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Kerry Anne Moss

( Actress)

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Biography Kerry Anne Moss
photo Kerry Anne Moss
Keri Ann Moss was born on August 21, 1967 in Vancouver. My name is received by then popular song "Keri Ann" group "Holis". Even as a little girl, she decided for myself that one day will certainly be well-known actress and received an Oscar. She played in a children's theater, and her mother, alone brings up Carrie-Ann with her older brother in every way supported her in this endeavor, it. "I have never been afraid to take on complex cases - my mother always supported me and told me I should deal with all of its undertakings" - recalls the actress.

Studying at the prestigious school, Carrie-Anne enjoyed great popularity among classmates - it is always surrounded by a large number of friends and admirers. Almost immediately after entering school, Carrie-Anne was invited to the studio and the choir began to take part in the concerts of the chorus of European cities.

After high school, 17-year-old Moss was attending acting classes, but due to financial problems were soon forced to say farewell to his dream, finding a more mundane job as a waitress in a restaurant in Vancouver. The dream of becoming an actress was becoming more and more elusive - Carrie-Ann did not know how to get into the world of cinema and soon abandoned his attempts. But once into her restaurant went old school friend, the actor, who starred at the time in the series "Ally McBeal" and reminded her of her childhood dream, promising to help, what can. The next day, Carrie-Anne retired from his work.

In 1991, Carrie-Anne lucky - she was offered a small role in the TV series "Dark Justice", which is taken at that time took place in Spain. The role was imperceptible, but when the TV series "moved" back to Los Angeles, Carrie-Anne also moved to the States, becoming closer to the world of Hollywood

. In 1994, Moss was spotted master Aaron Spelling TV series (writer and producer of such hits as "Beverly Hills 90210"), who offered her a role in the TV series "Models Inc.", The success of which was, unfortunately, much more modest than expected
. The series was taken off the air after 3 months, and the actors themselves with the grievances remembered working on the film - the characters seemed to them flat, plot lines - sucked from the finger:

. After the unexpected end of shootings Carrie-Anne was forced to go back to Toronto, where she managed to get a central role in the TV series "F / X: The Series"
. However, the actress stopped here briefly - it did not suit the development of her character and she left the project. In between working on serials actress also filmed in the little tapes to the big screen, but none of the paintings are not able to bring her the desired interest from the public and critics.

. Career Cary-Ann took a sharp lift-off until 1999, when the screens came out of "The Matrix" - a film that initiated a new era in world cinema, the era of insane special effects, fashion and stylish cyberpunk Action
. Moss went to audition confident in the next "flight", but the Wachowski brothers, made out to her vast potential, being able to make a star of soap operas in the format of a cult figure for millions of moviegoers around the world. Naturally, after such a furor a lack of roles Carrie-Anne no longer felt - in 2000, came on the screens at once 4 tape with her participation - from a second-tier "teams" to critics marked "Remember". There was also a small role in "Chocolate", besides Moss paired with Val Kilmer co-starred in the fantastic "Red Planet".

The next two years the life of the actress were entirely devoted to filming the sequel "The Matrix". "Reloaded" and "Revolution" was filmed as a movie, . in order to save the budget most of the filming was moved to Australia, . and actors had for the second time through an extended physical training in order, . to perform all the tricks themselves (which, incidentally, did not help them avoid injuries - the actress broke her leg doing a dangerous jump).,

. After "The Matrix" actress apparently decided to take a short break and devote himself to the family - she married in 1999 and is currently waiting for the firstborn, which should be born this fall

The child appeared in early September.

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    Kerry Anne Moss, photo, biography
    Kerry Anne Moss, photo, biography Kerry Anne Moss  Actress, photo, biography
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