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Dennis Quaid

( Actor)

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Biography Dennis Quaid
Born in Houston, Texas. He graduated from the University of Houston, then the example of his brother Randy Quaid began acting career. The actor with the macho image of gay. The first notable appearance - in the film Walter Hill Long Riders on the cowboys, famous for the fact that it weighed three actors' family - all the Baldwin brothers, three Carradine and both Quaid.
In 83 пЁпЎпЄя? Quaid withdrawn from Phil Kaufman in outer film "The guys that we should". In 87 - two important roles: Jim McBride in "Grand Cafe" (Big Easy - as in America, called New Orleans) and The Inner Space "Joe Dante about the fantastic journey reduced to microscopic size of the astronauts in a capsule on the blood vessels of the human body,
. in this picture Quaid met with the actress Meg Ryan, who became his wife.
. In the 88 th year - the picture of football "all-American hero" (Everybody's All-American), which can be considered as a prequel to "every Sunday" by Oliver Stone (99)
. Since this movie in the first cloudless image the actor has appeared dramatic vein, some breakdowns.
In the film, Jim McBride "Great balls of fire" 89 пЁпЎпЄп° Quaid played a famous musician Jerry Lee Lewis. In the 90-m starred in two films: "Come and see paradise" Alan Parker, and "Postcards from the edge of the abyss" Mike Nichols. Then followed a three-year break, which ended with a flop hard drama "Flesh and bone" (again with Meg Ryan).
. Then Quaid duet with Kathleen Turner played in the film about a crazy family of undercover agents "under the cover of Blues"
. 94 year - White Earp "Lawrence Kazdana - a film about the legendary sheriff, where Quaid played Assistant Erpa (almost simultaneously released" Tombstone "Kosmatosa, in which a similar role played Val Kilmer).
. In the 98-m removed with Julia Roberts in the film by Lasse Halstrema "The things they say and in the film" Savior ", produced by Stone, which plays an American soldier in Serbia
. In the same year - "Playing for the memory" - an independent film with Sean Connery and Gena Roulendz. 2000 - "Radiovolna". In the nearest plans Quaid - Steven Soderbergh's Traffic.
He studied at the School of Bellaire and the University of Houston. The younger brother of actor Randy Quaid, which appeared in 'vnebrodveyskoy' staged 'True West' (1984).
. He moved to Hollywood and first attracted attention after taking part in the movie 'Breaking Away' (1979), where he had a role psychologically broken young man from the Midwest
. As is often the case in recent years in American cinema, eternally grinning Dennis Quaid painfully someone reminded of the heroic past. Like the faces of Cary Grant and Humphrey Bogart sovmestilis with a special program on the computer display. And distorted, so to speak, a little crooked electronic mirrors today. Quaid really remember the mass audience ( 'a, . this guy, . who grins all the time '), after roles in the film' The guys that have! " (1983) - an ambitious adaptation of the famous novel by Tom Wolfe about the American space program, . where he painted 'astronaut-2' Gordon Cooper,
. In 'Innerspace' (1987) the actor had become "an astronaut on the contrary '- his hero, and reduce run syringe by mistake into the circulatory system rights. The film 'Big playboy - New Orleans' (1986) Quaid - an ardent lover of the heroine, Ellen Barkin (as well as the songwriter). In the movie 'Dead on arrival' (1988) depicts a completely organically Professor of Philology 40-ies and, . Finally, . in 'Fiery Balls' (1989), together with Uinonoy Ryder is on the screen of the development of the most famous rock-row 50-x - Jerry Lee Lewis's marriage to a thirteen,
. By the way, second profession Quaid - singer and composer, so he often performs in the roles of musicians. In 1991 he married his partner on the tapes 'Dead on arrival' and 'Innerspace' Meg Ryan and starred with her in the film 'Flesh and Bone' (1993).

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Dennis Quaid, photo, biography
Dennis Quaid, photo, biography Dennis Quaid  Actor, photo, biography
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