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Latif Yahia Salah

( Bodyguard)

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Biography Latif Yahia Salah
photo Latif Yahia Salah
The governor of Iraq's 63-year-old Saddam Hussein was terminally ill - he had cancer of the lymph nodes. He suffers from pains in the joints, has difficulty in breathing, there are temporary lapses of memory.
This news (for many, obviously, happy) have spread throughout the world media of Saudi Arabia. And, citing "well-informed sources".
It is possible that death is near. But the question arises: who will bear on pogostN not an idle question, given that the current Iraqi dictator (and, incidentally, and his next of kin), the set ... twins. Who knows, maybe in the last journey will suffer one of them. And the "knight of the Arab nation" as it was called the Iraqi media, like the Nazi criminals, will find refuge in Latin America. They say that somewhere off the coast of Brazil, he bought a small uninhabited island.
However, let us turn to the facts ...
In late January 1997 in Vienna, disappeared with his family Iraqi businessman Omar Yahya, who lived on a quiet street Geyneshtrasse. Soon, however, revealed that the real name of the businessman - Latif Yahia Salah, who in 1992 fled from Iraq and at the same time settled in the Austrian capital. Moreover, he told reporters that for nearly ten years was ... twin son of Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein - Uday.
Since that time he lived in Vienna for the rights of political exile and constantly feared for his life. And it was what and whom to fear! Baghdad dictator not tolerate traitors, who could tell about life in the presidential palace more than it should be aware of world public. Knowing the perfidy of Saddam (Latif nobody guarded, and his place of residence for more than a year was no secret for Saddam's secret service), double demanded by the Austrian authorities to provide him the secret apartment.
Local intelligence defector had helped hide under the name Omar Yahya new address. Yet, Uday discovered the fugitive. But ... left alone.
However, it was enough to crawl rumors about the disease ruler of Iraq, as the newly floated the name of Latif Yahia. However, emerged only in order to immediately "sink" - he and his family disappeared from Vienna.
... Latif Yahia Salah was born in 1964 in the family of a prosperous Kurdish merchant. He had been assigned to study in higher Baghdad School for Boys. In a class with him learned Saddam Hussein's son - Uday. They were so alike that many believed their twins.
In 1986, Latif received a law degree and went to war with Iraq. A year later, a young lieutenant suddenly received orders to go to Baghdad and come to the Presidential Palace. Moreover, no reason not been named - come and point.
Two days later, at precisely the fixed time, to the house of Latif drove a black Mercedes with bulletproof glass, which took him to the Presidential Palace. Along the way, the lieutenant was trying to figure out why such a strange and sinister invitation. He was an officer in the Iraqi army and knew that many of those who received an invitation to the presidential palace, home will never come back ...
. Man standing at the top of the huge marble staircase at the entrance to the palace, he had not seen since high school graduation
- Welcome Latif! - Smiled at the president's eldest son Uday. - Get up courage, I waited for you ...
. When they entered the palace and found ourselves in the luxurious suites, Uday asked classmates:
. - Tell me, Latif, how would you like to spend a son of Saddam Hussein.
. - We are all his sons, - answered evasively Latif, hiding his eyes ...
. - You can and should become a real son - said firmly Uday and explained: - I want you to be my twin
. SoglasenN
Imagine what awaits him in the future, Latif said gently:
- I serve my president as a soldier. It is unlikely that I could do for him more ...
Uday made a gesture. In the room immediately rushed the guards and began to severely beat lieutenant. The next day, half dead Latif again dragged to Uday, he pounced on him with their fists and shouted:
- You're worse than my dirty soles. You'll be my dvoynikomN!
Refuse was tantamount to death ...
Since then, Latif Yahia Salah faithfully and devotedly served the double of Uday. It was his bodyguard, confidant and accomplice in the countless crimes. He plundered Kuwait, barely survived several assassination attempts and fitted with presidential offspring in a very unpleasant situation.
