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BEGIN Benny (Benyamin BEGIN)

( Up to 15 th January 1997 held the post of Minister of Science in Israel.)

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Biography BEGIN Benny (Benyamin BEGIN)
Up to 15 th January 1997, Binyamin Ze'ev Begin (Israeli Parliament member from Likud) served as Minister of Science. Furthermore, sent a letter to the Prime Minister, the text of which will fit in one line: "to announce his resignation."
It is necessary to clarify that Israeli law does not allow the Minister to act against the decisions of their own government. Simply put: if you want to stay in office (the office, assistants, counselors, secretaries, Volvo, a personal driver and press attache) - to meet stringent government discipline. He displayed lack of discipline - come out of the car.
TELESCOPE "Minister of Science
The morning of 16 January Benny Begin, entered the meeting hall of the Knesset (parliament) and sat in the amphitheater, along with backbench. Even his choice of location (usually the ministers sit in the front row for the semi-circular table) could accurately identify: the decision to resign final, not appealable. The hardness of this intention was voiced in his speech at the plenary meeting.
. Incidentally, . Many of Begin's colleagues in the cabinet (Minister of Infrastructure, Ariel Sharon, . Education Minister Zevulun Hammer, . Minister of Transport and Energy, Yitzhak Levy, . Communications Minister Limor Livnat, and others) during the approval of the Knesset of the contract "for the redeployment", . which included the withdrawal of Israeli troops from occupied Hebron, . vote "yes", . though on the eve of the meeting were against the government.,
. Speaking on the day in Parliament, Begin, in his farewell speech outlined, according to observers, not only their political, but also the vital position.
. - We arrived at the final station - he said
. - It - Hebron ... The transfer of Hebron to the enemy - is a sign of hopelessness and despair. This is a sign of weakness, when in the atmosphere hovers the spirit shattered, shame and imminent collision. Under pressure from advocacy of the illusory world fell initially Strip and Jericho. For them - Jenin, Nablus, Tulkarm, Qalqilya, Ramallah and Bethlehem, and in fact they are an integral part of our homeland, heritage bequeathed by our ancestors. These parts of our country, loyal to strangers, he immediately became a haven for terrorists. And now they pass and Hebron - another staging area, another strategically important heights that terrorist groups will certainly use in the coming war against us. This day is not too far ...
. In his speech, Benny Begin, conducted a parallel: in 1610, Galileo Galilei first directed his telescope at the sky and saw (in spite of the prevailing dogma of the time), . the Moon - it is not a smooth, flat disk, . a spherical planet, . on the surface of which there are mountains and valleys,
. A contemporary of Galileo philosopher Cesare Kramanini refused to spend precious time out to look at the starry sky through a telescope. He explained his refusal by saying that observations of stars through a magnifying glass "gives him a headache". Begin said that "It's been three years since he tries to persuade his colleagues to use the" telescope "through which are visible not only to immediate action, but far-reaching plans of our partners in the peace negotiations."
. Begin's speech was repeatedly interrupted by chants of opposition groups to respect the time limit
. But Professor Shevah Weiss, presided at the meeting allowed the disgraced minister said from the podium of all that he saw fit.
. Last three years, Benny Begin by searching for "evidence" of lies, who faxed in various Israeli newspapers and magazines
. It was a speech the leader of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) Yasser Arafat at a meeting, . dedicated to the abolition of the Palestinian Charter, . a statement of agreement between Arafat and Hamas, . or - another portion of inflammatory remarks of the Palestinian Authority at a rally in Gaza or Ramallah,
Begin created the intelligence system to gather reliable information about events occurring in the territory of the autonomy. He collected documents, according to Israeli media, and represented a "magnifying glass" through which he evaluates the intention of Palestinian partners
The underground SON
Begin never talks about himself. In the newspapers have not published a single photograph in which he would have been captured in the circle of his family - wife Ruth, and six children, with friends, out walking in a restaurant during a trip abroad. Many publications in the Israeli press called it "alien" or "man of the last century". But in all the voluminous material about him discover the same thing - very unfashionable and unfashionable in Israel - definition: "honest"
. "Honest" people in politikeN But this is not byvaetN
. But ...
