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Biography VOLCHEK Galina
Born October 19, 1933. Father - Boris Volchek Izrailevich known film director and cameraman, teacher, professor, winner of four State Prizes, was the director of films "Vaseline," "Thirteen," "Lenin in October", "Dream," "Murder on Dante Street" and many others. Mother - Vera Maimin Isaakovna, graduated from the scriptwriting faculty of Institute of Cinematography, in recent years worked as a cashier in a Moscow theater "Contemporary".

Halina's childhood with his parents met in Moscow. She herself recalls his childhood with a coolly: "I was so downtrodden, a child with pigtails, who boasted: I'm learning as well, what I Honorable mentions. My mother said: "All the girls are running around somewhere, stealing apples, climb fences, and my Gal is always near the entrance". The books, which must be read, intonation, with whom we should talk - all this way to me to introduce, that inspires protest. This feeling spread to the little things and big things. My mother was a good woman, but she did not understand that personality is formed earlier than we can suppose. "

Feeling of protest led to that Galina twisted his name to Spinner. Only a few years later she, as she put it, "realized that we must stop this idiocy, and regained its old name.

. They have a house frequented by many talented and bright people, representatives of the wonderful world cinema, but my neighbors were Julius and Michael Reisman Room, which had a particularly strong influence on the aspiring actress and director
. Thus, even from a young age cinema entered her life, she knew about it all or almost all. Secret remained a theater ...

During the Great Patriotic War, the family lived in Sverdlovsk and the Alma-Ata, which was evacuated studio "Mosfilm". When Galina was 13 years old, her parents separated and the girl stayed with her father. Soon from secondary school she goes to the external studies. Pope Boris Izrailevich dreamed that her daughter was admitted to the Literary Institute. But daughter raved MAT - those whose legends were still alive. Not being a beauty, not having the "traditional" data movie star, Galina Volchek decided to devote himself to art.

Contrary to pessimistic forecasts relatives and friends 16-year-old Galina goes to the Moscow Art Theater School. With her on the course taught Igor Kvasha, Lyudmila Ivanova ... One of the teachers was Oleg Efremov.

. In 1956 Efremov and young graduates of the Studio School - Galina Volchek, Lilia Tolmachev, Evgenij Evstigneev, Igor Kvasha and Oleg Tabakov - will organize first Studio young actors, which some time later was named "Contemporary"
. This was the first theater, created not by the dictates from above, but on the initiative of young actors who were willing to do anything for the cause, which believed in the necessity of holy. In the first years of work in the theater Volchek Nyurka played in the play "Forever Living" (by this play by Victor Rozov, and began his life of a future "Contemporary"), . Mother - "Finding Joy" V. Rozov, . and Grachihu - "Without the Cross, . Miss Amelia - "Ballad of a sad inn" - the role of, . who entered the history of Russian theater of the second half of XX century.,

. Since 1961, Galina Volchek began working in the theater as a director
. In 1962 she released her first performance on the play by William Gibson's Two for the seesaw ". The play, which clearly expressed the main feature of the new theater: in the "Contemporary" tried to understand and comprehend the time and man, to understand his civil and personal destiny. Psychological theater, the development of the method of the great Stanislavsky became the cornerstone of artistic searches. The play "Two for the seesaw" set a record: almost 30 years he was in the repertory theater and enjoy the constant love of the public.

. After the play Gibson Galina Volchek several years working as a director, together with Oleg Efremov ( "Without the Cross" in
. Tendryakova, "Finding Joy" V. Rozov, "The Bolsheviks' Shatrova). In 1966, she released one of the best performances - "Ordinary story" based on the novel AI Goncharov. For this play 33-year-old director won the State Prize of the USSR. "Ordinary Story" set in motion a number of brilliant productions of Russian classics: 1968 GB Volcheck puts "At the bottom of the M. Gorky later - play by Chekhov, Andreyev, etc.

In 1970, O. Efremov goes into MAT. Historical fact: during the two nights he persuades "Contemporary" go with him. Theater on the proposal Ephraim refused. Among those who did not withdraw from the Moscow Art Theater in Ephraim was Galina Volchek. Later Efremov say: "She did not leave with me, because I was faithful to the idea of" Contemporary ". Most of all I always been interested in her for her commitment. Loyalty to the idea which was born "Contemporary". It is still only coming into being, not shape, and Galya has been faithful to her. For Ghali is something genetic, as if its code.

Two years in the "Contemporary" was the chief director (theater operated board). In 1972, the theater troupe at the general meeting literally compels Galina Volchek lead the team - an absolute majority of its chosen chief director. She began to collect a new troupe. The desire to find a young, talented directors and actors have always been important to Volchek. In one article she wrote: "In our theater coming young actors and directors, and we try to give them the opportunity to work. Young actors have to feel equal builders of our common cause along with experienced craftsmen, and not to feel forever examinees students. A young directors may sometimes make mistakes, try to go the wrong way, do not choose the direct path, but if the search is in our art, theater, in any case of this win ". And further Volchek formulates one of the most important components of its director's method: "Distrust of the actor brings harm not only himself, but also to the theater."

