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KASPAROV Harry Kimovich

( chess-player)

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Biography KASPAROV Harry Kimovich
photo KASPAROV Harry Kimovich
(April 13, 1963 - ...)

In chess, Garry Kasparov learned to play as early as age five, watching the play of their parents. His father was a versatile man who loved poetry, music, chess. Noticing the unique analytical capabilities son, his father decided that chess should be preferred music, and he decreed that the final choice of Harry's life.
Born April 13, 1963 in Baku. Father - Kim Weinstein Moiseevich, specialty electrical engineer. Mother - Kasparov Clara Shagenovna by profession - an engineer, a specialist on automatics and robot. Before 1981 worked as senior researcher and scientific secretary of the Azerbaijan Research Institute of Electrical. Garry Kasparov married. Wife - Julia. From his first marriage his daughter Pauline (1993g.rozhd.), From marrying Julia - son Vadim (1996g.rozhd.).
He graduated from the Azerbaijan Pedagogical Institute of Foreign Languages.

In chess, Garry Kasparov learned to play as early as age five, watching the play of their parents. His father was a versatile man who loved poetry, music, chess. Noticing the unique analytical capabilities son, his father decided that chess should be preferred music, and he decreed that the final choice of Harry's life.
The first serious lessons Garry received the Baku Palace of Pioneers. His coach, Oleg Privorotsky, immediately recognized the tremendous potential of the child, he quickly realized that fate had sent him a brilliant student. Since childhood, Harry is fairly hard work and limiting the concentration in the classroom.

In competitions adult Harry begins to appear already to nine years. Great influence on the formation of Kasparov, chess had classes in the All-school former world champion Mikhail Botvinnik. The patriarch of Soviet chess had laid in it the fundamental basis for understanding the strategy game, developed inherent in it great power analytics. Dozens of notebooks covered with another child's hand, full analysis of all stages of the Party, still carefully preserved in the library world champion.

Debut Kasparov engaged in the preparation of the master, Alexander Nikitin and Alexander Shakarov. Using a phenomenal memory of youth, they managed to make his opening repertoire is very diverse and broad in range. And today, many parties Kasparov achieves excellence already in the debut - affects many years experience of analytical work, allowing you to create a home lab stunning opponent news.
Harry brilliantly in high school, and was interested in geography, history, reading philosophical treatises, to master that it would be difficult, and many adults. In childhood he has not proved particularly health, but serious and exercise regularly have made him a real athlete.

For the first time on the chess scene, Harry appeared in 1973 - he played in the team of Azerbaijan on the board of boys and 14 years (although he was only ten) on the All-Youth Games in Vilnius. And within a year and a half debuted on youth championship of the USSR (18) in the same Vilnius and, despite the fact that I was younger all up to finish fighting for the highest places. Only a defeat in the final round pushed him over the line winners.

The next two youth championships of the USSR - in Tbilisi in 1976 and in Riga in 1977 - Harry confidently wins, demonstrating the already masterful class. But the formalization of a Master title was held after his phenomenal victory at the Memorial A. Sokolsky (Minsk, 1978), where he was ahead of its nearest competitor by 3,5 points. Prior to that, in such a young age became a master of none. In the same year, having won the All-Union in a strong qualifying tournament in Daugavpils, Kasparov became the youngest member in the history of chess-league championship of the USSR. Two years later, 18-year-old boy became the champion of the strongest chess nation in the world. This achievement and remains unsurpassed.

In 1979, Kasparov for the first time performed Grandmaster norm. This happened at a major international tournament in Banja Luka for two rounds before the end of the competition! Already in the first ten rounds, he scored 8 victories and only two games were drawn, and eventually became the winner in advance.

One of the most memorable was for Garry Kasparov in 1980. In the USSR team he participated in the European Championship in the Swedish city of Skara. His five wins have become a significant contribution to the European Soviet team gold. Second gold medal went to him for his brilliant high school graduation. Third - for winning the world championship among youths under age 20 in Dortmund. Fourth - for the victory in the USSR team at
World Olympic.

