her to make up for lost time. From the works of recent years should make a new screen version of the play 'Hamlet' (1991) FDzeffirelli, where she played the role of the Queen Mother, and 'Rendezvous with Venus' (1991) and. Szabo, in which she was able to shine not only for its dramatic and vocal talents.
Glenn Close has repeatedly been married. Her last husband - producer John Starke, the father of her daughter, Ann Maud, appeared to light in 1988.

. Glenn Close: it is not zakryto.K videopremere film "One hundred and two Dalmatians"

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Glenn Close (Close, Glenn)., photo, biography
Glenn Close (Close, Glenn)., photo, biography Glenn Close (Close, Glenn).  Actress, photo, biography
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