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MAC-Neely, Scott (Scott McNealy)

( headed by Sun Microsystems.)

Comments for MAC-Neely, Scott (Scott McNealy)
Biography MAC-Neely, Scott (Scott McNealy)
(genus. November 13, 1954)
Scott Mc Neely once and forever dubbed difficult to translate the Russian language, but understandable word "Javaman". He also plays hockey, fights with Microsoft, often swearing and head of the company Sun Microsystems
. Sun Microsystems - a world leader in network computing, and Scott Mc Neely is widely known for his mastery of business and the ability to feel that now is the 'hot' in the domain business.
. Sun Microsystems is fully embodies the example of the success stories of all the rules of life of Silicon Valley
. A total of 18 years the company has become a leading global provider of solutions for network computing, with an annual turnover of 14 billion. U.S.. After taking over the direction of Sun in 1982, Mc Neely once programmed it to the steady growth and increased profits. Insight and intuition have made Mc Neely one of the most influential and highly valued leaders multifaceted, fluid and fast-growing IT industry. Throughout his career, Scott Mc Neely put an emphasis on maintaining and improving Sun's reputation as a tireless innovator and strong competitor. Eden Mc Neely on computing often anticipate industry trends.
. The Adventures of Scott Mc-Neely in the struggle to save the World Wide Web from the 'evil empire'
. Sounds like a retelling of the story for the comic, but at stake - billions of dollars, and possibly the future of business
. To maintain 'fighting' Mc Neely armed with 'hot' technologies - Java and enjoys the support of the army of computer heavyweights, including IBM, Oracle, Netscape and Apple. Each of them shared to some extent, fear and dislike Mc Neely to the Microsoft and Intel. They confer on Java, which is considered universal language, the following mission: to make Windows less relevant, or at least not as omnipotent. Language Java, is the lingua franca, should enable all computing devices - not only Wintel - exchange programs and communicate through a network
. I must say that every mention of Gates and his company, Scott Mc Neely is an excellent demonstration of love Scott to rudeness
. Thus, in one of the public performances in the past year Mc Neely called the head of Microsoft and Steve Ballmer "Ballmer and Butt-head '(similar to Beavis and Butt-head - stupid cartoon characters on MTV). Bill Raduchel, chief information officer of Sun and coach Scott since college, so commented on Scott's habit of swearing: "Sometimes my boxes from what he said. But now he was a hostage of your own behavior: if Scott stands with a relatively restrained statement, would be expected to continue over the stormy '.
Yet Mc Neely earned fame for real achievements. Under his leadership, Sun earned more than any other company in the field of network business. For all his stewardship Sun Mc Neely has created an efficient source of energy, which disturb the peace of such rivals as IBM, Hewlett-Packard and Digital Equipment. Contrary to the predictions of pessimists, Sun easily bypassed powerful chariot platform Wintel.
. Fortune magazine in an article about Scott Mc Neely wrote that it 'complicated, intelligent, aggressive and ambitious man with a three-dimensional character who seeks to become as influential industry leader, as well as kings Wintel'.
. In the stories of the Scott Mc Neely about his attitude to the work of the most popular is the following admission: "I love plant
. In it lies the whole essence of business: production of something. The main thing is not work on Wall Street, not the process of counseling, not legal issues, not an expensive advertising. It must be something to make '.
People tend to be much more interested in not how computers are arranged, and the people who created them. The success of Mc Neely as a manager is his education and passion to this production worker to complete the process of product creation and production. Here is what the Scott Mc Neely former employee of Sun, and now a managing director of Novell, Eric Schmidt: 'Scott - not an intellectual. It is an engine that understands that sometimes more important than a good job than the first time to determine the bare strategy '. Schmidt acknowledged that he himself is trying to copy many methods Mc Neely.