. In the early 1970's in the "Contemporary" came Valery Fokin, Joseph Rahelgauz, Mikhail Ali Hussein, a young actor Yuri Bogatyrev, Konstantin Raikin, Marina Neyolova, Valentin Gaft - these names have begun to form the face of a new theater
. , A new repertoire: Michael Roschin Valentin and Valentina ", . Alexander Volodin, "not to part with loved ones", . Alexander Vampilov "Provincial jokes", . staged Chingiz Aitmatov, . Boris Vasiliev, . Vasily Shukshin, . later, . at the turn of 1980-1990-ies, . "Contemporary" opens new playwrights - Alexandra Galina and Nicholas Kalyada,
. In the theater, along with the young filmmakers come and famous masters - George Tovstonogov and Andrzej Wajda. Itself Galina Volchek puts "Ascent of Mount Fuji" W. Aitmatov and K. Mukhamedzhanova (1973), "Echelon" Roshchina (1975), "The Cherry Orchard" A. Chekhov (1976), "feedback" A. Gelman (1977), "UFO" in. Malyagina (1978), "Hasten to do good" Roshchina (1980).

In 1978, at the height of the Cold War, Galina Volchek becomes the first Soviet film director, breaking the cultural embargo between the U.S. and the USSR. Her invited to Houston in the theater "Alley" put "Echelon" Roshchina. This, for those times absolutely unparalleled expertise, brought a huge success not only the director, but the entire Russian psychological theater, one of the conductors of which the West has become Galina Volchek.

. In 1990, the "Contemporary" in Seattle in the cultural program of the Goodwill Games shows two performances by Galina Volchek "Three Sisters" and "Steep Route"
. Within six weeks the theater with great success playing shows for a foreign audience. Since a long time in world history tour is not never went. And this victory GB Volchek and the theater had continued a few years, now on Broadway. "Contemporary" became Russia's first theater, who came with performances on Broadway after the legendary Moscow Art Theater. Tours of the theater were a resounding success. A year later "Contemporary" is coming to Broadway again and brings a new performance Galina Volchek - "The Cherry Orchard". This event remains unique in the history of Broadway - a kind of theatrical Mecca. Within two weeks, with constant sold-out audience was played for the American drama of a foreign (in this case, Moscow) theater.

. Broadway tour of "The Contemporary" were marked by one of the most prestigious national awards in the U.S. Dramatic Theater - "Drama desk award", . is the first time in a long history of existence of this prize was awarded to non-US theater, . moreover, the absolute majority of votes.,

. In 1999, Galina Volchek after nine-month rehearsal produces the play "Three Comrades", which became a huge hit modern Russia scenes
. Directed finely caught the time at which the novel E.M. Remark again become acute as never before and need. At the first rehearsal Volchek said: "blissful, blue-pink feeling of this novel, preserved since the late 50's, disappeared without a trace, when I read" Three friends "again, today's eyes. Through the Eyes of a person living at the end of XX century, the drama of every moment conscious of what is happening and who is aware of the impossibility of sometimes personally change anything in the world around. This novel, as if re-discovered, surprisingly coincided with me today, with my attitude, my mood ". Volchek not afraid to enter the main roles of young actors (some of them just graduated from drama school). She continues to follow his wise principle, and in 2001 resumed the Three Sisters Chekhov, which also plays a younger generation of "Contemporary".

. Apart from these, GB Volchek delivered at the Moscow theater "Contemporary" performances: "The Princess and the Woodcutter" M
. Michaelian (1969, jointly with O. Dahl), "his island" P. Kaugvera (1971), "Weather for tomorrow" Shatrova (1973, with I. Raihelgauz and B. Fokine), "Search-891" Semenova (1981, in conjunction with. Fokine and M. Ali Hussein), "The Three Sisters Anton Chekhov (1982)," Contemporary "tells in itself" (1983, together with Mr.. Sokolova), "Risk" On. Kuvaeva (1984, in conjunction with. Fokine), "Twin" M. Roschina (1986), "scaffold" W. Aitmatov (1988), "Stars in the morning sky" A. Galina (1989), "Steep Route" E. Ginsburg (staging of Alexander Getman, 1989), "Murlin Murli" H. Kolyada (1990), "Anfisa" L. Andreev (1991), "Difficult People" J. Bar-Yosef (1992), "Death and the Maiden" A. Dorfman (1992), "title" A. Galina (1993), "Pygmalion" B. Shaw (1994), "We are going, going, going ..." H. Kolyada (1996), "The Cherry Orchard, Anton Chekhov (1997).

