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Churikova Inna

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Biography Churikova Inna
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Born October 5, 1943 in Bashkortostan, in the city Belibey. After the war her family moved to Moscow. From a young age, she was fond of the theater, was engaged in youth studio at the Moscow Drama Theater named after Stanislavsky. After the ten-year Inna Churikova unsuccessfully tried to pass exams in the Moscow Art Theater School and the Theater School named after B. Shchukin, but accepted it only in the drama school named after M. Schepkina. In 1965, after graduating from school, she began working in Moscow TYuZe, and since 1973 plays at the Moscow Theater of the Lenin Komsomol (1990 - Theater 'Lenkom'). Among the roles portrayed in the theater, you can call Sarah in 'Ivanov' Chekhov, Ophelia in 'Hamlet' by Shakespeare, Nele in 'Thiele' on Z. De Coster, Il in 'Three girls in blue' L. Petrushevskaya. In film Inna Churikova debuted still a student, playing the Raika in the film 'Clouds over Bor' Basil Orda. Then she appeared in small roles in films George Danelia 'I Step Through Moscow' and 'Thirty-three', . in the adventure strip "Elusive Avengers '(remake of 1923 silent film" Red Devils' Paul Perestiani), . set by Edmond Keosayan,
. From the works of these years became the most prominent role in the film Marfushka-tale Alexandra Rowe 'Jack Frost'. However, the fate of actresses has radically altered the meeting with the director Gleb Panfilov, who later became her husband of Ina Chourikova. Her extraordinary dramatic talent clearly revealed in the film Panfilov 'No Ford in the fire', in which the actress to play the main role of the artist-nugget-Thani aunt. Together with her in this movie played Mikhail Kononov, Evgeny Lebedev, Mikhail Gluzsky. In 1970 the painting was awarded first prize at the Locarno International Film Festival - 'Golden Leopard'. And in the same year on the screens of the country beyond the film 'Home', where Churikova played simultaneously and the actress cast as the Virgin of Orleans, and naive Provincial Pasha Stroganov, who arrived in Moscow 'to learn from the actress'. The film brought Chourikova and Panfilov world renown, and for this role Churikova on the poll in 1971 the journal "Soviet Screen" was recognized as the best actress
. A new achievement of the creative union Churikova-Panfilov was the movie 'Vassa' (1983) based on the novel by Maxim Gorky's 'Vassa Zheleznova', . a picture of the 'Mother' ( 'Illegal People'), . was released in 1990, . was awarded the 'Felix' and 'Nike', . as well as the Cannes Film Festival prize,
. In 1979, the actress flashed in the role of the wife of Baron Munchausen in the film 'The same Munchausen', . staged by director Mark Zakharov, . and the role of faith in the film Peter Todorovsky '-martial affair' was awarded the prize of 'Silver Bear' at the Berlin Festival,
. Among other kinorabot Inna Chourikova films can be called 'dead souls' Michael Schweitzer, . 'Courier' Karen Shakhnazarov, . 'Adam's Rib' Victor Krishtofovich, . 'Year of the Dog' Semyon Aranovich, . 'Hen Ryaba' Andron Konchalovsky, . 'Shirley-Myrli' Vladimra Menshova.,

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  • Napoleon for Churikova Inna
  • in all Moscow will not find on the shelves with sales of video products as I have desired film Ryaba chicken "with the Great Ina Churikovoy.vopros: where it is possible to buy litsenzionnuyukopiyu this film?
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    Churikova Inna, photo, biography
    Churikova Inna, photo, biography Churikova Inna  Actress, photo, biography
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