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Guzeeva Larisa Andreevna

( Actress)

Photo Gallery Guzeeva Larisa Andreevna (27)
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Biography Guzeeva Larisa Andreevna
photo Guzeeva Larisa Andreevna
She was born on May 23, 1959 in the Orenburg region, the farm Burtinsky. In 1979 she entered the Leningrad State Institute of Theater, Music and Cinematography, the course of V. Petrov. She graduated LGITMiK in 1984, and in 1986 became the Lenfilm actress.

Her debut in film was a triumph - in 1984 the film 'Cruel Romance' was shown on the screens. Despite the lack of experience, she played with dignity in the company of such stars as Alisa Freundlich, Nikita Mikhalkov, Andrei Myagkov, Alexei Petrenko.

Unfortunately, after the success of 'Cruel Romance' Larisa Guzeeva actively worked, but the roles did not bring her creative satisfaction, and for various reasons she appeared on the screeen less and less. In the mid 90-ies the actress played in several scenes abroad, and in 1998 rolled out a rather unusual film starring Larisa Guzeeva - 'Hard Time'. Now Larisa Guzeyeva with her husband and son live in St. Petersburg.


- Many things were forbidden, hidden from me. Prior to the tenth grade, my stepfather was exhibited me from the room when the films were shown on TV kissing. I was teaching my daughter and just did not have the right to misbehave. That is why I hated school and how she could resist dogma. I began to wear very short skirts, paint, smoke, swear obscenities, for which my mother in the teachers' lynched in the pillory ". At this time, I was pathologically thin, just thin and to look a little more appetizing - the Urals valued magnificent, white-faced girl with round, I drew on for three tights. Of course, it did not help - the boys with me did not pay attention, though, adult uncle often told my mother: "A beautiful girl is growing!" At the same time, unfortunately, happened to me first love. His name was Yuri Krylov, he came to our school the first of September, in the ninth grade. I then studied at the eighth. Blue eyes, long black eyelashes and then fashionable blue Tops - as I saw him, even cried. I began to keep a diary and, weeping over the pages, wrote: "How I love you!" What are you beautiful "- and tossed him a letter from the admissions under the threshold. He, of course, I was not paying attention, and once caught and beat up, said: "You fool, shklyavaya if you do not stop writing to me, I'll give you over the head, you do not know that I pebbles Kovalev love? !. It was a tragedy: Mom told me that the Jura complete moron, Down, that he does not know the program even at two, and I demanded that she put him to good grades and threatened to leave the house. In general, I felt unhappy, my mother gave birth to my little brother, whom I cordially hated and considered him guilty of all my troubles. One day, I gathered all his clothes, brought it to her and she went away to Roma in the camp - I was back in time.

My unrequited love had ended, as a cheap movie. It took ten years to screen out "A Cruel Romance" appeared in magazines my face on the cover ... One day I arrived in Orenburg, going to the local bus and see: is dohodyazhny uncle in the same, but very greasy Tops, a veteran iron pants on skinny ass with long, dirty hair and black fingernails. I already knew that the Jura had to sit out a fight - cut someone. And now he turns around, smiles at me with its three teeth and with the words: "Hello, Guzya" - shakes my hand, his dirty lapischey. We got off the bus, bought a bottle of port wine, sat on the roadside, drinking ... And he said to me: "What a fool I was, not married to you: now be living in Leningrad". At that moment I thought, how still life works correctly! Since then, I know that no love, no tragedy can not be eternal, time changes everything ...

. Megalomania obscene

. After school, Larissa at the age of fluttered out from under the parental wing and left to enter the Theater Institute
. By the time of the ugly duckling she had become a luxurious slim girl.

- My parents did not care who I will, above all, to get a higher education. They were more worried about his son - he should have a good profession, but I been fortunate enough to marry and have children. I have the same childhood dream of becoming an actress, I'm always out of yourself for someone portrayed, the foreigner, the deaf and dumb, from my simple perl different images, so the Leningrad Theatrical Institute, I went easy.

. When Larissa Guzeyeva came to submit documents to LGITMIK, to her dismay, she saw a crowd of slender, long-haired beauties
. Not much thought, she entered a very original - cropped cropped. Larissa and later was reputed to be an extraordinary girl, she moved closer to avant-garde young people, carried away by the passage of hippies and frequently lectures rather than sit in a trendy dissident piterskom Cafe Saigon "at the corner of Nevsky and Foundry. In a television interview was made that Larissa was in "advanced coterie" thanks to the novel with the Petrograd musician Sergey Kuryokhin:

. - Now that Sergei is gone, I think it cowardly and immoral to think about that period, moreover, that his widow and daughter still lost, I simply have no right to disturb the memory, then there is God ..
. I always tried to somehow vypendritsya, and not surprisingly, that I was attracted to such unusual people - in this cafe was born Boris Grebenshchikov team, a group of "Film" ... By the way, Victor Tsoi uhlestyval for me, but this strange, non-Russian guy I was not interested. In general, I was terribly arrogant, thought that I was worthy of a Peter O'Toole, Laurence Olivier, or at worst Vladimir Vysotsky - because I was very pretty. I managed to dress fashionably, thanks largely to tailor Mother's talent, and partly to the fact that already in the first year I earned money as a model. And even in sorokagradusny frost I went bareheaded, . in a red nylon jacket, and insulated boots, "Cossacks", . so I could only talk through his teeth - jaw just not unclenching from the cold, . but thought, . that I was "all such mannered ...,

. Of course, such a bright personality could not be adopted in the company of students - emphasized slovenly dressed boys and girls with unwashed hair, preferring to spend a beautiful time cramming foreign literature
. Yes herself Larissa belonged to their classmates with a share of neglect.

. - I thought it below their dignity to love these pridurochnyh, thin and immature boys with pimples, which are received in theater institutions in order to depict the life of cockroaches or dogs on the stages of the provincial theaters
. I liked the adult uncle, and youths despised. I never walked on Saturdays, believed that the future artist should not wash the floor and generally behaved arrogantly. For that, I did not like, and when in the last year, our class was sent to Bulgaria for the exchange of students, I voted against all. To which I, swallowing her tears, said: "Ha!" I Need Your Bulgaria hundred years - I'm going to Cannes! ". At that time I was friends with a very advanced artist, he was blue, but it did not matter, because it was for me as a sister. Lenechka and figured out a way to avenge my classmates: "A month later, the Bulgarians will come to share to you, imagine how they are already tired of each other, and you'll be on the brand new" - and Lenechka staged next "performance".

. At the banquet, which is arranged on the occasion of the arrival of the Bulgarian course, I was late for an hour
. Our carabids institute sliced sandwich, bought a little drink ... My Lenechka gave me a tremendous makeup, I had long hair that I wore at parting, but the Indian painted on her forehead birthmark, I was dressed, as it is now Gaultier dress Madonna, and it's great emphasized my slim figure. When I entered, I was immediately noticed, I went to the table, where sat my master course and the Bulgarian professor, said hello, in one gulp drank a glass of "Riesling," lit "White Sea" with contempt and said: "My name is Guzeeva, I am with them Deal. When all the Bulgarian boy, very handsome and gallant, were vying to invite me to dance, I was revenged. But: in exactly one hour my Lenechka peeked into the hall, and shaking my fist and whispered: "Flushed Away". How I wanted to stay, but I like Cinderella fled, leaving his cavalry in confusion.

After this beautiful master tricks of the course said: "She will go far!". He knew that at that time Larissa had finished shooting for the famous film director Eldar Ryazanov in the movie "Bride". For this, too Guzeeva classmates hated, envied and hated. Because of the course has managed to become known only to her, and even Alexander Lykov, who played Casanova in the series about police.

. - He is a sex symbol, says: Frankly, I would not let him, even if very drunk would be:

. Passion-cheeky's not for me

. The debut of the great master in the artistic environment made to perceive, as a ticket to the starry future, but Guzeeva does not consider this a happy occasion.

. - Good Luck - it is if I worked as a waitress in a cafe, and there would be accidentally dropped Ryazanov to eat, he would have saw me and struck my celestial beauty, invited to the main role
. But I, along with countless young actresses and female students passed the most difficult audition, I looked with each partner ... I was lucky only to that of the thousands of Eldar chose me. But when he first saw me, he was in shock. I'm hippovala and arrived at the sample in the circumcision, . torn jeans, . different sandals, . with long fingernails, . painted in different colors and braided into long, . flowing hair money: I smoked "White Sea", . spat through his teeth, . coarse language - I did not have anything to do with my future hero,
. That was when I was dressed and brushed, there was a complete personality change: foreign, because internally, I continued to be himself, and no amount of tragedy and suffering to love me, in my 23 years were not familiar. I was absolutely certain that all, without exception, must be from me in ecstasy, and men, so are obliged to keep watch on his knees at my feet ... And if my chosen one would have thrown me, I would say: "Just think, tomorrow will be fifteen new". Suffer I just do not know how. Depict the suffering of the screen I helped my team-mates, especially Nikita Mikhalkov, I have great respect for him, and then, perhaps, could and carried away ... But, though I was naive, and many did not know - a sort of "girl from the Urals," nevertheless "his head was a friend," Mikhalkov for me was like an alien to whom to approach and do not you dare. He is famous, the family, so why fight for it? I've always been convinced that for me, and so the sun enough.