Along with the creative work of Galina Volchek on the stage without success and has developed her film career. She co-starred in films: "Don Quixote" (1957), "Wicked Angel" (1962), "build a bridge" (1965), "The First Courier" (1967), "Own" (1969), "King Lear" (1970 ), "My Destiny" (1974), "Mayakovsky Laughs" (1975), "The Little Mermaid" (1976), "About a Little Red Riding Hood. Continuation of the old fairy tale "(1977)," Autumn Marathon "(1979)," Unicum "(1983).

Now Galina is not removed in the film and almost plays in the theater. In today's actor's repertoire Galina Volchek - only Akhmatova from Inspector Nikolai Gogol. Several years ago, Galina ceased to play one of the most brilliant of their roles - Martha in the play "Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?". She devoted herself entirely the director's career: "Everything!" Complete victory, not the actor in me mind! And no fighting was not, I do for this not done. Historically. When I now say: "play that role, she directly for you!" - I wonder: yes, I'm playing these roles in the year one hundred pieces. Each role played by the artists in my performances, I play with them. So I'm working, that is my nature director.

. Galina Volchek was elected deputy of the State Duma faction of the MPR, but in 1999 she left the walls of Parliament: "I refused all offers of many parties play these games
. My experience of entering into politics and man, and the director has shown that the existence of serious policy leads to loss of principal - human relations. And this is for me the most valuable.

Galina Volchek been married twice before. Even during the students fell in love with Eugenia, Galina Evstigneeva, who was her senior by seven years. Nurse commented on the appearance of its candidate in the following words: 'Do not be ashamed to walk him bald, even if some bonnet put:' A Galina just put the household before the fact: 'getting married'.

. From this marriage she had a son Denis (today it is - a famous film director), but marital happiness Galina did not last long
. She, a young mother and wife, who adored her husband, had to decide on divorce: before Galina heard rumors about her husband's passion for another woman. 'I do not know how to be a second, - she said. - And even the first can not. Only a single: '

After divorce Volcheck with all the same nurse educated the young son and continued to be friends with ex-husband, admiring his talent. Years later Evstigneev once told Galina that she ruined his life, after all was forgiven. She did not mind: the actor had a bad heart, he could live for long - Volcheck seemed to feel it.

Second husband, Galina, a talented scientist, Mark Abel, was a wonderful person. Volcheck met him in Murmansk, where both were accidental: it is - a business trip, she - on tour with the 'Contemporary'. They married when her son Dennis was five years old. Mark Yurievich easily found common language with the boy, and everything would be fine, but family happiness interfered with other pitfalls: jealousy Abelian and the constant struggle for supremacy in the family. The company, he felt very uncomfortable when he was presented as a husband Volcheck ... For example, he could come in the evening in the theater, where Galina has foreign delegation: 'Sorry, but my wife is tired, it's time to sleep'. Condition producer's easy to imagine after this ... Husband rightly accused Galina that her house - it is theater, and theater - her house. However, even after a divorce, they remained friends ...

Then Volchek spent nearly a decade of civil marriage, and made for a conclusion that family life was not for her. In recent years, Galina Volchek lives alone, but her solitude is not very burdensome. At first it was unusual to be a secular techniques without the satellite, and then it was granted.

Once Galina admitted: 'The whole my life I took myself to the fact that the family has become impossible for me. This is the natural state of man, who was sold into slavery theater '

. Recognition and Awards

. 1967 USSR State Prize
. 1976 Order of Red Banner of Labor
. 1988 People's Artist of USSR
. 1993 Order of Friendship of peoples - for his great personal contribution to the development of theater
. 1996 Order of Merit to the Fatherland 'III degree - for outstanding achievements in the development of theater
. 2002 Prize of the President of Russia in the field of literature and art in 2001
. 2003 Order of Merit to the Fatherland 'II degree - for outstanding contribution to the development of theater
. 2004 Order of Merit 'III degree (Ukraine) - for the great personal contribution to the development of cultural relations between Ukraine and Russia, many years of fruitful creative activity
. 2008 Order of Merit to the Fatherland 'I degree - for outstanding contribution to the development of national theater and many years of creative activity

. Filmography:

. 1957 Don Quixote
. 1962 Sinful Angel
. 1965 to build a bridge
. 1966 Beware of the Car
. 1967 First Courier
. His 1969
. 1970 King Lear
. 1970 Ordinary Story (director)
. 1972 At the bottom (director)
. 1974 Dombey and Son (director, actress)
. 1974 My destiny
. 1975 Mayakovsky Laughs
. 1976 Just Sasha
. 1976 Mermaid
. 1977 About the Little Red Riding Hood
. 1979 Autumn Marathon
. 1982 State border (3rd movie: "East line")
. In 1982 Hasten to do good - director
. 1983 Unicum
. 1983 Black Castle Olshansky
. 1987 The Bolsheviks director
. 1992 Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?
. 1996 Broadway my youth
. 1996 Twenty Minutes with an Angel


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