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Hawke, Ethan (Ethan Hawke)

( Actor)

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Biography Hawke, Ethan (Ethan Hawke)
photo Hawke, Ethan (Ethan Hawke)
Ethan Hawke was born on November 6, 1970 in Austin, Texas, USA. His parents divorced, and little Ethan raised by his mother. When she remarried, the family moved to the newly established permanent residence in New Jersey, where Hawke began studying drama at the Princeton theater MacArthur.

. At age 14 he debuted in film, . playing in the children's sci-fi movie, Joe Dante's 'researchers' with beginners River Phoenix, . which will be destined to become the James Dean of the new generation and die from overdozy on the eve of the club with Johnny Depp 'Gadyushnik'.,

. The fate of more rational Hawk formed happier
. After the debut, he broke a few years acting career, to get a classical education at Carnegie Mellon University. But to study a degree he could not - in 1989. Ethan skidded on the set of the film Peter Weir's 'Dead Poets Society', . where he played a prominent role unfortunate youngster, . torn between love for the theater and humiliating dependence on the will of a cruel father, . prohibiting son 'akterstvovat'.,
. Handsome hero like restless audience - the future of Hawke was predetermined.

. In later years he played in down-tineydzherskih comedies 'Daddy' (1989) and 'mysterious rendezvous' (1991), played an enviable for many novice actors heroic role of Jack Conroy in the movie 'White tusk' (1991).

. Again, a serious dramatic talent Hawke spoke after the film by Stephen Gyllenhaal 'water country' (1992), . adaptation of the popular English-speaking countries of the novel Graham Swift, . Author, . being compared with foreign commentators Faulkner and Dickens.,

. His 'water country' - not the mythical Atlantis, and the Lincolnshire marshes, swamps overcast British, among whom was his childhood hero Jeremy Irons
. The venerable British actor played a teacher of history, is going through a midlife crisis, and the Hawk - his hairy pupil.

In the early 90-ies. Hawk became the darling of the yellow press, especially after the paparazzi 'spotted' dancing with his 'not free' if Julia Roberts.

And in 1994,. he had to try on the laurels of a star 'Generation X', played a major role in Ben Stiller film 'Reality Bites'.

The term 'Generation X' with respect to those who were born in the first half of the 70-ies. and whose youth fell on neo-conservative 80's and muddle-besstilnye 90's, became conventional wisdom after the eponymous novel by Canadian writer Douglas Copeland. They identified 'twenty-with-something-year-olds' slackers, apathetic and apolitical 'slekerov' without lobbying citizenship. Spiteful critics said that 'eksery' suffer not only the social passivity, they multiply, they could only budding. In short, the 'lost generation', who has behind him not even lose the revolution, which could boast to their grandchildren.

. Calculation of the creators of the comedy 'Reality Bites' was the fact, . that 'eksery' will find their idol - the charming and talented young man, . quite nice, . to his room decorated with pictures of adolescent girls, . and sufficient 'without distinguishing marks', . not to cause jealousy in the average coeval,
. The calculation, by the way, do not come to pass - the film fell flat at the box office

. Proved to be more candid about the following two project, . also on the 'Generation X' - anarchist tragicomedy 'supernezavisimogo' Peter McCarthy 'commotion' (1994), . in which Hawke's brother played the main character, . addict, paranoiac, . does not get out of hospitals, . and conversational melodrama of Richard Linklater 'Before the Dawn' (1995), . where the partner was the French beauty Hawke, Julie Delpy.,

. In 1997
. Ethan starred in the underappreciated sci-fi flick Andrew Niccol 'Gattaca'. During the shooting he and performer leading lady Uma Thurman struck up a torrid romance - 1 May, 1998. Star couple entered into a formal marriage, and on 8 July of that year and gave birth to daughter Maya Ray Thurman-Hawke.

Choosing roles, Ethan is not afraid of risky experiments - in 1998. He again played a charming romantic dreamer in a luxurious modern version of Dickensian "Great Expectations" the Mexican Alfonso Cuaron, . after the failed westerns Richard Linklater 'The Newton Boys "(1998) agreed on the role of the non-profit epic Australian Scott Hicks' Snow falling on cedars' (1999), . hypnotic-slow adaptation of textbook American novel by David Gatersona.,

. In 2000
. the premiere of the avant-garde version of 'Hamlet', made by Michael Almereydoy usually fight shy of any mainstream

. Training Day
. / Training Day, 2001
. Hamlet
. / Hamlet, 2000
. Snow Falling on Cedars
. / Snow Falling On Cedars, 1999
. Newton Boys
. / Newton Boys, The, 1998
. Great expectations
. / Great Expectations, 1998
. Gattaca
. / Gattaca, 1997
. Before dawn
. / Before Sunrise, 1995
. Making mistakes
. / Floundering, 1994
. Reality Bites
. / Reality Bites, 1994
. White Fang
. / White Fang, 1991
. Dead Poets Society
. / Dead Poets Society, The, 1989

. Ethan Hawke: Lives that kind of guy This interview was published in the May issue of "Premiere" for 1998

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Hawke, Ethan (Ethan Hawke), photo, biography
Hawke, Ethan (Ethan Hawke), photo, biography Hawke, Ethan (Ethan Hawke)  Actor, photo, biography
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