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Obolensky, Alexander Mitrofanovich

( President SDPR. Co-Chair of the Social Democratic Union.)

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Biography Obolensky, Alexander Mitrofanovich

Born in 1943 Graduated from the Leningrad Mining Institute.
He worked as a turner at the Orel plant textile machinery. Almost 20 years working in the Polar Geophysical Institute of Kola Scientific Center, USSR Academy of Sciences senior laboratory assistant, engineer, design engineer I category.
In 1987, at his institute in Apatity organized Voluntary Society for the Promotion Adjustment (DOSP), was chairman of the Council DOSP.
In May 1989, was elected deputy of the USSR in Leningrad rural national-territorial district.
On the I Congress of People's Deputies of the USSR offered his candidacy for the presidency of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR as an alternative candidate Mikhail Gorbachev.
In June, 19989 year entered the Inter-regional group of deputies, elected a member of its Coordinating Council.
In 1989 -1991, he was a part of the parliamentary group "For the radical military reform and the group of Social Democrats.
He is one of the founders of the Social Democratic Party of Russia (SDPR). At the founding congress of SDPR was elected one of the co.
At the III Congress SDPR in May 1991, opposed the support of the Social-Democrats candidate Boris Yeltsin as Russia's president, believing that SDPR must put its own candidate.
At the IV Party Congress in May 1992 during the party's chairman, having recused himself because of disagreement with the pro-presidential course of the Congress. Does not recognize the "Bialowieza agreement".
After the dissolution of the Congress back in Apatity, but the position of designer in the academic institution has been reduced. Obolensky gone to his native city of Orel, where he began work on creating new models of media that provide citizens with reliable information.
Since March 1994 - President Orel teleradiokoporatsii East. At the VI Congress of the SDPR October 29, 1994 was elected Chairman of the Party.
At the founding congress of the Social Democratic Union (SDS) October 30, co-president of the VTS.

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  • Cthubq for Obolensky, Alexander Mitrofanovich
  • As for the truthful and accurate information in Orel - defamatory statements in the local press, . including against SDPR from which he was forced for splitting activities, . indiscriminate means of achieving goals (classic Bolshevism), . inactivity (attempts to turn all gatherings in the club activities) and graphomania - while reducing the size of a huge manuscript on, . how to build a party,
    . Slandered Belozertseva SV, with the bandits managed to seize the office of the party at the street. Varvarka in Moscow and began to live at the expense of sublease. The problem with Orel borrowing money from the bandits who wanted to get back, how to cry at one of the activities of the Party, from which was eliminated as incompetent. In elections to the city of Orel to head the executive withdrew the candidature for the provision of suburban land.
  • Cthubq for Obolensky, Alexander Mitrofanovich
  • In 1991. being elected Chairman of the Commission of Inquiry into the State Emergency Committee as Sama controlled, . attempted to gather information in their hands and did not allow her, . put information barrier between the different groups of subjects (some experts on the KGB, . MIA, . USSR Ministry of Defense was able to work independently and submit its opinion to the President of Russia), . remaining, . after the division with the bodies stolen from the Commission documents, . holds in Orel, and nobody dolpuskaet thereto, . but grew rich on its trade and failed, . as analytical skills for handling such pledged enough.,
  • Sergy for Obolensky, Alexander Mitrofanovich
  • in 1991. as the most manageable MP was elected Chairman of the Board of the USSR Armed Forces Emergency Committee to investigate and did all that information is not circulated within the commission between the groups, documentation, and tried to assign the assigned. The formed panel of experts was able to independently analyze the performance of KG, the Interior Ministry, USSR Ministry of Defense and make its opinion to the President of Russia (though he has not heeded, and any Pasha-Mercedes or other plotters' 93, there had to). Sharing documents with the authorities and refused to hand over the parliamentary commission of Russia, . took all the centuries Eagle, . but never managed to get rich by selling, . necessary because there were analytical abilities for processing and proizvodstva something new from the information,
    . All employees of the Commission, except zaslantsev, left a painful impression on this celebrity, hardly anyone of them give him a hand at the meeting, which has repeatedly and publicly before.
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    Obolensky, Alexander Mitrofanovich, photo, biography
    Obolensky, Alexander Mitrofanovich, photo, biography Obolensky, Alexander Mitrofanovich  President SDPR. Co-Chair of the Social Democratic Union., photo, biography
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