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Comments for ZAKhAROV Mark A.
Biography ZAKhAROV Mark A.
Born October 13, 1933 in Moscow, in a family of educators. Wife - Lapshinova Nina Tikhonovna (1932 g. born.), actress. Daughter - Alexandra Zakharova Markovna (1962. born.), an actress of the Moscow theater Lenkom, People's Artist of Russia, laureate of State Prize of Russia.

. In his book "Superprofessiya" one of the leading theater directors of the country and Mark Zakharov wrote: "To become a professional poet, . choreographer, . artist, . director and general creator of new ideas, . must have a strong genetic tendency, . and then supplement it with the passage of a good school, . the presence of mandatory and a rare performance ",
. These words perfectly describe his own way to the heights of creativity.

Childhood and adolescence MA. Zakharov went to Red Presnya, in a communal apartment in a quiet street Zamorenova. His paternal grandfather was engaged in journalism, a frequent guest in his house was Gilyarovsky. For his revolutionary idea of sitting in the Peter and Paul Fortress. In 1914 he joined the army, was killed along with his older sons.

Revolution found the father MA. Zakharova in Voronezh Cadet Corps. By joining the Red Army, he walked the roads of the civil war from Voronezh to Warsaw. After demobilization he worked in the military sphere of physical culture. Mark's mother since childhood dreams of becoming an actress, she studied at drama school Yu.A.. Zavadsky. A year after the birth of his son, in 1934, his father was arrested, tried by the OGPU in Article 58 and sentenced to three years imprisonment followed by expulsion. Mother, leaving drama school, went after him. Subsequently, his father a long time not allowed to live in Moscow, the mother had to work from morning till night. So there were periods when Mark for a long time not seen their parents. The main concern about it takes on the maternal grandmother - Sofia Nikolaevna Bardeen. Working in the educational system, the head of exemplary children's home, thanks to his energetic nature and the high reputation it has managed to provide a decent standard of living of the family. "Her efforts from 1933 to 1941, my life in prewar country still seems to me a solid paradise - recalls Mark A.. - I had a myriad of toys, fun books with pictures, teen biking, uzkoplenochny overhead projector, high-energy, fortified food ... "But the war ...

Later in his memoirs, MA. Zakharov writes: "After the war and the death of my grandmother's all-powerful for us, . returned from evacuation in 1943 in the cold and hungry Moscow, . in received with great difficulty back two rooms in a communal apartment, . began life hard, . half-starved, . hopeless ",
. Father, the last of the war, he served in the security front, after parts of the Moscow garrison, but it pretty soon again expelled from Moscow as judged by the 58 th article. Mother alone to drag the family burden, a teacher working in children's drama circle. Later, she gave the child many years of amateur performances.

Shortly after returning to Moscow, MA. Zakharov carried away puppet Obraztsova, whose performances have led him to delight. And his first encounter with this theater was held before the war, . when the age of 7 he was brought into Moscow Art Theater on the "Blue Bird" - a performance, . which, . in his own words, . "powerful way to stimulate human imagination is not a fairy-tale story, . and some special power awakening in the children's minds to the emotional stimuli, . intellectual and spiritual development. ",

. As a teenager, Mark, like many of his peers - coming actors and directors, has passed through various drama circle
. First visited dramatic circle of his mother, then, along with Andrei Tarkovsky worked in theater groups Moskvoretsky house pioneers in the Great Polianka.

In 1951, ending ten years of, MA. Zakharov was unable to determine the occupational choice between the Military Engineering Academy, Institute of Architecture and the name of Kuibyshev MISI. But fate had decided otherwise. In the Military Engineering Academy immediately drew attention to a questionnaire on his father's 58-th article, and is not advised to even exams. In IISS not passed through bidding on selected Department of ... And then life intervened Providence. Mark's mother Anatolevicha, Galina Zakharova, which was initially strongly opposed to the son went on the actor's path, after these failures had told him that she saw a prophetic dream. "From the fate of no escape, and the way you have one - to the actors," - she said. Delighted mother's decision, MA. Zakharov went immediately to the preliminary audition at the Moscow Art Theater School. The consultation for applicants with a loud voice began to read his favorite piece - "heather honey" P. Burns translation Marshak. However, the examiner strongly advised him to think of another profession. Learning of this, my mother told me not to lose heart and memorize the "Song of the Merchant Kalashnikov," which they were learns together, though the notes with her voice. She also taught his son to read a prose passage from Gogol. After that, Mark A. filed documents in GITIS, which was immediately admitted to the examination, successfully passed them and was assigned to the 1 st course acting faculty. His classmates were L. Ovchinnikova, SE. Gorobets IN. Vasilev, S. Mokeev, IN. Beskova ...