For 18-years in the asset Harry was almost complete set of chess awards and regalia.
The youngest grandmaster in the world, European champion, world, the World Olympics in the team competition, the winner of major international tournaments. Ahead there was only one cherished goal - winning the title of world champion, and he begins to targeted training to achieve the main goal of his chess career

. In the first FIFA World (1982-1983), . in which Kasparov took part, . He passed all the stages - interzonal tournament (Moscow, . 1982, . 1 st place), . victory in matches applicants over Alexander Beliavsky, . Vasily Smyslov, and Viktor Korchnoi and got the right match for world championship,

. Matches 1984 between Garry Kasparov and the world champion Anatoly Karpov was destined to be unprecedented in the history of chess and the dramatic struggle, . and for the power solutions, . have taken in the course of a match official structures of the Sports Committee of the USSR and FIDE,
. As a result, wrestling was interrupted, . and President of FIDE Florencio Campomanes, . secret agreement with the official authorities of the country, . the unprecedented decision: the match was declared interrupted without declaring the result, . a new match, . when the score was 0:0, . appointed on September 1, 1985,

. The second match between Kasparov and Karpov, who played at the Concert Hall named after Tchaikovsky in Moscow, was marked by initiatives and the indisputable advantages of Garry Kasparov, and 10 November, he was declared the new champion - the thirteenth in the history of chess
A year later in a rematch, held in London and Leningrad, Kasparov won again in a tense and dramatic struggle. And in 1987 in Seville (Spain) held the fourth match between Kasparov and Karpov, who became "arch-rivals". The struggle reached its climax in the last game. Trailing in the account at the point, Kasparov was obliged to win it. The fall of 1985, his opponent in a similar situation could not do that. But Harry did not flinch and glorious victory kept the title of world's strongest chess player. In the history of the struggle for the world crown was not yet the case when the party won by a decisive run in the lagging.

The ability to overcome difficulties - one of the main traits Kasparov. One can recall many instances when, in the worst tournament and п+п¦я-я+п¦п¦я-я- situations he was able to finish a brilliant catch or overtake the leading contenders. He likes to constantly tempt fate and demonstrate his talents may have reached that previously no one had been reached. Rich imagination, the indomitable spirit of a soldier helping him make regular chess exploits.

In 1990, was playing his fifth match irreconcilable rivals. It was held in New York and Lyon (France). Once again, Harry defeats Karpov, defending the title of world's strongest chess player. Twice more he won in the matches in soccer - Nigel Short in 1993 in London, and Viswanathan Anand in 1995 in New York. This made it 6 times world champion.

G. Kasparov - seven-time Olympic champion, he was awarded seven times "Chess Oscar" as the best chess player, the. He becomes the winner of numerous tournaments and matches, the most important of which were grand master tournament of the World Cup (1988-89), in Tilburg (1989, 1991), Belgrade (1989), Linares (1990, 1992, 1993, 1997, 1999, 2000). Garry Kasparov became the first athlete to speak to the world championship in 1990, not under Soviet, and under Russia's flag.

. In 1989, Kasparov, the world's first overcame the frontier in 2800 Elo rating - the main figure in modern chess game chess strength
. For 15 years, Harry is the first line in this "table of ranks, . a brilliant series of victories in supertournament in 1999 allowed him to raise his rating to a fantastic mark - 2851! In this note, . that so far no one has failed to reach the rate of 2800,

His first book, "The test of time" Kasparov wrote in the 20 years. His other publications, public speaking allowed Harry to create a unique image of chess researcher and journalist.

He first started giving simul national teams of Germany (twice), Switzerland, Argentina, Israel, and won their.

In the late 80-ies, Harry joined the active struggle against the dogmatic forms of leadership of FIDE, chess trying to attract investors as the world's largest company. He was the initiator and creator of several chess organizations: International Association of Grandmasters (1988), . Professional Chess Association (1993), . - Played an important role in the promotion of chess and major international competitions and drawing the world championship in 1995,

. The last few years, he absorbed the idea of introducing chess on the Internet, . which allows the use of modern information technology for live events, . organization of educational process, . draw attention to chess hundreds of millions of people around the world.,

. In 1996, in Philadelphia and in 1997 in New York, he played a match against a supercomputer created by IBM - "DEEP BLUE"
. The huge popularity of these games around the world has become a unique demonstration of the capabilities of man and machine. It was one of the most important experimental end of XX century.

In 1998, Kasparov created a chess site "Club Kasparov, who quickly became one of the most popular World Wide Web. Kasparov's unique achievement was his victory in the match against the rest of the world, organized by Microsoft in 1999. Specially created for this Internet site for four months of intense and exciting combat visited more than 3 million people. This interest in the chess event is not in the entire previous history.

Since 1987, Kasparov engaged in private charity. In 1991, the first time in Russia recorded the private Foundation for Kasparov, who over the years provided material assistance to refugees, single pensioners and veterans of more than a million dollars.

Since 1991, he was constantly working in a well-known American newspaper "The World Street Journal".

Harry, as in his youth, loves to play soccer, tennis, engaged in jogging, gymnastics and swimming.

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    KASPAROV Harry Kimovich, photo, biography
    KASPAROV Harry Kimovich, photo, biography KASPAROV Harry Kimovich  chess-player, photo, biography
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