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Deinekin Peter Stepanovich

( Up to 20 January 1998 served as Chief Air Force RF.)

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Biography Deinekin Peter Stepanovich
Date of Birth: December 14, 1937. g. Vorozovsk Rostov
In 1957. graduated with honors Balashov Military Aviation School.
In 1969. - Air Force Academy. Yu.A.. Gagarin.
In 1982, Mr.. - Military Academy of the General Staff of the USSR.
In 1957, after the aviation school, was sent to serve in the Arctic. Serve as the right-wing pilot - deputy commander of the ship, later - the commander of the ship long-range aviation. Passed all stages of the job ladder Army.
In 1969, after the Air Force Academy im.Yu.A.Gagarina, was appointed deputy squadron commander, then commander of the Air Squadron. Later he served as deputy commander, commander of Air Regiment. Commanded the division gave ney Aviation.
1982-1985 he. - Deputy Commander of the Air Force for combat training.
1985-1988 gg. - Commander of the Air Force.
1988-1990 he. - Commander-range aviation.
In 1990. was appointed First Deputy Chief of the Air Force (IAF) USSR.
C 1991. - Chief of the Air Force - Deputy Minister of Defense of the USSR.
Since February 1992. - Air Force Chief of CIS.
C September 1992. - Chief of the Air Force RF.
January 20, 1998, Mr.. President Boris Yeltsin signed a decree on the release of the Army General Deinekin from office Chief of the Air Force of Russia.

Dossier on Deyenkina PS

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  • Pilot for Deinekin Peter Stepanovich
  • Peter Stepanovich is the most honest and decent man I know!
  • Alexander for Deinekin Peter Stepanovich
  • kpssovsky scum of the scum. He took revenge on non-party crews, putting not members of the CPSU and political discrimination as a consequence of political repression in the Stalin era. 1991 gave the party, which he shoved her on the ass on dozhnastyam and the Soviet Union and the Soviet people on the ridge where he and scum Efimov parasitized. I got to serve in dolvanuyu long-range aviation in 1986 and full nahlebalsya theirs kpssovskogo shit, where I stated this kpssovskaya bastard ... you are not a member of the CPSU пҐп°я?я?п№ we need you to fuss with you as the pilot ... . I served in the Far East Vozdvizhenka. And I will have the opportunity in these scum will shoot and throw grenades as it is the traitors of our country the highest marks.
  • Anonymous for Deinekin Peter Stepanovich
  • Anonymous for Deinekin Peter Stepanovich
  • Alexander, . You're disgusting, . as indeed all, . you write: I can not say about your vocabulary, . moral qualities and level of intelligence. It's evident from your post. But you have proved once again the thesis that, . every other sees that, . whom he is,
  • Elena for Deinekin Peter Stepanovich
  • And why moderators deleted my post and left here these slops do I understand ....
  • Elena for Deinekin Peter Stepanovich
  • It is not clear why the moderators have deleted my comment, but these slops left ...
  • Patrick for Deinekin Peter Stepanovich
  • I met the General at Randolph AFB, Texas in 1992. It was a great honor to have had discussion with him. His wife was a wonderful as well.
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    Deinekin Peter Stepanovich, photo, biography
    Deinekin Peter Stepanovich, photo, biography Deinekin Peter Stepanovich  Up to 20 January 1998 served as Chief Air Force RF., photo, biography
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