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Andrei Saveliev

( The KGB.)

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Biography Andrei Saveliev
It's a shame that remains behind the scenes over the years honed skill of employees, among whom nearly all - professionals of the highest class. And so when we had the opportunity to tell about the man for a long time worked in the Group of Seven - the Office of the external surveillance of the KGB of the USSR, we did not fail to use it ...
Street Universities
When Andrei Saveliev, in 1976, returned home after serving in the army, one of the friends, comrades, who worked on the committee, advised to go to the KGB. Went. He was advised to find yourself ... outside. No, not in the sense that they had cast. The work of such proposed: "to act will be on the streets, engaging in a very dynamic, with difficult to predict situations".
He agreed. But, generally speaking, the staff have not once, almost a year the candidate worked part-time service in the seventh administration, learned ... with Moscow. It looked like this: Andrew got the job for a week to study, for example, the section from the Kalinin Prospekt to the streets of Herzen, and in the evenings after work at a woodworking plant, carefully, walking the rounds of all the streets and alleys in the area. For "vneshtatku not pay a penny, that with great accuracy leads to the conclusion of good faith and desire to become a candidate Chekist.
When the "trial period" came to an end and it became clear that the candidate will be enrolled in the state, the service of external supervision with him began to speak more openly. Then - Study in the special school in a town in Russia, where for years he studied the foundations of counterintelligence, surveillance, tactics, techniques and communications, camouflage, the art of makeup, kinofotodelo and much more. After school - the rank of ensign and work in the "seven".
It should be noted that the staff of the external surveillance have always been the undeclared state of the KGB, which would require full encoding human. For example, even official "komitetovskogo" identity during their work in the outdoor stands "Andrei was. It was nowhere to be aware that he - a KGB officer. To others he was an employee of a defense enterprise capital.
According to Andrew, "seven" enjoyed great prestige, it was a real team, where people know each other closely, and almost all the holidays celebrated together. "Seven" has always taken top places in the KGB in all competitions - the athletes there, as a rule, selected a very strong. Incidentally, the famous "Alpha" was created precisely in the "seven" and for many years was part of the organizational management.
Sport has always helped in the work, because the lives of "outdoor advertising" has been generous to all sorts of surprises. Once the "object" went alone in the elevator on the tenth floor, and Andrew had to climb the conspiracy behind it running, so as not to lose "ward". Or another case: "object" was released on ski trip. Q: What employee "outdoor advertising" N Of course, running after him to ski three or five kilometers
. From "outdoor advertising" can not hide
. But the fact, . that he not only failed to produce "object" out of sight, . but should keep in touch, . orient other staff, . identify possible kontrnablyudenie, . seek an opportunity to make a quick photo, . predict the motion of the object, . not to miss significant action promptly, . naturally fit into the environment,
. All of this work, of course, goes down the drain if the "object" spotted Officer ...
And frankly, the work of the Group of Seven can not be called "sweet" and "plum".
Can not get infected if the employee has established on the eve of "connection" object "and brought him home, then the next morning if you like it" to ". For the simple reason that only he knows of a connected person in.
More. Objects can not say: "Wait. I have a lunch break ". This means erratic nutrition eat cold food, work in rain, snow, cold, constant stress. And of course, there are occupational diseases - gastric ulcer, sciatica, leg vascular disease.
And no special privileges. Stars on the shoulder straps do not fall off the golden rain - and 30 years in the outdoor stands, go lieutenants.
... And the professionalism. In the "outdoor stands, as a rule, there is complete interchangeability: each employee must be ready at any time to replace his friend. Especially great liability if an employee changes of drivers operating vehicles that are, for example, can easily drive in rush hour on city streets in such a way that will have time for the "object", "flying" in the Blue Express through underground mains.
From the dossier "AiF"
There is practice when the scouts come to our home for retraining. Including - and honed ability to identify for a "tail". The only information that the scouts own, - a certain number of days specified in the itinerary at any time can be monitored. Accordingly, check their qualifications and professionals from the "outdoor advertising" ...
Here's one of the cases. Quite well-trained intelligence officer came to the training and, assuming that monitoring them is not, has gone the route. After meeting with a friend, went with him to the pub. In a report to management, he wrote that went the entire route, not finding an outside observation of. In response, he laid out the report "outdoor advertising", where it was said even the number of beers drunk ...
- Sometimes, alcohol use and the staff have "outdoor advertising", - says Andrew - but only if it is due to business necessity. For example, . object comes into the lobby of suburban electric, . and then played a small scene: approach it two kinds and say: "A man, . glass estN "Next - drink a bottle of wine for three, . begins intimate talk, . and ultimately determines the station crew, . where the object was traveling,
. We have to staff "outdoor advertising" to visit and restaurants. To visit the low places were provided for the allocation of money even. However, in order that sum could only tea, and not to "light up" because of the poor table, the staff are always "outdoor advertising" had to pay extra its blood.
Golden mean
Officer outside observation - is first and foremost an actor. But exactly the opposite. If the maestro in the theater all the forces seeking audience's attention, the attention of operatives quite useless. Hence, the requirements for appearance: if you have gold teeth, speech defects, scars on his face - the way to "seven" you ordered. An employee "outdoor advertising" everything should be secondary - hairstyle, height, clothing.
From the dossier "AiF"
Rapprochement with the "object" in the entrance of an apartment house, one member of the "outdoor advertising" went into the role ... disabled immediately devised and brilliantly played. He is so naturally portrayed a patient with disorders of the musculoskeletal system, that "mentee" even sympathize with him, and then visited his messenger, and do not suspect.
And Andrew once without any problems, led the "ward" until he went into the trolley, in the cabin which was only three people. I had to portray a bad cold, loud crunch specially stockpiled ( "just in case") apple. Object "does not suspect anything ...
- Andrei, and who better to surveillance - ours or oniN
- The Americans, for example, is technically better equipped. But this is, among other things, discouraged, sometimes because no technique can not be applied, and the skills a necessary and there. Our - has. We - professional. Checked.
- And, if possible, the Council for readers. How do I determine that for you sledyatN
- Identify the real professionals are very difficult, and as for the council, I can say: if you are in harmony with the law, the fear of surveillance, you should not.

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Andrei Saveliev, photo, biography
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