- To be honest, I never fall in love in the male actors. Usually, . If I see an interesting man, . I instinctively pull all at once, . transform, . even itself become more like, . and when I am in the Cinema House to me heap some servant of Melpomene in unpolished shoes with rotten teeth and said: "Larikov, . buy me a coffee! ", . - I just do not see in him a man,
. If a man of thirty years has not earned a break, and at forty his lady for a good wine, and the rest of her whims - he just stupid or lazy, and this man can not interest me.

. Shashkov'll hit

. Meanwhile, . despite the successful debut and just waiting Larissa, . now all the directors are obliged to it lined up, . suggestions about the shooting came not often, . Yes, and the role was not stellar - girl athletes, . heroine-partisan, . Stakhanov Movement-Collective Farm,
. Were more interesting scenario, but for some reason, even after a successful screen test candidate Guzeeva artistic council "notch".

- There was one particular person, that I threatened to withdraw, I will not ever. He thought that I should be grateful to lick his hand only for the fact that he and looking down on me. Maybe if I were more compliant and submissive, my creative life would have been much more successful. But I'm Ural Cossack, my pride rather allow me to cut down his sword paskudnika than lost to him and became his mistress. Was such that in the process of filming the director suddenly occurred to him that bad to have with me a closer relationship. After my rude refusal course, he could not remove me from the role, because the shooting spent a lot of money, but continue to have never invited. Never in my appearance, I did not buy any goods ", and do not regret it. All that I had, I earned a profession, and it does not matter that most of my work no one but me can not remember - I had a starring role, how many can boast of? Sometimes I myself out of stupidity refused good roles. For example, rather than take on the classic picture of "Eve, I took a monstrous tape" rivals ".

But it was on the set of this "monstrous" picture actress met her future husband, Ilya. They were married almost immediately, and for a while Larissa's plunge into a sea of love that did not notice anything around him, even the fact that her boyfriend occasionally comes home in a strange condition.

. - My hothouse upbringing has played a cruel joke with me
. Up to twenty-five years I thought that prostitutes and drug addicts have only abroad, and then all sit in jail. His son I bring up another, . nine years, he already knows everything about drug addicts, . and blue, . and about, . how to care for a woman, . that she ought to give expensive gifts, . led to good restaurants: And when the daughter grows up, . I will teach her wisdoms feminine charm, . explain, . how to behave, . to choose a good husband, . order not to fall into the clutches bastard: I do not want, . my children to repeat my mistakes.,

. The fact that Ilya was a drug addict, was a real shock for Larissa
. She tried to arrange it for treatment, she believed all his vows, they were crazy with fear and pain for his beloved and longed for a child. But after treatment Ilya went back to Drugs. Once he was found dead in a park ... Larissa terribly worried and vinyl all over himself. To spite his own grief and helplessness, she started to drink ...

- I am the first in our country openly spoke of female alcoholism. It is a disease as influenza or jaundice, and alcoholics should be treated, rather than curse. I have a trained eye, and I see how in our artistic environment, young girls glasses whip vodka, I know what this could lead. How did this happen to me? Was an occasion, and were friends, always ready to lend a full glass, there were those who saw that I was dying, and rejoiced that make space for them. At first I liked it, then I did not notice that I pulled from the morning hung over - it happens in an instant.

Coping with illness Larissa had the most. She still dreamed of a child and therefore had to think about their own health. Once on location in Georgia Larissa met a handsome young man, who was also a sensitive, educated and attentive. Difficult for the shooting conditions have become a holiday. Looking at how easily it solves Vakha everyday problems, Larisa realized that he wanted to give birth to his child. Born George. But life with Vahoy Larisa is not complicated - too much in the different traditions have grown and the couple have different ideas family life. But the son is constantly maintains relations with his father, goes on vacation in Tbilisi, the Georgian and his grandparents are not just souls chayut in your favorite grandson.

. What heart rest

. - I realized that the first man needed to make something you learn, the second - that you gave birth to his child, and the third - to love
. I have exactly what happened. I realized that only now able to truly love. I do not even want to remember other men, because it can cause pain, Igor - my husband, whom I love. And not even because he can learn me something unpleasant. No, this man knows everything about me, because we know him ... scary to think how many years. I studied in Leningrad, he lived in Moscow, we - students often traveled to the capital on opening. But when I was 18, and Igor 17, it seemed to me a hopeless child. In his attempts to care, I jokingly replied: "like me?" Kopi Money ". And he patiently waited for me and was always close. He is my friend for life, a real pal. I married, divorced, I had all sorts of stories, but Igor was near. I was sobbing on his shoulder about his problems, he took me on my business and always and everywhere trying to help. He has always pulled me from all the turmoil, tear-stained as a kitten, right by the scruff.

