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Kathleen Turner (Turner Kathleen)

( Actress)

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Biography Kathleen Turner (Turner Kathleen)
photo Kathleen Turner (Turner Kathleen)
Born 19/6/1954 in Springfield (pc. Montana). She graduated from Central School of diction and Drama in London, she studied at the Faculty of Dramatic Arts University of Missouri and Maryland
. Kathleen Turner literally burst onto the American movie screen 80, . reanimated, . one hand, . tradition of romantic komediantok "Golden Age of Hollywood" 30-40-ies, . on the other - to restore the traditional type of duplicitous mercenary vamp, . and the third, . approved a new sex symbol, . taking place so long vacancies Marilyn Monroe,
Rebelliousness, insubordination, decisiveness, adventurism - are the qualities inherited from parents. Child and adolescent years she spent in the various countries where her father worked as a diplomat. Then, after graduating from university in the experimental theaters trumped everything from Chekhov to Albee moved to New York and worked as a waitress, took part in productions vnebrodveyskih theaters, then - TV spots, a series of soap opera "The Doctors". And - movies. Road - typical to the improbability.
However, standard, and the identity of the actress and her appearance. The aggressive nature of eroticism Turner - an organic extension of its appearance. It is not one of those women "whose growth flatters men". Very tall, athletic, leggy, she seemed no different femininity. Sly gray eyes - yes. Pug nose - yes. The mane of golden hair - yes. Tso and hard solid chin, a stubborn strong ravenous mouth. From its appearance breathes Nordic chill effect that smooths the charming little dimples that appear when a smile. The actress abused facial expressions, her game is at times borders on clowning, but antics - and they have it about five or six for all occasions - Yves actually transform the very face. But mimicry is often external does not entail the internal transformation.
Describe the role of Turner - just a waste of time, and because of the situation and the manner similar. Often it offends men or deceives, but - an ax to grind, playing so that the viewer never for a moment doubted her double game. In this woman - the generation and the sacrifice of emancipation - there is the eternal contempt for men. Everyone, it does not belong to any of the end - forever elusive, changeable, using their. Always independent: "How dare they think that they will automatically be rewarded only for their vnimanieN Remember girls, we always have the right to say" no ". We do not owe anything to anyone, no love, no sex ... "
. If the 60-70's strong thoughts rushed the floor to the weak, insecure, effeminate Marilyn Monroe, in the 80's so it is strong, athletic, powerful woman has become their idol, causing a strange mixture of irritation and vozhdele Niya

. And doing it all in the roles, . presented such as those reflected almost benefisnymi: adventurous author: novels, . was included in the conventions invented it as adventures ( "Romancing the Stone", . 1984; 'Treasure Nile, . 1985); prostitute, . transforma-tries report in the respected designer in the afternoon ( "Crimes of Passion", . 1984); femme fatale, . mercenary killer ( "Body Heat", . 1981) and pro-killer ( "Prizzi's Honor", . 1985), television journalist, . at the center of a love triangle, . political passions and detective investigation ( "Switching Channels", . 1988),
. Even in images of mothers and housewives family with her unusual things happen: it is moved to its own past ( "Peggy Sue Got Married", 1988), it becomes a deadly battle with her husband ( "War of the Roses", 1989).
On his last film, staged in the novel, it was said that his script written by a man who knew Turner as a psychoanalyst, his client. Although riot character actress described accurately, her own marriage with distributors D. Weiss is considered safe. They have a daughter, . the birth of which Turner was waiting in the period postscoring cartoon image of Jessica, . created by its own image, . in the film "Who Framed RodzheraN Rabbit" (1988) - that a particularly low and explain the profound modulation erotic flexible voice actress, . trained in the best school of diction in the world in London,
. In recent years, Turner stout and rarely removed.

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  • As English is not mogu.No in Russian ask the question: Juan sent to Colombia, that a new novel, in which even he took part?
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    Kathleen Turner (Turner Kathleen), photo, biography
    Kathleen Turner (Turner Kathleen), photo, biography Kathleen Turner (Turner Kathleen)  Actress, photo, biography
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