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SIGUONI Weaver (Weaver Sigourney)

( Actress)

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Biography SIGUONI Weaver (Weaver Sigourney)
photo SIGUONI Weaver (Weaver Sigourney)
Born 8/10/1949 in New York.
Mother - actress. Father - Pat Weaver - in the 50 years ran a big TV network Al-BBC. Weaver graduated from the Yale School of Dramatic Art. One critic called it "triumphant star of" American screen. Indeed, the actress has created its own image - a woman winning, modern Amazons, the heroine, whose shoulder any barriers. Her success with the public began in the audience favorite horror movies. Unlike most female characters in the tape of this genre, its heroine - a brave fighter against evil, defender of the weak - not to perish under the onslaught of supernatural, horrific circumstances, but rather has consistently won fights with them. Appearance Weaver is the best at the core of its militant heroine. Tall (182 cm), athletic, graceful figure, resolute face, underlined a strong-willed chin, deep eyes slightly squinting brown eyes, which gives the actress a unique charm. She goes all toilets, . but it looks particularly attractive in his favorite ever since his youth, the period of "hippie" clothes - jeans, . high boots, . sports shirts and jackets - in a word, . in the guise of a modern Diana-huntress, . confidently held in his strong arms, . true, . not bow and arrow, . but ..,
. latest design machine, capable of hitting a target, not only in terrestrial but also in space conditions. It is in this suit, she appeared at his first trial and became a triumphant role, assuring her love of the audience for years to come - the role of Ripley in the movie "Stranger" (1979) Ridley Scott. The delighted audience demanded more screen meeting with her. So after the "foreigners" appeared "Stranger-return" (1986) - a film about the new adventures of Ripley, Weaver in space, . true, . have another director James Cameron, . that practically did not change the overall tone of the series, . because the main task of the authors was, . to preserve the image of Ripley, in exactly the same, . it was in the first scene,
. The explosion of new spectator enthusiasm has led to work on the third series of "stranger". In this series Weaver has created its own image - "supervumen, a woman who can do everything. No less success has brought Weaver her role in "ghost fighters" (1984) Ayvena Reitman, . where the actress failed to provide on-screen gay combination of terrible and ridiculous: in the refrigerator for a New York apartment of the heroine bred inconsiderate ghosts, . causing many problems around,
. The success of the film surpassed all expectations, led to that immediately began work on its continuation - Fighters ghosts II "(1989). The film was shown around the world and brought revenue of 100 million. U.S., becoming one of the top grossing films in movie history. Here, Weaver, despite the irony, and a few humorous nature of his heroine, is surrounded by the romance of mystery, and combines mental alertness, reaction speed and unfailing willingness to take risk.
. Participation in horror films, however, is not distracted from the actress and the roles of psychological Plan
. Lenta accompany the girl "(1986) Bob Svema to vivid evidence. This, taken on the novel by Paul Theroux "Doctor Shloser, now the criticism was interpreted as a tribute to America's European cinema. Weaver plays a Dr. Loren Shloser - Twenty-seven beautiful, woman-scientist, a specialist in the field of economics, politics, but the main thing - the orientalist. And this American was invited to work at the London Institute of International Relations, continuing research in the eastern science begins to conduct, and another life ... a high-class prostitute - call girl. The image of the heroine in the performance of Weaver - a unique fusion of gravity of sexual looseness, of passion, but at the same time and devotion to science, meticulous and pedantic scholar analyticity. These two are so different spheres and at the heart of the dramatic role of the rod. If the novel Tero one of the problems was the lack of character of the heroine, making it difficult to understand the motives of its actions, the performance of such understatement No Weaver. It is not Lauren is torn between her two captors essences of their lives, but on the contrary, combines them into one stream, which helps it to more fully immerse themselves in themselves, and hence gives a better understanding of human life in its existential sense.
. Then Weaver tries themselves in the domestic comedy, creating the image of selfish Rich Girl in the "working girl" (1988) by Michael Nichols
. The actress plays a complacent woman who has everything should always be at the level - and work, and appearance, and personal life. But in its egocentrism and narcissism lies the destructive force. Weaver during the painting gradually dispels this character.
. Participation Weaver in the role fotokorrespondentki in serious, . which places the complex political and economic problems of the picture "Gorillas in the Mist" (1988) Michael Apted, . withdrawn in Africa, . forced the public to know her not only as an actress Social Plan, . but as a thinker, . capable writer,
. On his stay in Rwanda, she wrote a book in the genre of diaries. In 1984. Weaver was married to director Jim Simpson, and in 1989. her first child.

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SIGUONI Weaver (Weaver Sigourney), photo, biography
SIGUONI Weaver (Weaver Sigourney), photo, biography SIGUONI Weaver (Weaver Sigourney)  Actress, photo, biography
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