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WASHINGTON Denzel (Denzel Washington)

( Actor)

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Biography WASHINGTON Denzel (Denzel Washington)
photo WASHINGTON Denzel (Denzel Washington)
In 1995, according to the surveys among the American public, Washington is the only among the Afro-American actors, has been named among the ten most sexy idols of the screen. But just six years earlier at the preview of ironic police film 'Mighty Quinn' (The Mighty Quinn) has caused a great scandal love scene between Denzel Washington and Mimi Rogers - the authors were forced to withdraw it from the final,
. And in the popular political detective 'Case Pelican' (The Pelican Brief, 1993), Washington played a journalist Gray Grentema, kissing with the most 'beauty' - actress Julia Roberts, which turned out kind of sex symbol of America's 90-ies.

. How quickly things have changed in Hollywood - that's a spectacular action movie 'Crimson Tide' (Crimson Tide, . 1995) a black hero of Washington, . first mate of a nuclear submarine, . looks more attractive than his chief-warriors, . ready to obey orders blindly and put the whole world to the threat of destruction,
. And the actor himself with a dark chocolate hue of the skin and a pleasant smile on her face, . in 1990 in the journal American Film named candidate for long vacancies place first black General Contractor Hollywood, . is a true American, . more relevant concepts of the Declaration of Human Rights, . which was created by his famous namesake, George Washington.,

. Denzel Washington, of course, extraordinary personality and a very talented actor, and not just a Hollywood movie star with a multi-million dollar fee and the ability to provide considerable fees to hire
. The diversity of law was replaced by actor Sidney Poitier, who became in 1964 the first black winner of awards 'Oscar', and for the main male role. True, . Washington has the prize of the American Academy for just vtoroplanovuyu role in 'Valor' (Glory, . 1989), . two years before it was nominated, too, not as the main singer in 'Klichev freedom' (Cry Freedom, . 1987), . and up to 1992, . being, . Finally, . nominated for the award 'Oscar' for the title role in 'Malcolm X' (Malcolm X), . lost - but such an outstanding actor and 'rans' Oscar ceremonies, . like Al Pacino in the film 'Scent of a Woman' (Scent of a Woman, . 1992).,

. Washington is a member of a family priest, who lived in the town of Mount Vernon, a suburb of New York
. And it immediately left its mark on the clear image of the actor, his way of life that focuses on family values, and the undoubted stubborn nature. Young Denzel studied biology at the University of Ms Fordham, . wanted to become a doctor or a journalist, . then carried away by acting profession, . went to San Francisco, . the American theater conservatory, . after which he returned to New York, . where, . fortunately, . There were many black theater troupes, . had a spread of mixed ensembles with non-traditional composition,
. B 1993 Washington easily accepted the invitation of the Irish actor and director Kenneth Brann played Don Pedro in the film adaptation of Shakespeare's comedy 'Much Ado About Nothing' (Much Ado about Nothing). He has repeatedly appeared in his youth in performances of Shakespeare's plays (including 'Koriolane', 'Julius Caesar') in the company of Joseph Papp, and only after receiving the award Oscar in 1990 went on stage in the role of Richard III. In turn, this is not a Shakespearean tragedy has helped Washington to try to comprehend the legendary but controversial and still sparked controversy personality Malcolm Little, who became known under the pseudonym X.

Actor, risked to appear on the screen shaved shaven fanatic ideas of pan-Islamism and justify violence against the white, even earlier in the off-Broadway playing the role of Malcolm X in the play 'When the chickens come home to roost'. And for for his magnificent performance in the film got nominated in the 'Oscar', won a prize at the International Film Festival in Berlin and, even more curious prize youth music channel MTV.

. Many heroes of Washington feel especially human dignity - and in the South African political activist Steven Biko, . victims of apartheid in 'Klichev freedom' (Cry Freedom, . 1987) Richard Attenborough, . and the young soldier, . having got restless after his return to London with the war in the Falkland Islands (for the role in another British strip "For Queen and Country '(For Queen and Country, . 1988) the actor received a prize at the festival of crime films in Cognac-89), . and, . course, . in the proud former servant of 'Valor', . into the first unit of black, . who fought on the side of northerners in the Civil War,
. Its correctness and self-esteem is even a negative character in 'History of the Army' (A Soldier's story, . 1984), . committed the murder (by the way, . before you perform the role of Melvin Peterson in the movie, . Washington played it on stage and was awarded 'Oubi'),
. Needless to say, Malcolm X, not devoid of evil, but certainly a unique man who has reinvented himself and turned to their faith, millions of people. At the same time, Washington is not so concerned about his African-American to be indignant about, and without cause, as does Spike Lee, author of 'Malcolm X'. Before Lee at least not lose the irony in relation to the 'battle of races' - for example, . in the film 'Blues on, . would be better '(Mo' Better Blues, . 1990) it was with Washington in the lead role trumpeter Bleek Gilliam, . okolotvorcheskih entangled in love and misunderstanding,
. In the same year he was with gentle humor and warmth sang the role of a black guardian angel in a melodramatic comedy 'Heart Condition' (Heart Condition), . as it rhymes with the debut of the actor in another funny-touching stories 'Copy in the negative' (Carbon Copy, . 1981),
. In it the character of the young Washington's suddenly become the son of the unsuspecting white bureaucrat-Jew.