MA. Zakharov to this day keeps the cherished memory of their teacher - acting teacher GITIS IM. Rajewski, i.i. Horse, PV. Leslie ... Huge influence on the novice actor had п?.п?. Lobanov, artistic director of Theater behalf Yermolova - one of Moscow's best theaters of the time. This man, Mark A. later say so: "This teacher, who taught us acting only one semester at 2-m course, shocked, turned to me all upside down ... Lobanov for life gave me confidence, to his rehearsals for the first time and I like the inside, all the cells in the brain, inner ear, skin felt that such a theater and that is our ancient profession litsedeyskaya ... He has created in our course than ever before and never after did not meet an atmosphere of deep research director, tart fertile ground for our young brains, an area of increased general and artistic intensity.

. Even with a 2-year student Mark A. began playing small roles on the stage of Moscow's Mayakovsky Theater and name Yermolova and fall of 1955 he received a distribution in the Perm Regional Drama Theater
. Three years spent in Perm, in the opinion of Mark Anatolevicha were essential, stimulating factor. In addition to acting, he began writing children's poems for a local publishing house, draw and print cartoons for the youth and regional newspapers, to collaborate on the radio, to organize the theater "Voices" and issues a humorous wall newspaper. Soon the leading actor of the Perm Theater VA. CHEKMAREV, who led the university theater group, invited MA. Zakharova his assistant. The play "Aristocrats" by the play Pogodina became his directorial debut. "It is here, . in Perm gainfully dramkollektive, . - Later recalled, Mark A., . - I felt, . in addition to the director's inclinations, . unexpected reserves of nerve, . volitional nature, . felt, . the boys with me and I am interested in a long time can keep the attention of a large group of people and can lead the staging process.,

. In 1959 he returned with his wife actress Nina Lapshinova from Perm to Moscow, MA
. Zakharov is organized by the Moscow theater named Gogol. Soon he moved to the variety theater of miniatures, which at that time led the writer in. Polyakov and where to play H. Lapshinova. The most important impetus received from B. Polyakova, according to Mark Anatolevicha was stubborn desire to take up my pen. Under his direct influence he has acquired a very valuable and necessary director literary skill. In the Theater of Miniatures for a long time it was written in miniature "Who is to blame" and put his own performance of "Have not you noticed?" As for. Polyakov. His fascination with humorous stories, which he began writing, working in the theater Polyakova, very helpful in the future. For some of his theatrical productions, such as "The Barbarian and a heretic" by Dostoevsky, "Hoax" by the play H. Sadur, MA. Zakharov wrote a series of scenes and dialogues.

In the Theater of Miniatures, Mark A. worked until 1964. By this time he experienced some success in directing the Student Theater of Moscow State University, and felt that he could no longer exist as an actor. His directorial debut on the stage of this theater was play by E. Schwartz's "Dragon" (1966). Then in 1964, together with the main director of the Student Theater MSU SI. Yutkevich he staged "Career of Arthur Huy, which might not be" B. Brecht. The play went for a long time on the stage, successfully traveled abroad. By the admission of Mark Anatolevicha after п?.п?. Lobanova, SI. Yutkevich became the second man, have had a severe personal impact. Yutkevich unusually expanded his idea of the aesthetic side of the director's case. In 1966, the stage of Moscow State University Student Theater premiere of his play "I want to be honest" in. Voinovich.

