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MRATHUZIN Haris Ibrahimovic

( President TatTsIKa in the 20th years)

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Biography MRATHUZIN Haris Ibrahimovic
photo MRATHUZIN Haris Ibrahimovic
Born in 1895 in the village Ostankovo Menzelinsk County. Childhood and adolescence Haris were illuminated with light of three revolutions. Social school he passed as a shepherd, farmhand, stevedore, worked at a chemical plant Bondyuzhskom.
Haris returned from the army with severe leg injury. Upon returning to Bondyuzhsky plant, it's turned into active, creates a militant workers' militia and appointed by the military director of the factory Bondyuzhskogo military office. In January 1918 Mrathuzin enters the Bolshevik Party. Fighting the baptism of the armed workers were in the days of the Civil War.
Mrathuzin took an active part in the suppression of the kulak "fork" uprising in Menzelinsk County. He became one of the prominent leaders of the Young Communist League in the county.
In early 1924 Mrathuzin was nominated chairman Elabuzhsky kantispolkoma. Here he was actively involved in attracting young workers to the Soviet work. In this position he was elected a delegate to the XIII Congress of the RCP (b). Upon the arrival from Moscow, he started to work on strengthening the bond between the working class and peasantry, . improve productivity, . organization patronage of the city over the village, . against Trotskyism and the kulaks,
In 1926, the situation demanded strengthen Laishevsky region of the republic. Chairman Laishevsky kantispolkoma was approved Mrathuzin H.. Laishevtsy in the period reported on the completion of reconstruction and transition to sotsilisticheskoy restructuring of agriculture. Here Mrathuzin proved to be a proactive leader and organizer of the masses.
In 1929, the party trusts him the post of People's Commissar of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Tatarstan. Man with childhood rendered before the end of desire to fight evil, with the support of social injustice, confidently led the new business. When it is implemented such an efficient form of popular struggle against the kulaks and speculators, as open trials.
He was a gifted man. In conflict social reconstruction, the exacerbation of class struggle maintaining Commissar of benevolence, openness of the soul turned into the public domain. Evidence of high trust of the people was the election Haris Ibrahimovic Mrathuzina chairman of the Central Executive Committee of Tatarstan. A thirty-laborer's son became president of their republic.
President TatTsIKa attached great importance to the development of new forms of social creativity of the masses. In those years, first began to practice competitions for the best shop, best team, competition for higher production quotas. Much effort he gave in the development of the first five-year economic development plan respubliki.15 December 1929 the second session of the CEC of Tatarstan chaired by H. Mrathuzina took first in the history of the republic document socialist planned economic development and culture for five years, . main purpose of which was to establish a foundation of socialism,
Many made it and to strengthen assistance to working-class village. Based on decisions of the November 1929 Plenum of the Central Committee of the CPSU (b) in the rural areas of Tatarstan in 1930 came to more than 400 dvadtsatipyatitysyachnikov.
The party sent Mrathuzina the most difficult parts of socialist construction. Since 1933 he works in Naberezhnye Chelny: first as head of the political MTS, then first secretary of the district committee of the CPSU (b). In 1937 he returned to Kazan the director of the plant "Krasny Vostok". In 1941-1945 years - he is a veteran of World War II. Was unreasonably repressed; posthumously rehabilitated.

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MRATHUZIN Haris Ibrahimovic, photo, biography
MRATHUZIN Haris Ibrahimovic, photo, biography MRATHUZIN Haris Ibrahimovic  President TatTsIKa in the 20th years, photo, biography
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