. From the standpoint of Spike Lee and his associates, such as Hollywood role - a compromise for the Afro-American actors, moreover, 'suspicious' and degrading brothers in race
. But Denzel Washington, rightly listed as a caliber of actors Robert De Niro and Jack Nicholson, not get hung up on this. He prefers to play a variety of roles - from the political to the comic, and in films of different genres, and not dividing them into high-cost, low-cost. After the blockbuster 'Crimson Tide' Washington is clearly not without pleasure, starred in the original tape 'Devil in a blue' Carl Franklin (Devil in a Blue Dress), . like swimming in the role of detective reluctant, . former soldier Easy Rollins, . whose flippant name (Izzy - is a 'carefree') is actually a diminutive of the Biblical Ezekiel (as in distributed fashion among blacks to give the biggest names of the sons of the prophets),
. Denzel Washington also justifies its solemn patriotic name.


. Winner in the categories:
. Best Actor
. 2002 - Training Day
. / Training Day
. Best Supporting Actor
. 1990 - Glory / Glory

. Berlin Film Festival
. Winner in the categories:
. Best Actor
. 2000 - Hurricane
. / Hurricane, The
. Best Actor
. 1993 - Malcolm X
. / Malcolm X

. Winner in the categories:
. Best Actor (drama)
. 2000 - Hurricane / Hurricane, The
. Best Actress
. 1990 - Glory / Glory

. Winner in the categories:
. Best knozlodey
. 2002 - Training Day
. / Training Day, The
. Best Actor
. 1993 - Malcolm X
. / Malcolm X

. 1977-1982 - SEYNT ELSVER / ST
1977 - Wilma / WILMA, TV, dir. Bud Greenspan
1979 - Body and Blood / FLESH & BLOOD, TV, dir. Jade Taylor
1981 - copy in Negative / CARBON COPY, dir. Michael Schultz
1984 - License to Kill / LICENSE TO KILL, TV, dir. Jade Taylor
1984 - Military History / A SOLDIER'S STORY, directed by. Norman Jewison
1986 - HISTORY OF GEORGE McKenna / THE GEORGE MCKENNA STORY), TV, dir. Eric Lenevill;
1986 - POWER / POWER, dir. Sidney Lumet
1987 - Cry FREEDOM / CRY FREEDOM, UK, dir. Richard Attenborough
1989 - Mighty KUIN / THE MIGHTY QUINN, dir. Carl Schenkel; Denzel Washington is also the author of the song
1989 - Valor / GLORY, directed. Edward Zvika
1990 - STATE OF THE HEART / HEART CONDITION), Directed. James D. Perriot
1990 - BLUES THAT WILL BE BETTER / MO 'BETTER BLUES, directed. Spike Lee
1991 - MASAI ON-Mississippi / MISSISSIPPI MASALA, dir. Mira Nair
1991 - Ricochet / RICOCHET, dir. Russell Mulcahy
1992 - Malcolm X / MALCOLM X, dir. Spike Lee
1993 - PELICAN CASE / THE PELICAN BRIEF, dir. Alan J. Pakula;
1993 - PHILADELPHIA / PHILADELPHIA, dir. Jonathan Demme
1995 - Crimson Tide / CRIMSON TIDE, dir. Tony Scott;
1995 - VIRTUAL WORLD / VIRTUOSITY, dir. Brett Leonard;
1995 - Devil In Blue / DEVIL IN A BLUE DRESS, dir. Carl Franklin
1996 - Courage Under Fire / COURAGE UNDER FIRE, directed. Edward Zvika
1996 - wife of the priest / THE PREACHER'S WIFE, directed by. Penny Marshall
Starred in the video 'John Henry' (John Henry).
Award Oscar in the category 'Vtoroplanovye role' for 1989

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WASHINGTON Denzel (Denzel Washington), photo, biography
WASHINGTON Denzel (Denzel Washington), photo, biography WASHINGTON Denzel (Denzel Washington)  Actor, photo, biography
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