Student Theater of Moscow State University has become the launching pad from which MA. Zakharov entered into a professional director. "The director I still was not by chance - he admits. - Just never dreamed of directing profession, but when it came into contact with, understood and felt himself a man with this profession some genetic and psychological predisposition ". In subsequent years, this feeling has been strengthened.

In 1965, MA. Zakharov was invited as a director in the Moscow Theater of Satire. There, in 1967 took his first directorial success on the professional stage - in many respects a sensational and memorable for many theater performance of "A Profitable Post" by AN. Ostrovsky. The play before his ban on "ideological" reasons was about 40 times, with great success with viewers. Its decoration was wonderful acting of AA. Mironov, aq. Papanova, GP. Menglet, T.I. Peltzer and other great masters of the scene.

After a performance of "A Profitable Post" was removed from the current repertoire, MA. Zakharov put in the same theater comedy A. Arkanov and Nat. Gorin's "Banquet" (1969). However, this performance met the same fate as the previous. As he says, Mark A., his directorial profession is then hung in the balance. Helped participate AA. Goncharov, who in 1969 proposed MA. Zakharov put on the stage he headed the Moscow theater Mayakovsky "defeat" A. Fadeev. Initiative Goncharova, his help and support means a lot to me then, after my performances have been recognized as deeply and hopelessly wrong "- would say later, Mark A.. Premiere of his own stage version of "defeat" (the play was written by MA. Zakharov, together with I.L. Prut) with Armen Dzhigarhanyanom in the title role was held in 1971. Performance is not only prohibited by the personal intervention of a widow. Fadeeva - famous actress Theater, AO. Stepanova. The play went for a long time and had great success both in the USSR, and during overseas tours.

In 1973, MA. Zakharov, head of the Moscow Lenin Komsomol Theater, later renamed the Moscow theater Lenkom. However, the premiere production of MA. Zakharova in this theater held until his appointment as chief director. Together with the journalist and poet Yu. Vizbor in 1973, he put this performance "Autograd-XXI" (1973). At this point, after a. Efros theater was in a state of protracted crisis, and creativity through "Motor City", which is stunning and fun, inspired the audience with their energy in the theater to raise the general vitality, and in the auditorium began to appear young. However, the main role in his appointment as chief director of the theater, in the opinion of Mark Anatolevicha played successfully delivered to them at the Theater of Satire performances Temp-1929 "(1972) - Fantasy on the themes of plays N. Pogodin music r. Gladkov and comedy "Awake and Sing" the Hungarian playwright M. Dyarfosha, which it created in 1970 with a. Shirvindt. In addition to the listed MA. Zakharov put on the stage of Theater of Satire two more of the play "Mother Courage and Her Children" B. Brecht (1972) and "eccentric person" A. Azernikova (1973).

In 1974, Lenkom "the premiere of the play" Till "on the play by Grigory Gorin. It was a long-awaited, colorful and very infectious music and poetry scene - comedy with elements of real drama and real satire, as he described himself director. In the play were busy fine actors: In. Larionov, E. Fadeev, NW. Kolychev, H. Skorobogatov, M. Lifanova, D. Goshev. Young H. Karachentsov the next day after the premiere woke up famous, and for I. Chourikova began a new stage biography. The play was very popular, he was enthusiastically applauded at all venues, but a special success he had during a foreign tour in 1977-1978 in Poland, Bulgaria, Czechoslovakia.

. From the first day of work in the theater of the Lenin Komsomol MA
. Zakharov lot of energy gives the opening statement and his own poetic lines in direction, focused on the music. In "Till", . "The list does not mean", . "The Star and Death of Joaquin Murety", . "Juno and Avos", . "Crazy Day, . or The Marriage of Figaro ", . "Memorial Prayer", . "Royal Game", . "Hoax" music has become a natural medium of communication for the actors and spectators.,

. After the success of its first modern opera "The Star and Death of Joaquin Murety" (1976), written P
. Grushko based on works by Pablo Neruda, MA. Zakharov, together with composer A. Rybnikov looking for a dramatic framework for the new work in this genre, and turned this idea to the poet AA. Voznesensky. Andrey gave them two collections of his poems, which, among others, was the poem "Perhaps" ... Thus was born a new musical play, in which the main role performed by H. Karachentsov, E. Sanin A. Abdulov, P. Laugh.