But it will be later. Meanwhile, for Latifah come from doctors. In the palace hospital, Ibn Sina (Avicenna) he had plastic surgery to bring the similarity with Udaem to perfection. Dentists removed his family's teeth and replaced them with artificial limbs, so that they protruded like a son of Saddam. Surgeons cut him dimple on the chin. This was followed by surgery on vocal cords, so he spoke exactly like Uday. He also prepared orthopedic shoes, as the "original" was three centimeters higher.
- I was disgusted to himself - admitted Latif journalists. - My whole family hated Saddam, and all was sickening to see how I was his son ...
When completed medical training phase, the beginning of another - a psychological. Latif for days watching videos on Udae, learned as he was walking, dancing, eating, drinking, driving. Previously, Latif never drank and never smoked. Now, besides all this, he had to learn to be rude to people the way it liked to do son of Iraqi governor. He also learned more softly pronounce the letter "p", fidget lapels of his jacket, looking all the time restless, as if expecting some kind of trouble.
. This stage took a long time, because the lieutenant was to play for the stage, but in life, which he could deprive any time
. Name Uday still causes the Iraqis fear and loathing. He raped, killed, loved, like his father, present at the torture and executions.
That such a "hero" was to play Latif ...
Debut double held in 1988 at the stadium in Baghdad, where he was a football match domestic championship. He was awarded the cup winning team. Everything went smoothly. When Latif returned to the presidential palace, Uday long time looking through videotape. Judging by the fact that he was handed a double thick wad of money, the first exam was commissioned successfully.
The next four years Latif constantly seen in public, instead of Uday and traveled with him, and sometimes instead of him, in London, Paris, Geneva. Beyond Baghdad Latif, as Uday, traveled, accompanied by numerous bodyguards.
The day of birth of the Baghdad dictator in his special plane brought to the forefront. There he was handed over by soldiers and officers of medals, handing out gifts. Before him was tasked to portray a caring and fearless son of the president.
During the seizure of Kuwait Latifah was sent there. He was riding on an armored personnel carrier, accompanied by dozens of trucks and cars.
But more often than he had at breakneck speed to ride in an armored "Mercedes" the night streets of Baghdad. It was a favorite pastime Uday. In one of these nights a group of officers decided to kill the son of the tyrant. They fired on the car. Latif was shot. Uday that night sitting in a restaurant ... Switzerland.
During the Gulf War, Baghdad's governor has so much trust Latif, which used it for large-scale fraud. Every Iraqi is still recalls how Uday went under Allied bombs on the Kuwaiti front. Of course, it was Latif, who was supposed to show the world that Saddam's family did not run away from the war overseas, as is written "selling foreign newspapers.
Latif was permitted to do all that he did Uday. However, except for one. Scion said to his double:
- Do not touch my girls!
Double girls did not touch. He was not up to them.
According to Latifah, he survived nine assassination attempts on his life. After Uday wanted to kill not only the opponents of the regime, but also the relatives of many women he raped, and men, over whom he had mocked or simply killed in a fit of anger.
. Latif admitted that after a dispute with Udaem he was thrown into prison, tortured and nearly executed
. In short, life counterpart was a nightmare. He could not tell the house that happened to him on the "service". He was not and could not be friends. Even the most loyal to the regime of Saddam people in the presidential palace were afraid to talk to him. Outside the palace was Latif Yahia - Uday Hussein was only surrounded by bodyguards
Only one person in the world understood Latifah, spoke to him frankly and not afraid of denunciation. It was Fuaz Amir al-Amari - second consecutive double of Saddam Hussein (the first was killed by the fall of 1984 "on duty").
Fuaz Al-Amari has gone through the same surgical circles of hell, that Latif. However, the double of Saddam had to go through several plastic surgery in Yugoslavia, where his face was almost completely redone.
. Both twin met the next day, after Latif attended a football match.
. - At first I was confused - later told Latif
. - I had to Saddam, who was smiling and holding out my hand. It was in the basement of the presidential palace, in the dash, where I went to train in the pistol shooting. I do not expect to find Saddam, but still without protection. Fuaz al-Amari, seeing my confusion, laughed and introduced himself.
Twins friends. However, it was a strange friendship. They were found only in the presidential palace. Most often - in the basement. They have never appeared together in public, never fought a talk on "official business" theme.