. Benny Begin was born in 1943 in Jerusalem
. His childhood was associated with clandestine activities father - Menachem Begin, commander of the organization Irgun Zwei Leumi (Etzel), which fought against the British colonialists.
. Benny remembered that the family constantly moved from one apartment to another, and his father frequently changed his appearance, trying to escape from the British authorities
. That came home with a beard, then without. It seems Sasoverom Israel, and then the doctor Kenighoferom ...
- Beni I only found out by his voice - say, Menachem Begin, became prime minister of Israel.
In the early 50-ies Beni was in high school "Caramel" in Tel Aviv. To protect the honor and good name of his father, he often had quarrels with friends. Sometimes it came to fighting.
In high school, Benny glittering knowledge on the lessons of mathematics and physics. But the university joined the Faculty of Geology. Doctoral dissertation defended in the United States, the University of Colorado, so perfectly mastered the English. Or maybe the opposite: to learn English well, why, and decided to get a doctorate overseas. Who knows ...
Army service was held in the air (according to some reports, the military intelligence), has a military rank.
In 1977, the Likud won the parliamentary elections. The head of government was Menachem Begin, whom many American newspapers are calling it as "terrorist". Bergin, Jr., was beside himself with indignation: he called Simcha Diniz, Israeli Ambassador to the United States, and demanded that he take action against the American press, hostile to the Likud and his father.
. As treated Benny Begin to Camp David soglasheniyamN From the press early 80-ies it is known that Begin, senior, while at Camp David, constantly talking with her son on the phone
. Benny did not take his father's position, taken by them during negotiations with the Egyptian president, but supported him morally. The son demanded that his father did not sign the treaty with Anwar Sadat. But when he realized that this is inevitable, convinced the head of the government not to make a number of concessions to Egypt.
Since then, father and son even more closer. In the years of illness Begin senior Beni daily visited his father and one of the strangers to him never let. This period - until the death of Menachem Begin in 1992 - has remained a family secret. One Begin Jr. is known that in those years felt his father, as remembered what sorry ...
- About the people must be judged only by their deeds, and not according to who are their parents - said something like Benny Begin, in an interview with Ha'aretz.
Externally Bergin Jr. impression biscuit and perfectionistic. But those who know him better, say an open, sincere man, strong and whole person, endowed with a good sense of humor.
. After reading dozens of publications in different years, I realized that Benny Begin, for the Israelis - the identity of a strange, largely unexplained.
. ... Once Menachem Begin and his wife Aliza rested at the Hotel Carlton in Nahariya
. At the weekend came to them Beni with their children and nephews. Take a tour of the Western Galilee. When he returned, the whole family sat under a tree. The son of the Prime Minister opened the bag, pulled out a sandwich and began to hand out to children.
- Come to the dining room - offered the landlord. - I treat ...
Benny threw at him puzzled look and continued to hand out sandwiches.
On the Begin-junior said that he had only three shirts. One for him, the other in the laundry, the third drying. Usually he wears sandals on his bare feet.
They say that once Begin invited to lecture before the members of the British Parliament. His speech was a huge success. After reading the lecture, he went to the airport by bus, but any English lord would have considered it an honor to give the son of the Israeli his personal car.
. And here's another bar.
. Benny Begin, lives with his wife and six children in a modest apartment in Jerusalem and travels on public transport
. When Menachem Begin photographed for newspapers, Beni and his children were in the photographs. When Begin Jr. was invited to lunch by the state, he tactfully refused.
In 1988 - when before the election remained a matter of days - Benny decided to run. And he was elected to the Knesset, the 12 th convocation. Since that time he began his political career.
. Inconvenient MP
. "The only MK 12 th convocation, who refused to receive money to cover transportation costs - is Benny Begin," - wrote about it the newspaper "Yerushalayim".
. However, with the name Begin Jr. connected many amazing stories.
. Many deputies often reinforced concern that their names appeared regularly in the press, and establish friendly relations with journalists
. But in this matter Benny Begin - out of the ordinary person. He is not running for the journalists, it does not tear without the need for a platform, does not look so spicy that can "make headlines, does not torment of Ministers deputy's request and did not even talking about his ambitious plans. He deeply studied the issues.
