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Mordechai, Yitzhak (Yitzhak MORDEHAY)

( Minister of Transport of Israel.)

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Biography Mordechai, Yitzhak (Yitzhak MORDEHAY)
photo Mordechai, Yitzhak (Yitzhak MORDEHAY)

When Yitzhak Mordechai took the first steps in the big politics of Israel, many Israelis, he seemed a man of principle and honest, harsh but fair. In any case, war general, who replaced his uniform for civilian clothes, then produced on surrounding this impression.
Not surprisingly, the two major warring parties in Israel - right-wing Likud and left Labor Party (Labor) - strongly suggested that the retired general to stand under their banners. They believed that it will bring voters. In the end, Mordechai joined the Likud and received in 1996, the Government of Benjamin Netanyahu, the portfolio of Minister of Defense. True, some time later, due to disagreements with the prime minister resigned from the government.
The current Prime Minister Ehud Barak, who came to power in May 1999, suggested Mordechai chair Minister of Transport. More than that, made him his deputy, leaving the Government to manage the trips abroad.
. May 28, 2000 Mordechai was forced to resign ...
. What proizoshloN He was in the center of the loudest in recent years in Israel sex scandal
. As reported by Israeli newspaper The Jerusalem Post, . at the beginning of that year, 23-year-old employee of the personnel department of the Ministry complained to the first Knesset (Israeli Parliament), . and then to the police, . accusing her boss of sexual harassment,
. She reported that the minister called her office, locked the door and tried to undress.
There were witnesses. Police registered the case. Then the same allegations put forward two women - former subordinates Mordechai.
Investigation revealed that the charges substantiated. The investigators found that the first case occurred back in 1992, when the sex-general in command of the Southern Military District, Israel Defense Forces (IDF). Second - four years. At that time he served as Minister of Defense.
July 4 this year, members of the Knesset voted to strip Mordechai deputy immunity. Now with the lifting of immunity on him under the threat of litigation. If found guilty the former minister faces punishment of up to 8 years in prison.
However, Mordechai himself categorically rejected the accusations, saying that "such behavior is completely alien to him" that this "smear campaign against him". In short, a retired general following in the footsteps of Bill Clinton: nothing wrong, do not recognize. But what will those who follow in the footsteps of Monica LevinskiN
By the way, Israeli commentators, ironically in this regard, recall that the laurels of the steepest sex-General still remained for a notorious Moshe Dayan. Mordechai also firmly holds the second place.
Yitzhak Mordechai was born in 1944 in Iraq, in southern Kurdistan. When he was five years old, the family immigrated to Israel.
In 1962 he was drafted into the IDF, which has served more than 33 years. He was involved not only in wars waged by the Israeli army, but also in operations in the rear of the enemy.
. During the Six Day War (June 1967) Mordecai commanded the division of paratroopers who fought in the Sinai
. During the "war of attrition" (1969-1970 g. g.) as deputy commander of the paratroop battalion was involved in protracted battles on the Suez Canal and headed operations in the Egyptian, Syrian, Jordanian and Lebanese rear. War "Yom Kippur" (October 1973) met the battalion commander who fought in the Suez.
. For bravery and courage during this war, Mordechai was marked by one of the highest awards of Israel - "Ituri ha-oz" ( "Sign of courage").
. In 1982, during Operation Peace for Galilee, he commanded a division, advancing to the Lebanese coast and burst into the Tire, Sidon and the western part of Beirut
. In the years 1983-1986 served as commander of the assault troops and led "Operation Moses", which resulted in Israel were flown from Sudan, tens of thousands of Ethiopian Jews. In 1986 Mordechai was appointed Head of the General Staff and was promoted to major general.
He - the only one who commanded all military districts of the State of Israel. In October 1995, was discharged from the IDF.
Mordechai - a graduate of the Military College of the Israeli army and the British military college. He is - the bachelor of history at Tel Aviv University, MA in political science at Haifa University.
After demrbilizatsii Mordechai studied Judaism at Bar-Ilan University and law at the College of Herzliya. But soon interrupted classes for active participation in the election campaign the Likud.
. It is appropriate to recall that before they join the Likud, Mordechai conducted intensive negotiations with the leader of the Labor Party (the Party of Labor in Israel), Shimon Peres
. He demanded for himself, first Chief of General Staff, but was refused. Then the heads of the Shin Bet (internal security), in which he was also denied.
Peres suggested that the retired general 14 th place in the electoral list. Mordechai demanded a 12-e. When the high contracting parties have already agreed on nearly 13-m Netanyahu offered him in his government - if he is elected prime minister - Minister of Defense.
. Then it was thought that the chances of Netanyahu's little, and the opposition leader was forced to be satisfied with the candidates of the second freshness-and second-rank
. Mordechai risked - and won on a major. He agreed, then on the 13th place in the list of Labor, he would have been unimportant to the Knesset from the opposition.
In March 1996 he won the primaries, even operidiv veteran Likud's Ariel Sharon. He has not had anyone to spoil relations functionaries, "likudovtsy" not to delete his name from the lists, and tens of thousands of supporters of the party voted in the primaries for acceding to his general. Moreover, Sephardim (Jews from Arab Countries). And why, indeed, netN
