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Samuel Jackson (Samuel Leroy Jackson)

( Actor)

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Biography Samuel Jackson (Samuel Leroy Jackson)
photo Samuel Jackson (Samuel Leroy Jackson)
Date of Birth: 21/12/1948

Samuel L. Jackson was born December 21, 1948, Mr.. in the District of Washington. Little Sam is not too sought to play a movie. After a brilliant school in Chattanooga, Tennessee (where he is, incidentally, played the trombone and French horn in the orchestra), he, at the request of parents who went to college in Atlanta at the Department of Architecture. By acting career he unwittingly encouraged speech therapist. When Samuel wanted to get rid of boring stuttering, the doctor - in the course of treatment - recommended to go on trial in a musical, which is placed immediately in college. Samuel got the part, he liked, and he switched from architecture to acting.

. Parents learned that Jackson did not want to design houses, only a few months later - when they saw her son in advertising known to all the States of network eateries
. It was the screen debut of Samuel. Besides filming commercials in his student's life was complicated by the participation in demonstrations against racial discrimination. For an excessive enthusiasm for politics future winner of the Berlin Silver Bear for Best Actor (film by Quentin Tarantino's "Jackie Brown", 1997) was expelled from college, but then credited back. In 1972. Samuel, graduated from college, went to polish their skills an actor in New York. The move brings both pluses and minuses. Among the positive achievements should be mentioned first part in the "Negro Ensemble - a group of black actors (including the famous names are Morgan Freeman) - and then speak at the New York Shakespeare Festival. Working in the theater brought to Jackson is a very important acquaintance - a young and ambitious film director Spike Lee.

Lee first took Jackson's stage performances, and then began to shoot and film. But before their first screen collaboration ( "Do what is correct", 1989), Jackson managed to survive the hard times. After several times he has appeared with red eyes and the smell of smoke "at rehearsals Broadway play" Two Trains Running, "Samuel thrown from the platform. Realizing that he had missed the opportunity to give his career a good move, Jackson said goodbye to alcohol and drugs.

Filming in Spike Lee began returning to normal work of Samuel. For "was right" followed by "More and Better Blues" (1990) and "Jungle Fever" (1991). Short appearance of Jackson "Fever ..." so shocked the Cannes festival jury, which was established in Cannes has not been seen hitherto prize for Best Actress ". But the main success of Samuel came three years. Quentin Tarantino chose him out of many candidates for the role of Jules Uinsfilda - cold-blooded thug, quoting the Bible to their victims, but at one point saw in a random misses divine intervention and has decided to quit work. Here is an effect of the fact that Tarantino and Jackson together participated in the movie "True Romance" (1993, dir. Tony Scott). One way or another, "Pulp Fiction" (1994) was a film a decade, and Samuel for his impressive play was nominated for an Oscar and became a hundred movie stars of all time, according to British magazine Empire.

. After "Pulp Fiction" Jackson has been removed in many paintings
. Working with Tarantino continued to "Jackie Brown" - despite the criticisms, in general, reviews of the film, the role of black mafioso Ordella Robbie was awarded the prize Berlinale. "Kiss of Death" and "Die Hard 3" (both - 1995), "A Time to Kill" (1996), "Asylum Eve" (1997) maintained interest in the person of Samuel in the second half of the 90-ies. His image of the perpetrator skillfully used Steven Soderbergh took Jackson to a small but significant role in the film "Out of Sight" (1998). K "Negotiators" (1998, dir. F. Gary Gray) price Samuel reached 5 million. And as for participation in the first episode lukasovskoy saga - "The Phantom Menace" (1999) - we can say that it alone would be enough to get into the story.

In 2000. film "Rules of battle, where Jackson played unfairly accused Colonel" sea lion ", a couple of weeks, led the U.S. box office. In the same year, Jackson acted as a detective Shaft in the remake of the legendary film "Shaft" 1971. Unsuccessful architect Samuel became one of the most respected black actors of the United States, and a good part for him is more important than a big fee

. Filmography (actor)

. 1981 - "Ragtime" (Ragtime), Bandit
. 1989 - "was right" (Do the Right Thing), Mister Senor Love Daddy
. 1990 - "Good guys" (Good Fellas), Stack Edwards
. 1990 - "Exorcist-3" (The Exorcist III), Blind
. 1990 - "More good blues" (Mo 'Better Blues), Medlok
. 1991 - "Jungle Fever" (Jungle Fever), Geytor Pyurifay
. 1991 - Johnny suede "(Johnny Suede), Musician
. 1992 - "White Sands" (White Sands), Greg Meeker
. 1992 - "Patriot Games" (Patriot Games), Robbie Jackson
. 1993 - "Amos & Andrew" (Amos & Andrew), Andrew Sterling
. 1993 - "Loaded Weapon" (Loaded Weapon 1), Wes Lugar
. 1993 - "Jurassic Park" (Jurassic Park), Ray Arnold
. 1993 - "True Romance" (True Romance), Big Don
. 1994 - "Pulp Fiction" (Pulp Fiction), Jules Uinsfild
. 1995 - "Kiss of Death" (Kiss of Death), Calvin
. 1995 - "Die Hard-3" (Die Hard: With a Vengeance), Zeus Carver
. 1996 - "Sydney" (Sydney), Jimmy
. 1996 - "The Great White dolbolom" (The Great White Hype), Reverend Fred Sultan
. 1996 - "Bar" Trees "" (Trees Lounge), Wendell
. 1996 - "In Search of a one-eyed Jimmy" (The Search for One-eye Jimmy), Ron
. 1996 - "A Time to Kill" (A Time to Kill), Carl Lee Hailey
. 1996 - "A long kiss on the night" (The Long Kiss Goodnight), Mitch Hennessy
. 1997 - "187" (One Eight Seven), Trevor Garfield
. 1997 - "Asylum Eve" (Eve's Bayou), Louis Batiste
. 1997 - "Jackie Brown" (Jackie Brown), Ordell Robbie
. 1998 - "Sphere" (Sphere), Gary Adams
. 1998 - "Out of Sight" (Out of Sight), hedge
. 1998 - "negotiator" (The Negotiator), Lieutenant Danny Roman
. 1998 - "The Red Violin" (Le violon rouge), Charles Moritz
. 1999 - "Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace" (Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace), Mace Windu
. 1999 - "Deep Blue Sea" (Deep Blue Sea), Russell Franklin
. 2000 - "Rules of battle" (Rules of Engagement), Colonel Terry Childres
. 2000 - Detective Shaft "(Shaft)

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Samuel Jackson (Samuel Leroy Jackson), photo, biography
Samuel Jackson (Samuel Leroy Jackson), photo, biography Samuel Jackson (Samuel Leroy Jackson)  Actor, photo, biography
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