Perhaps before us, the representative of the new formation of Deputies knessetaN
Benny Begin, has always maintained a reasonable, balanced policy position. He never went to the extreme. In December 1992, he criticized Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin for the decision on expulsion to Lebanon, the extremist organization Hamas activists. And he was right: the deportation served as a pretext to strengthen the Arab terror.
Later, when Israel began to explode one after the other coaches, Begin spoke out against the deportation of family members of suicide bombers. But for all his liberalism, he has always stood firm on the fact that to enter into peace negotiations with the terrorist organization - like death.
- The PLO - a terrorist organization - is convinced he. - The PLO - the greatest swindler of the 20 th century. It in no way inferior, and neither of which does not refuse. And it continues to go his own way.
And this is what he wrote on the rights of Palestinians in 1990: "They have no rights. If they implement the law, which really do not, it will be done at the expense of our rights that threaten our existence. Other arguments are not needed.
. After, . as the Rabin Government has signed Sept. 9, 1993 the first treaty with the PLO, . Benny Begin's all the energy focused on finding and collecting various documents (including tape recordings and videotapes), . shed light on the true intentions of the PLO.,
. Newspaper Ma'ariv on 24 January 1995
. The report titled "Report of the military prosecutor: violation of the Oslo Agreements. The text reads: "Benny Begin, . Knesset from the Likud, . submitted to the committee of Parliament on Foreign Affairs and Defense Report Military Prosecutor, . which the facts are numerous violations of Palestinian agreement, . signed in Oslo,
. But Orie Op, chairman of the commission, said Begin, Foreign Minister Shimon Peres denies the existence of this document.
. A few days later the Israeli press was forced to publish a long list of egregious violations, details of which are carefully concealed.
. The newspaper Yediot Aharonot on 1 st February 1995
. Note entitled "Another document IDF - the Oslo agreement violated". The text read: "The documentation of abuses of the Oslo agreements, was made public MK Benny Begin. Unlike last week, when he made public a document prepared by the military prosecutor's office, this time about a document that lay on the table, director general of the Foreign Ministry, Uri Savir. It lists numerous violations of the Palestinians of contract. Member of Knesset, Begin presented the document and stressed that against the many lines, which listed a breach of contract, it is written: "unanswered."
The newspaper Yediot Aharonot on 12 th May 1996. "MP Begin: Perez falsified minutes of the meeting of the Palestine National Council, which stated that the Palestinian charter revoked. Office of the Prime Minister: it is a lie. "
. - Benny Begin - the only one of the ministers, who found the courage to treat the facts with the utmost seriousness and responsibility, not trying to evade the truth, - said about him Yigal Carmon, former advisor to Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Shamir
. - It's not so easy to be a professional politician. To do this, you must have specific knowledge and analytical mind.
. - They say that man - it was his actions - once asked Carmona.
. - The statement, statement - this is often an act - he said.
. According to Carmona, Begin says what he thinks, and acts as his conscience dictates
. But the main thing - it does not yield to pressure.
- He did not once had to withstand an attack organized by the security services and army - says Carmon. - But it is not broken. He has repeatedly argued that the rights, and they - are mistaken.
As an example he cited the story of the secret report of military prosecutors, who gave publicity to Begin. What measures alone are not threatened by rebellious deputies
. Later, Carmon said, like Benny Begin, revealed collusion between Arafat and Hamas.
. - At first, members of the government and even the Chief of General Staff denied the existence of such a treaty - he said
. - A Beni stubbornly insisted: "The contract exists!" It was only later, Deputy Chief of Staff Intelligence Amidor presented signed by five colonels proof that Arafat and Hamas leaders reached an understanding. Peres in every way tried to prevent Begin to publish this document, but it did not work.
. As written in those days, Israeli newspapers, all documents Benny Begin, introduces his laptop, which came to all meetings of the Government
. If necessary, he instantly extracted from a computer file or document. Perhaps this should work and professional politikN
After leaving his post as science minister Benny Begin, silent. But, according to observers, it will last long. Until the first government lies that he can refute. Refute documented, reasonable, professional ...

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BEGIN Benny (Benyamin BEGIN), photo, biography BEGIN Benny (Benyamin BEGIN)  Up to 15 th January 1997 held the post of Minister of Science in Israel., photo, biography
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