- When George was time to go to school, I decided to move my family: mother and son in Moscow, because I own all-time worked in Moscow. We began to see Igor and more often, and George very attached to him. But I still felt just a friend, Igor. Mama all the time I "pilila": "What you lack, you fool, next to a man, and you all think you look in your passport". Once we accidentally occurred close relationship, and we decided to rent an apartment for meetings. Perhaps we would still have continued to occasionally meet, if not the case. Igor walked me home and prepared to leave. And that evening a terrible storm broke out. Mama went into the corridor and said: "Are not you ashamed, you're now in the collapse of his warm bed and going to a sweet sleep till noon, and the frost persecuting him?" Stay, Igorechek, spend the night ". And when the morning my son with a joyful cry: "Hurray, Igor, we spend the night!" - Rushed to his bed, my heart trembled. But before the registrar's office was still whole and a half years.

Special Education

Larissa is still clinging to his freedom, and only when Igor begged her to bear him a child, has agreed to register the relationship. What a surprise tornado swept the news that Guzeeva decided to give birth to a daughter in forty years!

- I have a first child, and later by Soviet standards, George, I gave birth to thirty-two years. In the west it would not surprise anyone, there is a woman giving birth while on a physiologically capable. Now I can give my children much more than that would have given in 20 years, I myself was a stupid child, cut out the dolls made of paper and asked: "Guzya you have a" cabbage "?" Climbing in the vegetable department of the refrigerator. Now I know a lot about life, I have the money to teach children to preserve their health, to show the world.

When the family's youngest child was born, the senior goes to the shadow. Larissa well remembers as a child hated his younger brother and does everything that her son did not feel like jealousy.

- I used to talk with George, as an adult male. When Lelka born son was jealous at first, I said to him: "Understand, I love you as much as eight years longer Lelka just born, and you - my favorite for a long time, you - my vymolenny baby, I'm God asked. I love you, even if you take bad grades - you me this upset, but I'll still love you ". These words I said to him constantly, he was an intelligent man and quickly realized that it is better to have a little sister - the native blood, than to be just one. And now George in an adult is making my position - he argues with Igor, who first give me a hand when leaving the car. Generally, Igor very good influence on George. I can repeat a thousand times: "You must study hard, because you have to earn the money you'll spend on decent women, successful lives ...". But the personal example of Igor, who is very much made in the lives of their labor, acts better than any exhortations.

. - In fact, wealthy men spoke about his strength of character and mind, and therefore unlikely to me like a man, barely make ends meet
. My husband - the restaurant owner, and just look at the interior of this institution, to understand that he has impeccable taste. So I can easily confide in him and in the choice of furniture and choosing a new dress. I was with him easily and securely, like a stone wall, we can walk for hours along the street, happy to watch the same movies and laugh at the same locations. We can shamelessly nalopatsya popcorn, and then sit on a diet, we love the "change stone" common acquaintances. I have to keep on running around and choose what I like, but can not and do not withdraw: But I believe that love and respect can only be a working lady, because she is independent. It is from this humiliating feeling of dependence is most family dramas. When the dependence of women suffer humiliation and beatings from her husband, for some reason I do not want her pity, on the contrary, I want to finish - my fault, what is allowed.

- Independence - is the main advantage of women. I can choose: I want - still face a child, I know that I can grow it, I want - a change of profession. Now I, for example, are much more interested in the restaurant business than the movie. I'm going to open his own restaurant, will compete with her husband - who is better. In fact, I cook amazing about my cooking skills were legendary in Leningrad. When I began to travel abroad, I am always very interested in ethnic cuisine, and instead of being taken to the Union of rags and radio, brought a whole box of avocados, about which there is still no one heard. I collected a whole tusovka and treated them with avocado caviar - it was a real sensation! Once, . When I was in Mozambique, . a very rich owner of gold mines, . struck my interest in ethnic foods, . was ready to work my driver, . if only something to eat from my hands,
. For a long time, he threw Goskino letters addressed to me and invitations to Africa.

- Igor, too, like my culinary creations, so it is true to the proverb about the path to the heart of the beloved through his stomach. In fact, cooking - it is also an art. Can judge the culture of the country on how to feed its citizens.

Today Larissa perfectly happy, she believes that the cost to go through so many tests to find love now and well. But she does not regret that "not reached this shore" before. Who knows, maybe she just did not have enough life experience and feelings to their background of happiness shining brighter colors. She is not afraid to talk about happiness, not fear, that someone her evil eye, because she knows that only God has the power to give and select.


