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Eric Clapton (Eric Clapton)

( Music singer, composer)

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In the late 60's one of the most significant events in the world of graffiti in London and New York was the work of "Clapton - God" ( "Clapton is God"). Thirty years later, Valiant guitarist and singer also holds the attention of all listeners. Today's fans have not yet been born when his name written in large letters on public buildings. Curves and setbacks in his music career marked by personal tragedies and difficult experiences. Emotional sincerity of his music - is the result of deep feelings because of the loss of loved ones, exhausting struggle with drug and alcohol addiction and the release of this disease.

His mother left Clapton in infancy, and brought an illegitimate boy's grandmother and grandfather. Clapton said that it they are his parents and his mother - his sister. The truth was opened, when he was 9 years old.

The future flashed before Clapton, when he was in adolescence appeared to address Jerry Lee Lewis on British television. Emotional speech of Lewis, combined with growing enthusiasm Clapton's blues and American R & B was a strong enough incentive to Clapton decided to start learning to play guitar. He began teaching at the Kingston College of Art, but soon his career, appeared to him in a pink light, long interrupted. His 17 years of age was expelled for playing the guitar in class. He settled down to the workers, and devoted all his spare time to play the electric guitar, which he bought by his grandparents on his insistence

. In the following years, Clapton played the blues in several groups, . including "The Roosters" and "Casey Jones", . and eventually became a permanent member of the group "Yardbirds", . in whose composition would eventually include all three British guitar 60's: Eric Clapton, . Jimmy Page and Jeff Beck,
. With a sensation their blues-tinged rock in guitar virtuoso Clapton. He earned the nickname "Slowhand" ( "Lazy Hand") for his style on the stage to change broken strings by slow hand-clapping. Despite the popularity of the first two albums "Five Live Yardbirds" and "For Your Love", Clapton in 1965, left the group because he was uncomfortable with the deviation from the blues to a more commercial pop-music. Almost immediately, Clapton joined the "Bluesbreakers" John Meyellom headed, and on the background performing style of this group of Clapton's talent blooms rapidly. He soon became the defining musical force of the group. "Clapton - God" - such a crowd of screaming fans accompanied the album out called "Bluesbreakers", the charts in the UK album was released on 6 place.

In mid-1966 Clapton left the "Bluesbreakers" and organized his group "Cream", which included spoken bassist Jack Bruce and drummer Ginger Baker. With this lineup, Clapton decided to make "a revolution in the musical world view ... change the world, to shake the people". His imagination was going down further than the success of the trio "Cream", they soon became the most prominent rock band in the late 60's. Releasing their first three albums ( "Fresh Cream", . "Disraeli Gears" and "Wheels of Fire"), . a lot of touring, . Group has achieved global recognition, . approaching glory "Rolling Stones" and "The Beatles", . and on the impact on their fans even excels them,
. Indeed, . phrase "Clapton - God" characterized relations in the trio - they were a three-headed monster with staying in a state of war ego, . and fueled by drug abuse led to a confrontation is inevitable farewell tour in 1968 and the release of the album "Goodbye" (1969),

In early 1969, Clapton united with Baker, bis-guitarist Rick Grech and Steve Winwood from "Traffic" together to record an album, giving the name and the group and the album "Blind Faith" ( "Blind Faith"). To promote this album they made tour to 24 cities of the United States, as a result of stress of the band split up, having lived a year. Clapton continued to speak with Delaney & Bonnie, married duo, opening act during the American tour, "Blind Faith". As a result of this collaboration in 1970 released an album, which became the first solo album, Clapton. Album disappointed many, but introduced the three musicians from the group Delaney - bassist Carl Reydla, keyboardist Bobby Whitlock, and drummer Jim Gordon. Drew on Clapton's version of the popular hit "After Midnight" ( "After Midnight") JJCale. The team dubbed itself "Derek and the Dominos" and proceeded to record a double album "Layla and Other Assorted Love Songs" c feature guitarist Duane Allman. At the heart of the tragic stories of unrequited love in the song "Layla" - the true story of a love triangle between Clapton, his close friend George Harrison and his wife, Patty (as a result and Clapton eventually married in 1979 and divorced in 1988).

Unfortunately, personal struggles and career troubles led to what guitarist are increasingly fond of heroin. During a tour of America crumbled "Derek and Dominos", then attempt to record their second album. Clapton withdrew from the spotlight in the early 70's. This was wallowing in his addiction and then struggling to conquer. Following the advice of "Who" s Pete Townshead "he underwent a controversial but effective electro-acupuncture treatment and was fully rehabilitated. He performed successfully in the film version of rock-opera (Townshend, "Tommy"), a string of albums, including the reggae style of "461 Ocean Boulevard", which included songs by Bob Marley processing "I Shot the Sheriff". This album is headed tops the time.

Some critics and fans were disappointed by Clapton's his work after a period of rehabilitation. They were not satisfied with his rejection of the heavy guitar sound and the transition to a more smooth, "vocal" option. 1980 live album, "Just one night" ( "Just One Night") has reminded fans of Clapton, in reality, their idol. But, unfortunately, this period is connected with severe problems with alcohol. In 1981, Clapton's hospitalization. Creative upsurge followed after Clapton managed to bring the situation under control. It produces consistently successful albums - "Another Ticket" (1981), "Money and Sigarettes" (1983), "Behind the Sun" (1985), "August" (1986), "Journeyman" (1989) - and turning his personal life. And although some say Clapton never did not reach the heights of his heroin period, the legend about him, however, continued to grow. The fact that he was a paragon of rock became more apparent when Polygram released a 4-CD retrospective of his work. Album entitled "Crossroads" (1988) was scored Grammy awards for Best Historical Album and Best Liner Notes.

In late 1990, Clapton a terrible blow of fate: guitarist Stevie Ray Vaughan and Clapton team members, his close friends - Colin Smith and Nigel Brown, killed in plane crash (broken helicopter). A few months later he gets one more terrible news: Conor, Clapton's son by Italian model Lori Del Santo, broken to death, falling from a 49-floor apartment Del Santo in Manhattan, New York. Clapton wrote a heart-rending song in memory of his son, "Tears in Heaven". (This song-dedication and the album "Unplugged" in 1992, winning six Grammy awards). In 1994 he returned to the traditional blues, the album "From the Cradle" warmly received by critics and audiences.

51-year-old Clapton shows no signs of slowing down in his work. In February 1997 he receives for the track "Change the World", the soundtrack to the John Travolta movie "Phenomenon", two Grammy awards: for Best Record of the Year and Best Male Pop Vocal. He twice entered the Hall of Fame rock n 'roll: as a member of rock group "Yardbirds" and "Cream", the third time he was given this honor as a solo artist. While the legendary guitarist prepares his next album, fans can get acquainted with his side project TDF. Released in 1997 album "Retail Therapy" c musical compositions in the style of techno demonstrates a departure from Clapton's blues and rock roots. In this album he was speaking under the pseudonym "X-Sample".
. Way musician
. Life in the Blues
. Lonely Wanderer

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Photos of Eric Clapton (Eric Clapton)
Eric Clapton (Eric Clapton)Eric Clapton (Eric Clapton)Eric Clapton (Eric Clapton)Eric Clapton (Eric Clapton)

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Eric Clapton (Eric Clapton), photo, biography
Eric Clapton (Eric Clapton), photo, biography Eric Clapton (Eric Clapton)  Music singer, composer, photo, biography
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