In 1983 in France, in the hall Espace Cardin, have been touring the Lenin Komsomol Theater with a performance of "Juno and Avos". The first Russian rock opera, a play called abroad, has been well accepted by viewers, received rave reviews in the French press. "In the second half of the tour, . - Says Mark A., . - We have a lot of regular visitors, . who watched him many times, . Some Russian Parisians led children and explained to them, . all, . they see, . must remember, . because on the stage - a real Russian language and Russian poetry real ",
. After Paris, the play "Juno and Avos" applauding audience Greece and the USA, Germany and the Netherlands.

MA. Zakharov is in constant creative search, including a new "poetic space" in the theater. For example, putting the 1978 silent poetic play without instrumental accompaniment "Thief" in. Mysliwska, he enthusiastically continued to work in this genre. It later emerged the performances of the three girls in blue "L. Petrushevskaya (1985), "The Seagull" Chekhov's (1994) ...

Over the years the artistic director, Mark Zakharov Anatol'evichu managed to Lenkom notable event in Russia's theatrical life. Almost 30 years of theater is a keen interest in both theater lovers and the audience in general. Zakharova, lies in the fact that the theater "tends to follow the great commandment of MAT teachers, but most of all afraid of boredom, when it is all understand what is happening and, more importantly, what should happen."

Many of the Directing MA. Zakharov entered the history of Russia's direction: "Til" Nat. Gorin's explanation of Charles de Coster (1974), "Juno and Avos" A. Ascension and A. Rybnikova (1981), "Three Girls in Blue L. Petrushevskaya (1985), "Memorial Prayer" Nat. Gorin based on works by Sholom Aleichem (1989), "Crazy Day or The Marriage of Figaro" by Beaumarchais (1993), "The Seagull" And. Chekhov (1994), "Royal Game" Nat. Gorin on M. Anderson (1995), "The Barbarian and a heretic" after F.M. Dostoevsky's "The Player" (1997), "Hoax" by the play H. Sadur Brother Chichikov "(1999)," Jester Balakirev "Gr.Gorina (2001) and others. "With all the many colors and distinctive character of my work is still something in common that unites them - says the director. - That "something" I refer to themselves as "poetic tolerance" as "imaginative play", phantasmagoria, as a theatrical fantasy on the theme. In his director's writings I try to "spruzhinit, gather in a dense tangle of zig-zag, always unpredictable spectator stage action.

. Significant place in the creative work of Mark Anatolevicha Zakharova takes work in film and television
. All created their films are widely known and popular. His debut film "The Twelve Chairs" by and. Ilf and E.. Petrova A. Mironov and A. Papanova starring withdrawn, according to the director himself, in the genre of literary and musical reviews, went on the screens of the country in 1977 and is still loved by the audience. The next directorial work MA. Zakharova in the cinema was the video "Ordinary Miracle" (1978) in scenario E. Schwartz with E. Leonov, On. Jankowski, NW. Solomin, E. Vasileva, A. Abdulov ... Then, one after another went out three of his paintings on the script Nat. Gorin: "The very Munchausen" (1979), "The House That Swift Built" (1981) and "The Formula of Love" (1983). In 1988 came the film MA. Zakharova "Kill the Dragon" scenario E. Schwartz.

At the theater Lenkom, besides those already mentioned, MA. Zakharov staged: "The list does not mean" SE. Vizbora for B. Vasilyev (1975), "Ivanov," A. Chekhov (1975), "clairvoyant" L. Feuchtwanger (1975), "My Hope" M. Shatrova (1977), "Horia" And. Druce (1977), "A guy from our town" K. Simon (1977), "Revolutionary Etude" M. Shatrova (1978), "Cruel Intentions" A. Arbuzov (1979), "People and birds" B. Stein and S. Makhaeva (1981), "Chinarsky manifesto" A. Chkhaidze (1982), "Optimistic Tragedy" Sun. Vishnevsky (1983), "conducts an experiment in collaboration with IN. Black (1984), "Dictatorship of Conscience M. Shatrova (1986), "sage" on A. Ostrovsky (1989), "School for emigrants D. Lipskerova (1990).