1984 Cruel Romance
1985 Meet in subway
1985 Competitors
1985 aliens trespassing
1986 Lone bus in the rain
1986 The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson
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1986 Mysterious Prisoner
1987 White curse
1987 Life of Klim Samgin
1988 will remain loyal
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1989 Anna Petrovna
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1990 Executioner
1991 7 days from Russian beauty
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1992 In the area of heaven ...
1992 Patriotic comedy
1993 Verdict
1995 House - Series
1995 Confessions of a stranger ( 'Revelation stranger')
1996 Tough times
1996 Theater Chekhontey, Old friends (pictures from the recent past)
1998 I first saw you
1999 Passion Boulevard
2000 Game of love
2000 Maroseyka 12. Indian Summer
2001 Heiress
2002 Ladies Logic
2005 Angel Road
2005 Order
2006 Graffiti
2007 Family Dinner

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    . news agency of "Louis Vitton", "Hugo Boss" in Russia.
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  • Larissa Andreyevna You are very beautiful and talented! We are pleased to once again more and more to see you on the screen. Yesterday saw the film "Family Dinner" with your participation. You are irresistible! All the talent is still talent! Thank you very much, that you are! Very glad to see your new work.
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  • Larissa Guzeyeva completely ruined the transmission let's get married. It allows a completely inaccurate attacks on participants. Exerts pressure not only on the transfer of participants, but also on their own co-host. Nobody gives a word to say. demeans members of transmission, to impose its views to the participants. transfer, the CTD was on the air March 10, 2009 is just a quiet horror. After a sweet and charming Darya Volga, Larissa Guzeyeva with its dead and lifeless eyes (presumably after plastic surgery), ill-mannered, and sometimes outright brutality disgusted
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  • Larissa Andreyevna amazing woman, a shrewd and subtle man who knows himself and others price. about such people: "finger in your mouth not put ..... thanks.
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    . I look at you and I think it was me, I'm your only daughter in a fit. Happiness to you and all the best!
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  • We watch your program while you are in it uchavstvuete. Do not pay attention to your opponents. You have an innate sense of tact and the boundaries of what is permitted. We wish you health and fulfillment of dreams!
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  • It is absolutely ill-mannered young lady. - He is a sex symbol, says: Frankly, I would not let him, even if very drunk would be: And he asked you that you give him??
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  • Hi Larissa. You know, I just dreamed to have a mother like you. Studied to you all. What you are wise and sweet. May God bless you, your children and all who you dorog.Udachi you all.
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  • Larissa Andreyevna. I like your acting, you are very beautiful woman, so you want to see the film, the main role in which you have performed, which would cause furror, both in domestic and foreign cinema. Play very sebya.Poluchite all the prizes, which are only. And we truly will please that we have the opportunity to watch movies, programs with your participation. Thanks.
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  • We see her life as nothing and no nauchila.Ochen embarrassed for her and sometimes embarrassing. Do not respect women who themselves praising the beauty of it is mean and beautiful, just a bitch and so is likely still hos ta.
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  • Oksana for Guzeeva Larisa Andreevna
  • First of all, very witty and wise woman! It has something to say about themselves and have something to teach those, . who becomes a party to "Let's get married! Bravo! Just impress her erudition and self-sufficiency! Such as it is the day the fire will not find, . unfortunately ..,
    . Few who have all their qualities of a modern woman is still uncommon thinking, candor past mistakes and just talent, success in work! Best wishes for the anniversary!
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  • Beautiful woman with a Happy Birthday! You kissed BOG.Vy is an asset not only our country but the entire chelovechestva.Udivitelnoe combination of beauty and intelligence ... Health and success to you and your loved ones. God gives the test most beloved and pure people, . meaning for others a symbol of fate ... fate and destiny then called, . In turn it is not given to us, for arrows of that curtain of silk, . With a shield of solid steel, all the same! Moon looked down before the face of a beautiful, . And musk, . mole seeing, . was unhappy, . Sam looked at the cypress mill your eyes passionate. A rose gate before tearing his face clear. Virgo, . on the cheeks where the sun and moon dream, . You spring, . whose lips forever honey and sugar drip, . If you sit down, . everywhere excitement calms down, . If you get up, . then spreads in the hearts of thousands of longing, this is Middle Eastern poetry.,
