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Svyatoslav Fyodorov

( State Duma Committee Member Gos.Dumy health.)

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Biography Svyatoslav Fyodorov

Date of Birth 8 August 1927, Mr.. Birthplace g. Khmelnitsky Khmelnitsky region, Ukraine Director General of interbranch scientific technical complex "Eye Microsurgery". Vice-President of the International Russian Club;
. Chairman All-Russia Scientific Society of Ophthalmologists;
. Board Member of Moscow and All-Union scientific ophthalmological societies;
. President of the International Society keratorefraktologov, editor in chief of "eye surgery"; President of the party government workers
C 1952 to 1953. worked as a doctor in Veshenskaia Rostov region.
From 1953 to 1955. headed Ophthalmology City Hospital Lysva, Perm region. In 1955 he entered the residency at the Department of Ophthalmology Medical Institute in g. Rostov-na-Donu, graduating in 1957,. In 1957. was appointed head of the clinical department of the branch Research Institute of Eye Diseases. Helmholtz g. Cheboksary.V 1957. Fedorov joined the ranks of the CPSU.
In 1960, Mr.. first in the country made a unique operation to implant in the human eye an artificial lens. From 1961 to 1967. worked as head of the Department of Ophthalmology Medical Institute in g. Arkhangelsk. In 1967, the decision of the Ministry of Health of the USSR was transferred to Mr.. Moscow and headed the Department of Ophthalmology and problem laboratory on implantation of artificial lens 3rd Medical Institute. In 1969 he was engaged in operations for the implantation of artificial cornea. In 1973, the first in the world has developed a surgery for the treatment of glaucoma at an early stage. In 1974 he conducted the first in the country of operation for the treatment and correction of myopia. From 1974 to 1980. - Director of the Moscow research laboratory of experimental and clinical eye surgery. In 1980 he organized the Institute "Eye Microsurgery" and became its Director-General. Since 1986 - Director General of interbranch scientific technical complex "Eye Microsurgery".
From 1989 to 1991. - Deputy of the USSR, a member of the Supreme Soviet Committee on Economic Reform. Since 1991. - Member of the Supreme Consultative Coordinating Council under the Chairman of the Supreme Soviet of Russia Federatsii.V 1991. withdrew from the party and announced membership in the Democratic Party of Russia. In October 1991. Fedorov considered as a possible candidate for prime minister of Russia, but the offer to take this post, he refused. C in June 1992, Mr.. - Soppedsedatel Party of Economic Freedom (PES), Chairman of political council of the PES.
In early September 1992. The Party of Economic Freedom put forth Fedorova for the mayor of Moscow, but he declined to run for this post. In 1993 Svyatoslav Fyodorov left PES.V 1993 Fedorov ran in Gos.Dumu RF 5-th convocation on the federal list of electoral associations Rossiyskogo movement of democratic reform, . but the union did not receive 5 percent of the vote, . necessary for representation in Gos.Dume,
. 15 July 1994, according to the newspaper "Moskovskaya Pravda", Svyatoslav Fyodorov, has announced his intention to establish a new political party "people's government".
In September 1994,. Fedorov joined the organizing committee of a single movement Social Democracy (EDSD, chairman of the organizing committee - Alexander H. Yakovlev). January 28, 1995, Mr.. Fedorov held a founding congress of the Party of government workers (PST), which was elected chairman of the Supreme Council of the Party. In January 1995, Mr.. Fedorov announced his intention to run for the presidency in the presidential elections in June 1996.
In December 1995, Mr.. Fedorov Gos.Dumu ran for the federal list of the Party and government workers in Cheboksary mandatory district N33, . Chuvash respublika.PST-than 5 percent of the vote, . necessary for representation in the State Duma,
. But Fedorov was elected to the State. Duma 6-th convocation of Cheboksary mandatory district N33, Chuvash Republic.
In January 1996, Fedorov joined the committee Gos.Dumy Health.
January 11, 1996, Mr.. Svyatoslav Fyodorov said that he "could join the fight for the post of President of Russia" .9 February 1996. RF Central Election Commission registered initiative groups of voters, which has made Fedorova presidential candidate Federatsii.19 Russia in April 1996, Mr.. Central Electoral Commission registered the Svyatoslav Fyodorov of Russia as a candidate for the presidency of Russia in the elections on June 16. June 16 during the first round of elections for Svyatoslav Fyodorov voters, according to preliminary data of the Central Election Commission for 14 hours 11 minutes 18 June 1996, 1,3% of the polled voters. Thus, Fedorov dropped out of the presidential election in the first round.
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  • Of course when the great die like Fedorov, it's sad that such a unique person is counted on the fingers and his little wife stervina stolen my good guy smart and went with him say he had very many friends
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