Golf, beer, and mathematical abilities
Understanding how the right should do business, came to Mc Neely early enough. Mc Neely was born on November 13, 1954 in Columbus (Indiana). Scott grew up in a wealthy suburb of Detroit (Michigan), where his father was vice-chairman of American Motors Corporation. In childhood, Scott entire weekend devoted study bowels of the plant of his father, as well as at night, carefully examining its portfolio carefully by reading piles of business papers.
. Like Bill Gates, Mc Neely was the best private education, which only you can get for the money
. When Mc Neely Sr. moved to the position of the CEO, and his office was in the building of the headquarters of American Motors in Detroit, his family moved to a picturesque town in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan. Scott studied at the elite school. He actively took a great interest in sports, and tuition paid just enough attention to not only be non-achiever. And only in high school, having received the tests in mathematics, the highest mark, Mc Neely suddenly thought that perhaps he has the ability to learn. His grades are much better, and Scott was able to quietly go to Harvard - the alma mater of his father.
In 1972, Mc Neely arrived at Harvard. At that time, Scott thought that he wanted to become a doctor, and he enrolled in a preparatory medical course. Bill Raduchelu, a teacher at Scott's economy, quickly managed to convince the student to switch the newfound attention on the economy. (Mc Neely partially crossed paths with Gates, who went to Harvard one year later, a 'finished' University in 1975. None of them did not remember that they met in high school.) At the University of poppy-Neely wrote too brave for his age, the freedom-thesis of a failed intervention by the United States Government in the production of buses in 1950. Yet studies was to Mc Neely is not the most important. He said that he liked to drink beer and play golf, and even served as captain of the university team.
Harvard Mc Neely came out with a diploma in economics and with the intent to go to his father's footsteps and make a career working in production. His dream was to acquire a mechanical workshop staffed with approximately 100 people, which eventually passed on to children.
To the shops! - So that later in the heads
So, Mc Neely went to seek his fortune working. He became a foreman at the factory Rockwell International, which manufactured housing motor-block. That was the beginning of rapid two-year career in the field of production management. Mc Neely and saw the strike, and had been in the shoes of an engineer, and traveled to the region as a sales representative. In his spare time, Scott has developed a line of plastic boots for motorcycles. This product has allowed re-establish the work mothballed plant Rockwell.
At the same time, Mac-Neely twice filed documents at the Stanford Business School, but received a refusal. And only the third time the committee recognized his achievements in work, he enrolled at Stanford - in 1978. Revolution associated with the production of microprocessors, has just begun, and while many classmates tried to use the chance to start this 'business of the digital age', the only dream Mc Neely was a return to the factory. After teaching at Stanford, Scott was as an intern in FMC Corporation. The Corporation makes available to the factory military equipment Kremievoy Valley.
Meanwhile, Apple Computer and other young companies started to produce the first PC. Already we know a teacher from Harvard Raduchel, showing more than his former student, sensitivity, moved to California and started joint business with embark on a new workstation - Onyx. In 1981 at the Onyx into trouble with the timely release of products and its quality, the company needed a manager of production issues. Raduchel asked for help Mac-Neely. Looking back on this situation, Mc Neely acknowledged that he had no idea about computers, but realized that in reality the process of their production is not so complicated.
. Hardly Mc Neely We also managed to cases Onyx, he phoned a former classmate Vinod Canvas
. The latter with some friends from Stanford decided to open a computer company and asked Mc Neely acquaint them with venture capitalists engaged in Onyx executive director. Drafted by young people business plan was designed for mass production workstation, which was built by a talented electrical engineer Andy Bektolsheymom for computer network at Stanford. His box creators called SUN, because it was a working station for Stanford University Network - a network of Stanford University. Attracting investors was intrigued, and a month later came Sun Microsystems.
. From the head of the chair - in the shop ...
. At first, Mc Neely served as vice president, engaged in manufacturing and administrative matters, and could hardly have expected in the near future for the post of Executive Director
. Computers were not his element, and Scott attended courses in the evenings, which studied the foundations of electronics. When Holcim has left the company and became a venture capitalist board with evident reluctance offered the post of head of Scott Mc Neely.
