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Vincente Minnelli

( Director)

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Biography Vincente Minnelli
Minnelli (Minnelli) Vincent (28. 02. 1910, according to other birth year from 1902 to 1913 - 25. 07. 1986), American film director, a classic Hollywood musicals 40's and 50's.
Born in the family of itinerant actors, with three years served in the family show brothers Minnelli. The school discovered the ability to draw. Since 1929 in show business as a photographer, deputy manager, scene painter and costume designer. In the early 30-ies he worked in Florence Ziegfeld revue, and was appointed chief artist of the New York music hall 'Radio City'. Since 1935 - director on Broadway, which has implemented a number of popular productions.
In 1940 moved to Hollywood, where he studied cinematography technique and skill of director for two years. Following the first tentative steps of (musical numbers staged by Judy Garland in the film Busby Berkeley) removes musical comedy 'Cabin in the Sky' (Cabin In The Sky, 1942) with E. Waters, L. Armstrong and D. Ellington for a short time became one of the leading masters of the musical in Hollywood, won the privilege to work with such masters as Dr.. Garland EF. Aster, D. Kelly, and later W. McLaine, B. Streisand and L. Minnelli.
For twenty years (1942-1962) Minnelli worked under contract with MGM (unprecedented record of the duration of the contract with this company) and took 29 films. Among the productions of this universally recognized leader of the American musical films such as 'Meet me in St. Louis' (Meet Me In St. Louis, . 1944), . "Yolanda and the Thief '(Yolanda And The Thief, . 1945), . 'Ziegfeld Folliz' (Ziegfeld Follies, . 1946), . 'Pirate' (The Pirate, . 1948), . 'An American in Paris' (An American In Paris, . 1951, . Award Oscar for the film), . 'Gigi' (Gigi, . 1958, . Award Oscar for the film and director),
. From the beginning Minnelli tried to organic fusion of dance, music and drama. In accordance with the conventionality of the genre, he put an emphasis on the theatricality of style and fabulousness of the. Beautiful artist, . He knew how to create a vivid cinematic environment, . resorting to styling, . freely using color, . skillfully combining dancing and singing with a dramatic plot and finding expressive compositions through the free movement of the camera in space.,
. Thanks Minnelli Hollywood recognized art decoration and the need for psychological authenticity in the portrayal of characters in the musical
. Painting style Minnelli romantic fairy tales and stories brought to the film produced a huge box office success and gave grounds for charges of pandering to the tastes of the crowd and in the consecration of the townsfolk myths, . But critics of the 60's and 70-ies hailed him as 'author', . invariably follows its subject, . material and possessing a unique style.,
. Between musicals, Minnelli filmed adaptation of classics, comedies, melodramas and biographical films: 'Madame Bovary' (Madame Bovary, 1949, by Mr.
. Flaubert), 'Bad and the beautiful' (The Bad And The Beautiful, 1952); 'Lust for Life' (Lust For Life, 1955, by and. Stone); 'tea and sympathy' (Tea And Sympathy, 1956). In 60-ies Minnelli took a number of films (the best of them 'The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse', 1961, at B. Ibц?ц?ez), none of which does not reach the level of his classic works. In the latest tape Minnelli 'This time will tell' (A Matter Of Time, 1976) co-starred his daughter Liza Minnelli.

Page Minnelli In. in "universal encyclopedia" on megaportals "Cyril and Methodius". Biography, picture.

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Vincente Minnelli, photo, biography
Vincente Minnelli, photo, biography Vincente Minnelli  Director, photo, biography
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