Once a week they passed a medical examination. Doctors had to make sure that everyone has the same weight as that of the "original" that nothing happens to their teeth or the appearance that they are fully consistent with "prototype".
Life Fuaza al-Amari was much harder than his colleagues. Double Uday could still be at the people who go to restaurants, parties, discos and sporting events, travel abroad. Saddam never did anything like. So, he could not do it and its counterpart. He could not even go outside in the "off-duty time" - similar to Saddam was so complete that it immediately would have killed.
Therefore Fuaz al-Amari went beyond the walls of the palace only when playing the role of Saddam. So very rarely ...
One of those rare "holidays" in a boring life Fuaza Al-Amari was, for example, known around the world swim "Saddam Hussein" in the Tigris River. It was held July 26, 1992. The swim was meant to show the world that the Iraqi president is alive, healthy, full of vigor and optimism. Of course, Saddam remained in the palace, and his counterpart swam across the river, with his back feeling hateful views, and every second for fear of assassination.
Incidentally, on the Iraqi dictator attempted seven times. And only once the threat of Saddam himself was subjected to life. Six times risked Fuaz al-Amari.
The thought of his impending doom almost never left Latifah. He knew that by agreeing to become a double Uday, he thereby waived all privacy, the right to take any decisions to make in their lives by. For the slightest disobedience capricious and vindictive Uday could gave him a bullet in the forehead.
After the Gulf War, when it became clear that Iraq has become an international scapegoat, and amok Saddam shot hundreds of innocent civil servants and officers, Latif was constantly thinking of fleeing the country. Came about by accident: after one of the countless binge drinking Latif fell out with Udaem because of the woman who preferred not presidential offspring, and his counterpart. Deciding not to tempt fate, Latif in 1992 on the machine Uday got as far as Kurdistan. Then walk more than a day getting to the home of one of his old friends. Since ethnic Latif was a Kurd, he counted on the help. Was not mistaken.
Kurds have flown him to the headquarters of U.S. forces in the town of Zakho. Naturally, the Americans did not believe story Latifah. With him for a long time dealt four intelligence officer.
Bushra, wife of Latif, and his newborn daughter were later shipped mystery of Kurdish organizations in Jordan. From there they moved to Vienna, where they have already waited Latif ...
And the fall of 1996 on a home fax Yahia, whose number was known only to his closest friends, we received a message from Uday. "Come back, I forgive you," - such was the meaning of the letter. Latif guaranteed amnesty and full personal safety, if he voluntarily returned to Iraq.
Yahya immediately changed his apartment and threw a prestigious job in the export-import company. And yet he was found ... In late January 1997, when he probably had hoped that forgot about it ...
It seems that he does not disappear on their own. Most likely, Latif and his family were kidnapped and secretly taken to Iraq.
As mentioned above, a year ago, rumors about the disease of Saddam Hussein. At the presidential palace just two trusted family physician know exactly who is currently a medical examination - a dictator or Fuaz Al-Amari. Other medical staff has always been convinced that the survey was Saddam Hussein himself. So it was during the "work" Latifah, so, presumably, continued after his escape.
Leaked "to the will of" reports of disease dictator could equally apply to his double. If Saddam is sick, it will heal the best doctors of the world. Well, if ill dvoynikN It can be replaced ...
In Baghdad, surely remember that today there is only one person, just like Saddam. And, for his preparation for the role of counterpart to the minimum time and minimal resources. Son like father. Double twin son like his father ...
Therefore, the disappearance of Vienna Latifah can only be explained by one thing: Fuaz al-Amari going to die (if not already dead) cancer. Saddam - "a great president and a favorite of the people" at the time (while preparing for the new role Latifah) will cease to appear before television cameras. And then, if necessary, will appear again - maybe a little thinner and a little bit rejuvenated.
A Latif sincerely sorry. Life double dictator is unlikely to be envied ...
However, one consolation: the role of double earned him a quarter of a million dollars. He received them personally from Saddam. Although, who knows, perhaps, the man who so generously rewarded the double of his own son, was in fact the same counterpart, who knew how hard fate of those who fell misfortune to substitute the first person. East, as you know, - a delicate ...

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