  • Svetlana for Guzeeva Larisa Andreevna
  • Guzeeva, . OF COURSE THE BEAUTIFUL WOMAN, . ABOUT TALENT I can say only that, . WHAT playing "BEZPRIDANNITSU" We RYAZANOV, . IT talent SHINING, . But NEXT, . probably, . having experienced difficulties in life-Talent proslezhivaetsya.Da and woman, . seen not stupid, . but its "shalavnost 'shameless, . narcissism occurs byt.I so despite the transfer of "let's get married", . think Otomi, . surely the first channel is not found a better person for the role of lead?,
  • Nastya for Guzeeva Larisa Andreevna
  • I despise people who did not know anything in life, I envy successful people, criticized the latest. Larissa Andreyevna I just adore. I'm 26 years old, of whom I am married 5 years. And only thanks Guzeeva I opened my eyes. I am the husband of a different view was. I became more loyal, calm. Her tips, phrases, taken from his own life experience, and experience it had. Health to you, Larissa Andreyevna, success in work. I love you.
  • Olga for Guzeeva Larisa Andreevna
  • I enjoyed watching the transfer of "Let's get married" ... very interesting trio, . remarkable zhenschiny.Osobenno love Larissa Guzeevu.Super! Beautiful, . unique, . intelligent, . open-always finds a contact with any uchastnikom.Vsegda's humor in studii.Spasibo you, . Dear veduschie.A possible to postpone the broadcast of the transfer to a night, . later? "I want you to be always happy and loved!,
  • Nikolai Sergeyev for Guzeeva Larisa Andreevna
  • The most beautiful and tender!
  • Azad for Guzeeva Larisa Andreevna
  • Larissa Andreyevna, you simply chic woman! I watch your program let's get married, but I did send ??????, but I am interested are you in the process of this transfer as you quickly puts all the points above and. Be healthy and not boleyti, happy life for you and your family
  • Lala for Guzeeva Larisa Andreevna
  • Guzeeva ruined transfer of "let's get married" In Europe it has long been replaced by a more adequate leadership. Perhaps the problem Larisa personal order (or have been), and from this so-called "difficult" character, or more simply hamovataya demeanor.
  • Larissa for Guzeeva Larisa Andreevna
  • Dear namesake! Probably too late congratulations to yubileyu.Zhelayu you good health, . large family happiness, . success in their careers and let all your zhelaniy.Vy very beautiful and talented woman and aktrisa.Zhelayu you for years remain takoy.Vy property of the people and the state.,
  • Natalia for Guzeeva Larisa Andreevna
  • Luxurious Woman, Woman GIFT! What do you write "well-wishers? a woman must earn and be able to feel ... and is not talent ... it is primarily this - humane and sincere and that one can not feel ... Larissa, you can only enjoy your charm and wisdom that lives in you ... great you happiness, love and warmth of friends and relatives you people ... thank you ...
  • Olga for Guzeeva Larisa Andreevna
  • Larissa, . I admire you! What a woman! Transfer "Let's get married" has become "alive", . because, . that you are Leading, Your remarks are always appropriate, . very interesting to hear your opinion on the river also demanded life issues! "I love movies, . performances with your participation ..,
    . What a beautiful woman, intelligent, oboyatelnaya ....
  • Marina for Guzeeva Larisa Andreevna
  • Photo Bystritskaya in his youth. the sixth photos what's this??? This is not Guzeeva !
  • Romanesha for Guzeeva Larisa Andreevna
  • Larisa, my dear! You are the best! I love you! You are so nice! In all respects! Ready to listen and see you all day! You, as a prosecutor, this ?????! I love, I want to be your friend, unobtrusive, but the most necessary. I want to see you! Invite me to come. Die of happiness if you call me. And not finishing their. But die of happiness is the best ending, than of despair. I wish you happiness, good luck! And eternal youth! My address sigre@bk.ru just in case.
  • Romanesha for Guzeeva Larisa Andreevna
  • Larisa, my dear! You are the best! I love you! You are so nice! In all respects! Ready to listen and see you all day! You, as a prosecutor, this ?????! I love, I want to be your friend, unobtrusive, but the most necessary. I want to see you! Invite me to come. Die of happiness if you call me. And not finishing their. But die of happiness is the best ending, than of despair. I wish you happiness, good luck! And eternal youth!
  • Olga for Guzeeva Larisa Andreevna
  • Larissa, you are an amazing woman. After reading the comments written in your own address. So many warm words about you (and the most important thing is really true). Rarely, when women recognize the beauty and the mind of another zhenschiny.Vy - a rare exception. Happiness to you and your family.
  • Marianne for Guzeeva Larisa Andreevna
  • Larissa! You are just super! "Let's get married" I look every day and just for you! There are also goats, . who do not understand your sharp humor and talent psychologist))) - A Cruel Romance "probably watched 150 times, . best work simply could not be!)) You give some life tips that I always listen,
    . Of course, you are very different from my mother, your rovestnitsy and rather more like my))) Vshischayus your talent and beauty! I wish you great happiness! Thank you, that you are!
  • Alex for Guzeeva Larisa Andreevna
  • Remarkable, not boring, very attractive,,, alive