Electing Mc Neely, director did a very wise move. Like many start-ups, Sun was literally choke success. In 1986 the company went public, and by 1988 its annual turnover grew to 1 billion. U.S.. However, the range of products has grown so rapidly that there were problems with mass production. Then, minicomputer, used for the product management, was no longer cope with the flow, and replacing her car from IBM, installed in haste, did not work at the proper level. The plants were close to a stop. Sun announced the first quarterly loss.
After the failure of computers Mc Neely realized that he could not solve the problem, sitting in a chair head. He moved his office into one of the largest factory floors Sun and began restoring production.
That such a step would expect from a man who from childhood I believed his second home departments of the factory. And now in production, Scott has shown skill, which from him was not expected. He ruthlessly cut product line, focusing on the Sun workstations, built on the basis of its own high-performance processor Sparc. Mc Neely understood that in a well managed company scale Sun manager should not deal with adjustment problems in the shops, and then he decided to reorganize his company. He blamed the profit and loss on the structure, each of which controlled the life cycle of certain products. The new system does not actually manage to relax and soon bore fruit: by 1992 the annual turnover of Sun exceeded $ 3 billion.
. So, what we see
. At the age of 27 Mc Neely was a founding father Sun Microsystems and has since voluntarily assumed the role of champion of the free world computer business
. Since 1995, his energetic efforts to promote the Java programming language has become a real threat edinovlastnomu reign of Windows and Intel. And yet at every opportunity, Scott Mc Neely continues to speak out strongly enough in the address of Microsoft and Bill Gates.
. 'In a world without barriers - who needs GeytsN' - such is one of the more or less soft verbatim comments to the owner of Microsoft
. Sun has always been a champion of open source code to proprietary systems. The company even tried to establish industry standards, allowing the 1987 cloning of the microprocessor Spars and the UNIX operating system from AT & T. This attempt was unsuccessful due to the fact that IBM and Hewlett-Packard set up their own high-end processors for servers. There was a time when Sun was regarded as the second player in the league, and today - is one of the best companies, contributing to the development of the Internet. Profit of the company is growing rapidly due to increased sales of servers for the Internet and corporate networks.
In 1999, sales amounted to 13 billion Sun. U.S.. Over the past two years the value of shares has increased nine times, and capitalization reached 170 billion mark in. dollars.
Under the direction of Mc Neely Sun has recently expanded its business from veb-servers to storage products and software for E-Business. In July 2000, Sun (in conjunction with America Online) introduced the attention of users iPlanet - a program for electronic commerce.
According to ratings the magazine Fortune, under the leadership of Mack-Neely Sun became one of the fastest growing companies. BusinessWeek wrote, . that Mc Neely headed 'most efficient' company in the industry and demonstrated to all, . who doubted his power, . that 'can lead a multibillion-dollar company, . turning Sun into a model for the entire industry, . including IBM '.,
. A sharp tongue and an aggressive approach to Mc Neely balanced by effective management practices
. This Mc Neely considers it important to maintain healthy relationships between staff and a comfortable psychological climate. For example, to relax servants from time to time take in hand, water pistols, and in the office started this fire. And really what's going on in the premises of the company on April 1! Was a case where the office staff have altered Mc Neely in the hole golf course, covered with this grass and filled with water.
. Scott Mc-Neely says: 'I like to measure one's strength: by the rules, honestly and fairly
. To be with the enemy on equal. I was elected leader, not in order to get pleasure from combat rivals. I get paid for having to return the money of its shareholders, following the rules of business, trade, ethics, morality, law. For this I paid, and that I love to work '.
In his element
Mc Neely conducts business in exactly the same as playing hockey. Although outside the rink he is not so fast, he's great at passages along the sides and accurate blows. He manages to stop the people who are trying to get on the ice, as well as trace the rivals and slip into any slot.
