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Francis Ford Coppola

( Director)

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Biography Francis Ford Coppola
Coppola (Coppola), Francis Ford (p. 07. 04. 1939), American film director, screenwriter, producer. By origin Italian.
. He graduated from Hofstra College and UCLA film school in Los Angeles (1966).
. His first films, . which were spent ten years, . at the box office were not successful (erotic movie 'tonight for sure', . 1961, . horror film 'The Madness 13', . 1963, . comedy 'You are now - a big boy', . 1966, . - Thesis in film school, . the first studio film 'Rainbow Fayniena', . 1968, . melodrama 'The Rain People', . 1969),
. Of the eleven scripts written by him was seen, only one - 'Patton', 1970 - the famous American general in World War II, for which he co-received the first prize in the 'Oscar'.
. The phenomenal commercial success and fame director brought the film 'The Godfather' (1972)
. Innovation of this film was that, in the familiar genre of the gangster film, actors who have always been a 'lone wolf', Coppola has introduced such an important topic for Americans, family. But if for this film Coppola has received only one Oscar - for his screenplay (along with author Mario Puzo's novel of the same name), then for the 'Godfather 2' (1974) - for three whole: as a producer, director and screenwriter. The picture was more acute on social issues than the first, but had less success with the audience.
Immediately after the shooting of this film Coppola has put the film 'Talk' (1974), which showed an innovative approach to sound design. Against the background of just adjudication of the Watergate scandal, the film has gained additional urgency, having 'Palme d'Or' at the Cannes Film Festival.
. The most significant work as director was 'Apocalypse Now' (1979)
. The bloody reality of the Vietnam War was shown in the film with a special expression. The modern system of recording realistically transferred noise and the roar of battle. Personnel helicopter attack on the Vietnamese village to the accompaniment of Wagner "Ride of the Valkyries' have become classics of world cinema. Film again received 'Palme d'Or' at Cannes and two 'Oscars', but that Coppola, who invested in setting their own money, almost went bankrupt and was forced to sell his film studio 'American Zoetrop'. He went on to work on contracts, but none of the subsequent films have not risen to the level of his best films 70-ies.
In 1983, Coppola filmed just two of the novel a young writer with. Hinton, but no 'Outsiders', or 'Rumble Fish', attempted to convey attitude of the younger generation, popular with young people not used. Movies' With all my heart '(1982) and' Club 'Cotton' (1984), in which the director got carried away computer and musical experimentation at the expense of content, proved too complicated for the average viewer. Coppola's amazing ability to raise the on-screen realities of a past age - 40 th in the movie "Tucker: The Man and His Dream" (1988) and 50-s in 'Peggy Sue Got Married "(1986) attracted mostly older audience. 'Gardens of Stone' (1987) was a weak echo of the theme of the Vietnam War, sounded so menacing in 'Apocalypse Now'.
90-ies also brought laurels Coppola. The film 'Bram Stoker's Dracula' (1992), despite the actor's game interesting, unusual, artistic design and the introduction of sexual overtones in a horror film, was quite at a distance from the old masterpieces. In 1996, raised a fantastic comedy 'Jack'.
Coppola remained in his time - in the 70's, where he was the lead director of 'New Hollywood' who challenged many of the myths and cliches of the old. Like many of his colleagues, who began in the same period, he was mesmerized by new developments in film technology and sought to use them extensively in his work. In addition, he became one of the first directors, who succeeded to unite the personal, the author's view of the topic with a resounding commercial success.
. Elena Kartseva
. Award Oscar in the category 'original script' for 1970
. Award Oscar in the category 'film' in 1972
. The main prize of the Cannes Film Festival for 1974
. Award Oscar in the category 'film' for 1974
. The main prize (tie) Cannes Film Festival for 1979

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Francis Ford Coppola, photo, biography
Francis Ford Coppola, photo, biography Francis Ford Coppola  Director, photo, biography
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