Before the Chief of General Staff and the shoulder straps, Lieutenant-General True, he could not reach. Yes, frankly, especially not claim. But became defense minister.
As soon as he found himself in the government, Mordechai immediately learned the rules of the game. His press secretary began to inspire (and not without success) to journalists that the new chief of the defense department - is "the brightest beam in the darkness Netanyahu". Another dove in hawk pack.
According to some Israeli newspapers, while in the government Netanyahu, Mordechai, "more than any other of the ministers was the figure of the Market". Everyone could see that in their work it is focused solely on the performance rating. Contacts with loyal journalists took him more than any other issues.
All this was known to independent observers, but suppressed by the media. After all, "moderate" Mordechai and his frequent tripping head of the government were left to journalists to taste. What could be better than the defense minister, constantly showing his disagreement with "political adventures premiere.
. When Mordechai, as written, the Israeli newspaper Yediot Aharonot, the Ministry of Defense flourished peaching and intrigue
. Mikael spent three times smaller working meetings, than all his predecessors. He did not have a work program or the year or a month or a week ahead. He could not find time for serious training problems of the army and military industry.
Here's how the same "Yediot Ahronot" describes a typical gathering of Ministers to a meeting of government: "Netanyahu and Sharansky come with two assistants. Sharon - with one. Mordechai escorted two or three assistant press secretary, military secretary, deputy military secretary and someone else. By the end of each meeting of the Minister gives instructions accompanying persons. And only the Minister of Defense have nothing to say of his retinue. It is for his aides did not find work.
According to the newspaper, the defense minister was ... birthday gift for women activists likudovskogo "CC. "The wife's birthday - wrote Yediot Aharonot. - My husband promised her to a banquet of Defense. And, as a rule, does promise. Mordechai will. After all, politics for him - above all else.
Nevertheless, a strong base in the Likud defense minister does not create. Therefore, it has long been gauging the ground in the direction of the "center", where the cost of concentric circles around a few new formations. Then another less visible, but having seen for themselves favorable prospects in the near future.
It is here, and should seek an explanation of the last steps the Minister of Defense. Due to the instability of the Netanyahu government and waiting for the Likud disappointments Mordechai went (after much hesitation) in the centrist party.
Indecision former general is quite explicable. On the one hand - the old, which had deep roots party. On the other - totally new education, success and duration of which was difficult to predict.
There was another reason, which has complicated the choice of Mordechai. Switch to another party - a violation of loyalty, a kind of betrayal of the party comrades and supporters of Likud in the society.
. In fairness it should be noted that Netanyahu has done everything possible to keep a popular general in the party ranks
. But between them, have long beheld a crisis of confidence. Mordechai was much more moderate and pragmatic then Prime Minister. For example, he demanded that Netanyahu had written guarantees that he would remain defense minister if he wins the Likud in the elections, that his view will be considered when making important decisions.
Still Mordechai resigned from the Likud. He decided it was better to be first in the village than the second or third in the city. True, he had long wondered why Netanyahu refused to keep him as Minister of Defense.
January 25, 1999 in the 20-00 authority Mordechai as defense minister ended. All day he participated in various farewell ceremony in the General Staff, Ministry of Defense, military units.
Soon he became the leader of the Party Center - "Merkaz" and began an active election campaign for the seat of the Prime Minister. And, as written, the Israeli media, led it very clumsy.
On one of his press conferences, one of the guards was badly. Mordechai, who was sitting at the microphone, got up, walked to the edge of the stage and poured water on the head guard of his hand trapped under the bottle.
Press conference was broadcast live. Commentators asserted that Mordechai has demonstrated its inherent affection, his remarkable philanthropy. But many the impression was different.
First, Mordechai did not bother to come down from the stage, approached the victim and unbutton his collar. Secondly, he poured water from a bottle, looking at the television cameras. According to the Israelis, in this whole Mordechai. Token gestures, the work on the public, gaping hole for the well advertised faц¬ade.
Shortly before the election, he withdrew his candidacy for the seat of Prime Minister. He broke into the Knesset, and Barack, sitting in a chair head of government, thanked him, handed the portfolio of minister of transport and making the vice-premier.
Who knew that fighting general decides to beat (in sex) U.S. President Bill Clinton.
PS: Yitzhak Mordechai Divorced. From the first marriage has two children. The last three years was married to 29-year-old beauty Kohi. However, after the latest scandal, they parted. Their son, Yuval stayed with his mother, which has also been a chic apartment in the city of Rishon Lezion.

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Mordechai, Yitzhak (Yitzhak MORDEHAY), photo, biography
Mordechai, Yitzhak (Yitzhak MORDEHAY), photo, biography Mordechai, Yitzhak (Yitzhak MORDEHAY)  Minister of Transport of Israel., photo, biography
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