In 2000 at the Moscow theater Lenkom a new play "City of Millionaires", staged MA. Zakharov, together with his pupil in the studio directing faculty Russia Academy of Performing Arts (RATI) P. Samghin, who owned and the idea of staging. At the heart of the play is a play by Eduardo De Filippo "Filomena Marturano", which, according to Mark Anatolyevich, "exemplifies some anecdotal, but at the same time penetrating study of the eternal human suffering and joy". The main role in the play performed by the outstanding masters of the stage - Inna Churikova and Armen Djigarkhanyan.

. Mark A. likes to say that the most important thing in his life, his property and pride - a galaxy of star actors of the theater Lenkom, comprising both experienced masters of stage and very young, but talented, full of promise, the actors
. On stage "Lenkoma" play and. Churikova, A. Abdulov, L. Bronevoе?, A. Dzhigarkhanyan, A. Zbruev, SW. Kolychev, H. Karachentsov On. Jankowski, A. Lazarev, A. Zakharova, C. Stepanchenko, T. Kravchenko and. Fokin, IV Agapov, C. Chonishvili IN. Rakov, A. Sirin, L. Artemiev, H. Shchukin, M. Mironov, A. Bolshova, C. Frolov, K. Yushkevich, D. Maryanov On. Zheleznyak and other actors.

Work in the theater MA. Zakharov for many years, combined with teaching. Even in 1983, the artistic director of the Moscow Academic Theater named after VV. Mayakovsky AA. Goncharov, invited him to teach GITIS director. Currently MA. Zakharov - Professor Directing RATI (formerly GITIS). He - the secretary of the Union of theatrical figures of Russia, Academician of the Academy of Television of Russia (1997), Academician of International Academy of Art (2000), a member of the Writers' Union in Moscow (1999). In 1989, MA. Zakharov was elected deputy of the USSR from the Union of Theater Workers. He soon became a member of the Presidential Council.

Mark Zakharov - People's Artist of the USSR (1991), winner of the USSR State Prize (1987) and the State Prize of Russia (1992, 1997), winner of the award named after KS. Stanislavsky, a multiple winner of the prize "Crystal Turandot". Decorated with Orders of Friendship of Peoples (1980), "For Service to the Motherland" III degree (1997), the Order of St. Stanislaus (1998).

MA. Zakharov is the author of numerous publications on theater and politics in the periodical press, including magazines "Theater" and "Ogonyok. He wrote the book belong to "Contacts at different levels" (1988, 2000) and "Superprofessiya" (2000), devoted to the problems of modern directing. For several years he was a leading TV program "Kinoserpantin.

Art Theater Management and work in directing workshop RATI left little free time. Among his hobbies, Mark A. emphasizes literature. His favorite books - the works of H. Berdyaev and Paul Johnson.

Lives and works in Moscow.

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  • nespica for ZAKhAROV Mark A.
  • Hello! A. Dear Mark, I'll try to be brief. At its core specialty, I - a teacher, psychologist, biologist, and ended in the late seventies, Department of Biology MGU.Vsyu his professional life working with senior pupils and students in schools, in universities and outside. For twenty-five years, including I am the head of theatrical studio, on stage, which we have delivered dramatic works Schwartz Vampilov Volodin, Rostand, Chekhov, Delaney and others. Besides all their lives to write. And until recently, sorry, did it "in the table". Last year and a half worked full-length play, and, lo,.. completed this work. Being familiar with you, as a director, and the repertoire of "your" theater, especially repertoire 70's - 90's, let me suggest that this play can be interesting for you. Forgive me for the audacity of some sort! I am very trust you as a professional, an artist and an honest and courageous person, and because for me it would be very important to read it is you yourself, not your colleagues and pomoschniki. If, in spite of your employment, you will find a few tens of minutes, so check out my "creation", please let me know about it at my email address. Once again sorry for the invasion. Sergey
  • nespica for ZAKhAROV Mark A.
  • Oops There, in the text of "assistant" so funny - with a soft sign happened for some reason:)))
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