  • Alex Raisa 60 years old for Guzeeva Larisa Andreevna
  • admire no limit so you do not need compliments glad that Russia bears such women
  • Olga for Guzeeva Larisa Andreevna
  • Larissa, thank you for what you are helping me with advice!
  • Romanesha for Guzeeva Larisa Andreevna
  • Larisochka, dear! I love you more and more! It's crazy you can go! From such strong feelings. Unpleasant to write here, of course, on public display. But other ways do not see. What, silicone pumped into her cheeks? The beauty of its spoil. What idiot made you do it? Sit down now with a face like an apple forforovaya doll. Excuse me, . but all this from experience. All the same I want to see you! At least half an hour! See you die! Stay always, . dear Larissa, . young and beautiful!,
  • Nina Eliseeva for Guzeeva Larisa Andreevna
  • My daughter opened "I Vas.Vy I like you for not trying to please everyone, . and remains a sincere and not afraid uslovnostey.Vashe "Let's get married" together with your subtle and clever not igrayuschemi co-host a giveaway - just a gift to many people, . who have suffered and overcame their own fear publicly express a desire to find happiness not be odinnokoy,
    . But, . let us note, . some do not understand outspoken front of millions of audience, 24-year-seekers desperate ", . apparently this is also nuzhno.Konechno, . and we have reason to be your constant and loyal audience, not only for the "theme", . but also for your personal, not-call stage "Oboyan such close and friendly,
    . Thank you for your sincerity and Actuality topics. Sincerely Nina Eliseeva.
  • Rina for Guzeeva Larisa Andreevna
  • I watched the transfer of "Let's get married" just because of you are getting such a huge udovolstvie.Ostavaytes ALWAYS. ???.
  • Tatiana for Guzeeva Larisa Andreevna
  • I admire you, love and movies with your participation. Not everyone saw, unfortunately. Very liked your role in "Heiress". A commentary in the transfer of "Let's get married" - just super! Here nastiness you all write, it is "gray mouse rage just envy. In the eyes would just admired, but virtually can bite - no deposit will not give, however, no one soil oneself becomes. Good and good luck to you!
  • Milan for Guzeeva Larisa Andreevna
  • Apparently the transfer of "Let's get married" is sponsoring the husband of Larisa, . otherwise I can not imagine how this can be produced in efir.Skoro screen will be "bot on ???." And it looks like a merchant's wife, . and age sack nature vulgar affected vneshnosti.Ne understand what has become the first channel, why the audience should tolerate such licentiousness, . and how I should explain adolescent, . that so to speak and behave can, . If the child sees it on television in prime time?,
  • Larissa for Guzeeva Larisa Andreevna
  • Transfer "Let's get married" only benefited from the presence of her wonderful, witty Larisa Guzeeva. Earlier there was presnyatina ...
  • Kate for Guzeeva Larisa Andreevna
  • You beauty! But perhaps not always yours to Impress you decorate, even naoborot.Larisa, please try to do without the black leggings and wide-open lapskirdachkov.S great respect. Listen and do not be offended.
  • Romanesha for Guzeeva Larisa Andreevna
  • Larisochka, my beloved! I looked today and the transfer, I think, about the cheeks had a strong delusion. Just so you pompushechka, sweet and the best. You can not help loving. You are like a drug. The more your gear look, the more delays. The brilliant man who put you to edit this farce. All you the very best! Darling, unique and most beautiful woman in the world!
  • Elvira for Guzeeva Larisa Andreevna
  • Dear Larissa! Thanks to you was much more interesting to watch the program "Let's get married!". And although some against your comments in this transfer, I'm sure - many different started to look at their family relationships. Thank you and your colleagues Vasilisa and Rose (they are also great)!
  • Natalie for Guzeeva Larisa Andreevna
  • You are very wise! Very interesting and externally and internally! You can learn a lot! r>..
    Thank you br>.
  • Olga for Guzeeva Larisa Andreevna
  • You are very beautiful and eloquent woman! Bright Star ... but the stylist or to hell. Excuse me, do not get me wrong I love your movies and peredachi.A a "deep" husband. I myself feel tehnolog.No Engineer. I was very far from his professional. SUPER! and daughter also gave birth no longer a girl, this takes courage. Good luck vam.Budte happy!
  • Lida for Guzeeva Larisa Andreevna
  • Larissa, I read about you, what have you been a hooligan, but now you have all otvet.molodchinka
  • Larissa for Guzeeva Larisa Andreevna
  • Hello, Larisa. I am a little older than you, but your behavior to me close and clear. I was married, divorced, were men. But once separated, left alone. I have a good son, but personal life is not so slozhilas.A have a favorite work, friends, but here.. I would like you poperepisyvatsya, although I know that you do not have the time, but something so sickening ..
  • Elena for Guzeeva Larisa Andreevna
  • Every day I look let's get married! You are beautiful and not podrazhaemy! Talent does not disappear! Shoot bolshe.VY SUPER !
  • Olga for Guzeeva Larisa Andreevna
  • Super woman! I'm delighted! I adore these women, who know his worth, achieve the desired results in life. Plus Larissa is a very good psychologist! Spravdliva and open! happy to be talking with a man! Pity we have no such transfer )))).... Love you, health of the whole family! with respect Olga, Kazakhstan.
