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Carey, Johnny (Johnny Sarey)

( Athlete, football)

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Biography Carey, Johnny (Johnny Sarey)
(February 23, 1919 - 1954)
Johnny Carey (Johnny Sarey), a player Manchester United and Republic of Ireland. Nickname "Gentleman John" (in football), "Cairo" (in the army). Born in Dublin on February 23, 1919. Height 180cm, weight 78,5 kg. For Ireland team held 29 matches and scored 3 goals in them, in the "MJ" debuted September 25, 1937 (against Southampton FC -1:2). For 14 seasons (the war intervened) carried out for the club 489 games and scored 70 goals in them.
. Career in "MJ" (played only for him)
. 1937/38: 19 games, 4 goals
. 1938/39: 34 / 6
. 1939/40: 25 / 5
. 1940/41: 34/12
. 1941/42: 35/24
. 1942/43: 23 / 8
. 1945/46: 31 / 4
. 1946/47: 33 / 0
. 1947/48: 43 / 1
. 1948/49: 49 / 1
. 1949/50: 43 / 1
. 1950/51: 43 / 0
. 1951/52: 39 / 3
. 1952/53: 37 / 1
. 17-year-old Irishman, . favor of "St. James Geyt", . was observed scout "MJ" Billy Bihenom (Vehan), . and then the legendary Louis Rocca, . long head of the club selection service, . one of the founding fathers of the team "Busby Babes", . brought him to Manchester,
. And when Rocca came to view the alleged novice, he spent only a third complete game of his Dublin club - and yet, the coach was so impressed by his abilities, quickly reached into his pocket for money. Resignation made ridiculous by today's amount - бё 250, . but then it was a record: so much has not paid for any one Irishman! On approaching Manchester Carey drew attention to the huge headline in the newspaper, . announcing the sensational transfer, . perfect MJ: It was not without internal tremor Johnny opened a newspaper,
. What a same great was his disappointment when it became clear that this was something entirely different player, and his transition was mentioned only at the very end of the article!..
Initially, Carey MJ settled in the position of the left insiders, will compete with almost as famous Stan Pearson. It may seem ridiculous, often the decision to put a coach in the framework of a player was dictated by the state of the field - than it was worse, the better valued Pearson! Career Carey, as well as other players, was rudely interrupted by Second World War. In the war years, Johnny served in the Middle East and in Italy, playing with his passing as a guest player for a variety of clubs. In the 45 th, he returned to the MOJ - in order to settle in the central defender. Pay attention to the impact of Cary for the season - is not it, the figures very krasnorechivyN!
Overall, Cary outplayed in Manchester for all positions - right-back, central midfield, welterweight, etc.. He has even listed one match goalkeeper - once Jack Crompton fell from the brutal cold just before the away match, and took place at the gates none other than Cary! And only the extreme right-winger Carey did not play ever.
Carey was honored one of the best defenders of his time. Being the captain of MJ, he led the team to victory in the FA Cup-48, and in 1952 had won the championship title. Carey regularly performed and for the two Irish teams, held on 27 matches for the team itself Ireland and 9 for the national team of Northern Ireland. In 1947, he was familiar with the captain's armband on the field brought Wembley team the rest of the world, which was to fight with England. In 1949-m writing about football journalists found him Player of the Year, and in 50-m Carey was named sports personality of the year. In 1953, Carey tired to go out on the field and decided to show himself to the coaching assignment. He was immediately offered a job at the headquarters MJ, . But Carey, . Like many years later, Brian Kidd, . decided to show itself to work independently (as coach of the MOJ has held himself Matt Busby), . and accompanied by letters of thanks and cries went to Blackburn,
. Later coached Everton, Leyton Orient, Nottingham Fopect "again" Blackburn "- did not have much success, but the authority enjoyed. It is a pity that we did not find pictures - when "Gentleman John", as usual, calm and confident voice, with constant tube in his mouth urged his players to spread all around!
. In 1958 msluchilas the same one hundred times cursed the Munich tragedy
. And the voice of the heart called Carey back in Manchester ... Subsequently, he worked quietly scout club, runs a small office in ц?ц?ц?ц? (Cheshire). Playing golf - another passion of a true Briton, who in the end and won football. But why won - because Carey has always said: "I still think that football - a terrible game. Yet it is better to not find all over the world ... "

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Carey, Johnny (Johnny Sarey), photo, biography
Carey, Johnny (Johnny Sarey), photo, biography Carey, Johnny (Johnny Sarey)  Athlete, football, photo, biography
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