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TUMANOV Vadim Ivanovich

( President AO `Tumanov and K`. Chairman of the cooperative `Builder`)

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Biography TUMANOV Vadim Ivanovich
Vadim I. Tumanov - Russia's well-known businessman, gold mines, laborer - born September 1, 1927 in White Church of the Kiev region. He graduated from the Merchant Navy during World War II went on a voyage a sailor, after the end - a navigator, the third mate. In sports, was a champion of the Pacific Fleet in boxing.

In the spring of 1948 at the age of 20 years, Vadim was removed from the ship in the port of Tallinn, was sent to the personnel department, Far Eastern Shipping Company and was arrested in Vladivostok ... for having read and listened Esenina Vertinsky; st.58 convicted under paragraph 10 (anti-Soviet propaganda and agitation) for 8 years in the camps, and escorted to the Kolyma. Repeatedly running, for he received a new date, was sentenced to 25 years (the penalty of death at that time was not used). Released and fully rehabilitated in 1956.

Also in 1956 organized the country's first large-scale highly prospecting gold mining guild in Kolyma. And for many years, gold was extracted, creating many other Artel, famous for on the Kolyma, in Yakutia, in the Circumpolar Urals, the Okhotsk coast, in Primorye.

. In 1979 he headed the gang "Pechora", which became widely known after the scandal with Mintsvetmetom
. The conflict arose in connection with the letter Vadim Tumanov in the Council of Ministers and its proposed method of organization of gold, which allowed to raise product quality and productivity by 3-4 times.

In May 1987, Mr.. the failed attempt to fabricate evidence against Tumanova 4 criminal cases. After this gang "Pechora" was closed by the Minister of ferrous metallurgy Durasova.

Total Tumanov was organized, except for "Pechora", more than 10 artisanal, among which the most important - "East", "Aldan", "Lena".

In 1987. Tumanov organized in g. Petrozavodsk Cooperative Builder "and became its chairman.

He currently lives in Moscow, headed by the famous joint-stock company "Tumanov & Co", involved the construction of roads in Moscow and in regions of the country, prospecting and exploration works. He is a member of the Board of Trustees in. Vysotsky.

Vadim Tumanov was a close friend of Vladimir Vysotsky. On the history of life, told in. Tumanov, in. Vysotsky wrote the song "Escape to the jerk," "paradise apples". In collaboration with Leonid Monchinskim Vladimir Vysotsky was created novel "The Black Candle. The prototype of the protagonist - Vadim Uporova - has become a fog, and the basis of plot lay down his biography. Supposed filming of the book, the main role in which was to play in. Vysotsky. Then do not have time. However, the film still was filmed and was released in 2006.

. In 2004, published an autobiographical book Vadim I. "Everything to lose - and once again begin with a dream ...", which was launched at the 'Symbol of Liberty' Nikita Vysotsky.

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  • TUMANOV Vadim Ivanovich
  • TUMANOV Vadim Ivanovich

Photos of TUMANOV Vadim Ivanovich
TUMANOV Vadim IvanovichTUMANOV Vadim Ivanovich

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  • Kharlampi for TUMANOV Vadim Ivanovich
  • Vadim Ivanovich menyaetsyayuZdorovya and happiness emu.Knigu received, thanks!
  • victor for TUMANOV Vadim Ivanovich
  • Good health and happiness Vadim Ivanovich, such people kept Russia. / Miner /
  • Andrew for TUMANOV Vadim Ivanovich
  • Hello Vadim Ivanovich, my name mustache (shurmanov) I'm proud of you, we would swami poobschatsya.esli you agree will be very happy, but how to contact you? if you give the nod to face meeting will be glad I live g.vuktyl.
  • Andrew for TUMANOV Vadim Ivanovich
  • Hello Vadim I. I CSS (SHURMANOV) Andrew g.vuktyl.mnogo of you read. if you give the opportunity to meet would be happy to talk to.
  • Vyacheslav Gruzman for TUMANOV Vadim Ivanovich
  • Dear Vadim Ivanovich, I wrote an article about Vysotsky "blood consciousness," but Moscow journal pechatcht it does not want, although half of my report ? e rvnodushnyh not bylo.Bylo fierce opposition and violent delight. If you have time to read it and reply to me with any impression, then I will send the text. Read. not regret it. Professor VM Gruzman
  • marina shpilberg for TUMANOV Vadim Ivanovich
  • Dobriy den, dorogoy Vadim Ivanovich. Eto Marina Shpilberg. Kak s vami svyazatsya? Pavel Paley yshel ot nas i drugiye novosti... Pomnite moego papu?, ya zhivy na blizhnem vostoke. Moy telefon v QATAR 66248704
  • marina shpilberg for TUMANOV Vadim Ivanovich
  • Our dear old friend, I tried to find your phone in the Crimea, but couldn't. Pavel Paley passed away about two years ago, and Alla was looking for you...I have some other sad news: Victor's house in Odessa burned down. Please call me. I live in Qatar, the Middle East-66248704 Marina Shpilberg. Do you remember Iosiph Shpilberg,yet?
  • Mina Semyon for TUMANOV Vadim Ivanovich
  • , , . . 2960 , , , , . . ?You don?t have to die of disappointment? ? . ? ?
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