. Mc Neely, an amateur hockey player, is wary of intervention in addressing controversial issues in the computer world to the same extent as in ice hockey avoid delays in breaking through the chain of defense
. Tenacity, willingness to tackle difficult questions Mack-Neely earned in the industrial circles of respect and admiration. Testifying before Congress or speaking in favor of the antitrust case United States Government, Mc Neely always fighting for the right to choose. He likes to say that 'there is no choice, without competition, without competition, there is no movement forward, but when there is no innovation - not enough that in general remains for further work'.
. Cross your amateur athlete with a bachelor's degree and "factory rat" (as Mc Neely once called the magazine Fortune - for his passion for the work at the factory) and that you poluchiteN It is not a typical visionary from the world of high technology
. This is an extravagant combination of Scott Mc Neely: an honest player who knows the business, does not allow itself to lag behind and can stand up for themselves.
. War with Microsoft
. In any other industry arranged by Sun in 1990 and 1991, the coup would have been enough to take the company out of a difficult situation and allow her to join the fight for leadership
. For Mc Neely became apparent that the main rival of Sun - Bill Gates. Gates full swing advertised Windows NT, which could replace a significant share of Unix. NT did not even exist, and Bill Gates was already so popular that he could exploit with might and main media. Now Scott picked up Microsoft: laughing at the products of the company, calling them too complicated and unreliable. He even put forward the slogan: 'Network - is the computer' in order to reduce the obvious importance of the PC, but just put it all in confusion. This was also the reaction when Mc Neely named his dog Network and made it a mascot company
There were times when Mc Neely did just ugly. In 1995, after a sensational run Windows 95, he secretly helped to subsidize the efforts of clicks companies from Silicon Valley to push the government to initiate anti-trust case against Microsoft. All his efforts were almost fruitless. Ironically, it was in 1995, Sun was named one of 100 best-managed companies in America.
Mc Neely does not purport to be an intellectual or visionary. He can not remember the last time I read a book, especially some novel, and loves to laugh at the high-flown ideas about what can be done to mankind computers. Mc Neely will not develop the original strategy, which will force everyone else to leave their business and focus on his creations. In general, he said that all the most interesting strategies developed by them is actually borrowed from other more 'mundane' industries.
. Network model of client-server 'Sun rendered a great service in the early 1990's, when corporations began to take seriously the establishment of LAN and data banks
. The rise of the Internet since 1994, made a business Sun supervostrebovannym because of its computers have the ideal web servers.
. But neither this nor anything else could prevent the imminent takeover inexorable Wintel empire business Sun, associated with the production servers
. To survive the decade, Mc Neely needed a more radical strategic move that can change people's perception of computers.
Solution was found almost under the noses.
But only after 5 years, in May 1995, Mc Neely publicly provided to all Java. The concept was so new and unusual that nobody in the computer and business press did not know what to write about it.
To demonstrate Java Scott Mc Neely sent messengers to the young Netscape. In Netscape Java liked the concept and the company bought a license. By the autumn of 1995, millions of copies of Java loaded on computers around the world while loading Navigator.
Inevitably came one 'but': most of the computers were a Wintel PC. Ensure that Java could only ubiquity of its presence on all these machines. This could be achieved was two ways: to include Java-machine in the browser - for example, Navigator, or persuade Microsoft to integrate the translator directly in OS Windows - that was more convenient.
. But this dobitsyaN Scott Mc Neely absolutely no worries on that score
. After joining in December 1995 on the browser market, where the championship belonged to Netscape, for the sake of the success of Microsoft was doomed to use all the add-Navigator. Java has become a key from them, and Microsoft was forced to acquire a patent on its use. The amount paid for the license were not disclosed.

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MAC-Neely, Scott (Scott McNealy), photo, biography
MAC-Neely, Scott (Scott McNealy), photo, biography MAC-Neely, Scott (Scott McNealy)  headed by Sun Microsystems., photo, biography
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