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Kenneth Branagh (Kenneth Branagh)

( Actor)

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Biography Kenneth Branagh (Kenneth Branagh)
photo Kenneth Branagh (Kenneth Branagh)
Born December 10, 1960 in the UK, by Northern Ireland city of Belfast. He studied at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art, played on television. At the age of 23 he joined the troupe of the Royal Shakespeare Theater, and in 1984 in Stratford has played the role of Henry V. In the movie actor made his debut the role of the second plan in the comedy `High Season` (1987). After two performances on the London stage Branagh decided that the Royal Shakespeare Theater does not suit him, and together with David Parfitt organized his own troupe `Renaissance Theatre Company` under the patronage of Prince Charles. In this theater, he has successfully played Hamlet, set `King Lear '. Many theatergoers were compared young gifted and very ambitious actor Laurence Olivier. In 1989, Kenneth Branagh is a screenwriter, director and performer starring in the film version of 'Henry V `(1989), received the approval of the public and critics. The film co-starred Emma Thompson, who soon became his wife Branagh, with her, he starred in his next film `Dead again` (1991). Their marriage lasted until 1996. After a few not very successful roles, he returned to Shakespeare's themes - again as a director and actor adaptation of the play 'Much Ado About Nothing' (1993), . where also filmed Emma Thompson, . Denzel Washington and Keanu Reeves, . and starred in the role of Iago in the film `Othello`, . delivered Laurence Fishburne,
. By Shakespeare, Kenneth Branagh once called after a controversial interpretation of `Frankenstein '(1994), which, in spite of Robert De Niro as the monster and producer support for the F. - V. Coppola, was greeted with a coolly. In his new work - 'Hamlet' (1996) - he invited Charlton Heston, Jack Lemmon, Kate Winslet, Julie Christie.

. Filmography:
. 1982 - "Too late to talk with Billy" (Too Late to Talk To Billy)
. 1985 - "Breakthrough" (Coming Through), DH
. Lawrence
. 1983 - "To the Lighthouse" (To the Lighthouse), TV, Charles Tansley
. 1983 - "The boys in the bushes" (Boy in the Bush), TV Series
. 1987 - "The fate of the war" (Fortunes of War "), TV Series, Guy Pringle
. 1987 - "This lady is not destined for the bonfire" (The Lady's Not for Burning), TV, Thomas Mendip
. 1987 - "Month in the Country" (A Month in the Country), Charles Moon
. 1989 - "Henry V" (Henry V), Henry V
. 1990 - "Discovering Hamlet" (Discovering Hamlet), Hamlet
. 1991 - "Dead Again" (Dead Again), Mike Church / Roman Strauss
. 1993 - "Much Ado About Nothing" (Much Ado About Nothing), Seigneur Benedick
. 1993 - "Young fans of swing" (Swing Kids)
. (TV)
. 1994 - "Frankenstein" (Frankenstein), Victor Frankenstein
. 1994 - "The True Story of Frankenstein" (True Story of Frankestein), (TV)
. 1995 - "Othello" (Othello), Iago
. 1996 - "Hamlet" (Hamlet), Hamlet
. 1996 - "Considering Richard's" (Looking for Richard), Himself
. 1998 - "The Theory of Flight" (The Theory of Flight), Richard
. 1998 - "Proposal" (The Proposition), Father Michael McKinnon
. 1998 - "!" Cold War "(Cold War), TV Series 1999 -" Galapagos Islands "(Galapagos: The Enchanted Voyage), Narrator
. 1999 - "Walking with Dinosaurs" (Walking with Dinosaurs), TV Series, Narrator
. 1999 - "Wild, Wild West" (Wild Wild West), Dr
. Arliss Loveless
. 1999 - "History of Betty Schimmel" (The Betty Schimmel Story)
. 2000 - "The vain efforts of love" (Love's Labour's Lost)
. 2000 - "The Road to El Dorado" (The Road to El Dorado), Miguel
. 2000 - "How to kill a neighbor's dog" (How to Kill Your Neighbor's Dog), Peter McGowen

. 1989 - "Henry V" (Henry V)
. 1991 - "Dead Again" (Dead Again)
. 1992 - "swan song" (Swan Song)
. 1992 - "Peter's Friends" (Peter's Friends)
. 1994 - "Frankenstein" (Frankenstein)
. 1996 - "Hamlet" (Hamlet)
. 1999 - "History of Betty Schimmel" (The Betty Schimmel Story)
. 2000 - "The vain efforts of love" (Love's Labour's Lost)

. 1996 - "Hamlet" (Hamlet)
. 1995 - "In the middle of a black winter" (In the Bleak Midwinter)
. 1993 - "Much Ado About Nothing" (Much Ado About Nothing)
. 1989 - "Henry V" (Henry V)
. 2000 - "The vain efforts of love" (Love's Labour's Lost)

. 1992 - "Peter's Friends" (Peter's Friends)
. 1993 - "Much Ado About Nothing" (Much Ado About Nothing)
. 1994 - "Frankenstein" (Frankenstein)
. 2000 - "The vain efforts of love" (Love's Labour's Lost)


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Kenneth Branagh (Kenneth Branagh), photo, biography
Kenneth Branagh (Kenneth Branagh), photo, biography Kenneth Branagh (Kenneth Branagh)  Actor, photo, biography
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