  • Michael for Guzeeva Larisa Andreevna
  • Hello! Larissa Guzeeva, gentlemen, is the personality and Konstantin Ernst, hit the nail when it is invited to be the leading programs Let's get married. After all the zest of this program is in Larissa Guzeyeva in her Obojan in her beauty, her ability to talk naturally to a variety of topics and talk with one or another party in its own language. Rose and Vasilisa harmoniously complement it, and the whole channel looks and she can not leave anyone indifferent, even those who see in the ill-mannered lady Guzeeva. Over her shoulders a rich life experience, if someone does not know her biography. She was married 3 times. Her 2nd beautiful children first husband with whom she lived for 8 years, . died of an overdose, . and second husband - the Georgians named Waha, . from whom she bore a son in 32 years. From the biography is well known, . that in his student years she kurila'Belomor 'and volley could drink a glass of' Riesling 'and that she was trying to take care of Viktor Tsoi in his younger years,
    . In 40 years of age she gave birth to a daughter of Igor Bukharova, a chain of restaurants. So do not be surprised, . when the transfer is let's get married each applicant and the hero tries to find out and understand its history, . his fate, . where you sympathize with and where you and bluntly ask - confessed, . Why come here? Each bidder, . each character transfer, . own storyline and agree, . because each one of us had similar stories, . Similar situation, . but we are in time itself intuitively tried to resolve these situations, . committing numerous errors,
    . They say better to learn from the mistakes of others than on their. Did you have not seen in my life gigolos, . loafers, . rich dames, . living at the expense of fathers and mothers, . empty and stupid women and men, . did not change his love? This transfer, . Gentlemen, she and the training and avoids mistakes, . get advice, . and choose a soul mate, . If anyone lucky enough to get there.,
  • natalia for Guzeeva Larisa Andreevna
  • Larissa, I respected you, too ?? watch only with your participation you the most beautiful leading to the first channel super way to keep the good luck to you
  • Olga for Guzeeva Larisa Andreevna
  • Larissa Andreyevna, . Hello! I'm from Novosibirsk, . You even can not imagine, . I would like to communicate with you - I so agree with you all, . You are very intelligent and beautiful woman, . I just adore you! transfer of "Let's get married" look, . because I love Nevydumannye, . these stories and more because it leads 3 amazing women, and especially you,
    . Here's to like you must attain to the level of our women! You are super! I wish I could have you friend! Good luck to you all and prosperity! Spaisbo you for what you have)))
  • Adel for Guzeeva Larisa Andreevna
  • I just love Larisa Guzeeva. Only because of it I throw everything and look at the transfer of "Let's get married." This leads - just a godsend for the transfer. Wish Larissa and further creative success! We love you!
  • Tanya for Guzeeva Larisa Andreevna
  • Larissa Guzeyeva - clever, pretty - decoration 1 channel!
  • Tamari for Guzeeva Larisa Andreevna
  • Noone can argue with me that everyone was going crazy for you after " zestoki romance", in georgia was like that. and my husband knew George's father, they lived in the same neighbourhood. Recently I had a chance to watch channel 1 and saw you, you are as beautiful as before, even more, because now you are a woman and not only a pretty girl, a wise woman, who lives her life in happiness. God bless you and your family. (moi muz c yma cxodil, kogda videl bas, ne snaiu ckolko pas cmotrel "zestokii romans)
  • Lena for Guzeeva Larisa Andreevna
  • Hello Larisa, I would like to send you an e-mail letter. I really need your help. Could you, please. let me know your e-mail address, please? Thank you.
  • alla Gerussi for Guzeeva Larisa Andreevna
  • Dear Larisa! The pro gramme"Let's get married" is intresting, only thanks to you.Don't listen to anybody I adore your comments you are like a breath of fresh air in comparison with boring predictable Volga. I read your life-story with interest but I wonder who translated it into English because this translation is so poor that many of your remarks which I understand because like you I am Russian for but for a foreign reader many parts are absolute nonsense. My advice- find a more qualified translator.
  • Victoria for Guzeeva Larisa Andreevna
  • LARISA,Sdravctvyite!I zivy v Canada,I emigrirovala 90 godu...Vurostila odna suna.On sakanchivaet University.Zivy s mamoi.Smotrim programmy po canal1 v Canada DAVAI POZENIMSJ i ochen nam nravitsj...Mozet i mne priexat na programmy k vam?Pochemy ne sozdat International SNAKOMCTVA ot Gyseevoi? Nadeus na vctrechy c vami. S yvazeniem i yspexov vam.
  • Anonymous for Guzeeva Larisa Andreevna
  • I would say,she is very rude person,based on watching Minuta Slavi.
  • Alex for Guzeeva Larisa Andreevna
  • and would like tihear from her about her rude act (may be she still Sovet)She shouldnt be on this show,since she has no knowledge about real talents.
  • for Guzeeva Larisa Andreevna
  • Ҹ !
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