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Lowe Denis (Denis Law)

( Athlete, football)

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Biography Lowe Denis (Denis Law)
photo Lowe Denis (Denis Law)
(February 24, 1940)
. A beat Denisa oh, how often - because he was a forward from God with an innate instinct of a predator (the notorious assists intuition), lightning-fast response and decision speed, great game on the second floor ...
. Born on Feb. 24 in Aberdeen
. Football Wunderkind. Height 175 cm, weight 66 kg. Lacking the tall and athletic, was a high-performance forward (besides strabismic and outside the field wore glasses). Hold such an enormous number of techniques, had a powerful blow with the left foot, skillfully played head. Started in local children's teams "Powis Street School", "Aberdin Schools", "Aberdin Lads Club" (not to be confused with the Lads Ladies - guys with a lady). In his last and take Archie Beatty, brother of the coach 'Huddersfield Town' Andy Beattie. They took it to the week or two - so watch ... But a week later realized what a diamond had fallen into their hands almost from the sky! And with 15 years of Law - in 'Huddersfield' (1955 - 1960). In December 1956 he became the youngest debut 'Huddersfield'.
In 17 years (February 1957-th) signed his first professional contract, noting that fact five balls in the gate 'West Ham' in the FA Cup match. In March 1960 his 53 thousand pounds gained 'Manchester City' (Lowe here once distinguished, inject six goals 'Luton Town', which became his personal record).
In June 1961 Lowe became the first player for whom took away 100 thousand pounds. Did this Italian 'Torino' (that's when the departure from the country's Law, Greaves and other stars has prompted the British football associations to lift restrictions on salaries of players ...). However, Lowe soon quarreled with the leadership of the Turin club, which has not allowed him to play for Scotland. Denis demanded a new transfer, actually called a strike. In August 1962 the first 'Manchester United' in the person of Matt Busby laid out for the striker 110 thousand pounds, and Lowe found refuge in the next 11 years.
. August 18, 1962 he made his debut for the 'MJ' in the match against the 'West Bromwich Albion', scoring one of the two 'the team' goals - 2:2 ..
Here is a list of trophies great Scot, won in the ranks of the 'United': Champion of England 1964, 1967., Winner of the FA Cup 1963. (in the finals by defeating 'Leicester' - 3:1), 'Golden Ball' European Footballer of 1964. For 'MJ' Lowe has 409 games (plus six out as substitute), scoring 236 goals in them (including in the championship - 305, 4 for replacement, 171. Results in the English championship games - 456 games, 261 goal). Unfortunately, the knee injury did not allow him to take part in the final match of the European Cup against 'Benfica' in the glorious 68-m. Low on TV from the Manchester hospital watched as the Best and others of his comrades in the extra time the Portuguese have spread over bumps - 4:1
. As part of Scotland has played 55 matches, . scored 30 goals (debuted October 18, 1958 in a match Wales - Scotland (Cardiff, . 0:3), . Scott became the youngest ever in the history of the national team after the Second World War - 18 years and 236 days - but still a goal while scoring, . The last match held June 14, 1974 Scotland - Zaire (2:0) at the World Cup in Germany),
. He played for the national team in FIFA match against England (1963) and Cup team (1964).
. In 1973, Lowe returned to the 'Manchester City' - the new teacher 'MJ' Tommy Doherty is banking on the young and the future, shaking with the team and cast it until that fall into the Second Division ( 'DOJ' returns and returns successfully)
. Lowe also brings substantial benefit to his new-old club - 'City' wins the League Cup final in 74-m (2:1 y 'Wolves'). And his last ball in the championship of England Lowe, . ironically, . held in the gate 'MJ' - and sent a team of his life in the relegation! This fatal blow to the ball was the last for Lowe - so dejected, . that had done, . he immediately asked for replacement and left the field,
. Later he says: "Never in my life I fell into a depression, as on the weekend ..."
. Lowe continued to play only for the national team and eventually finished his playing career after the World Cup 1974, . which the Scots brought one of the strongest in the history of its football teams, . but again, not out of the group - although they took up with the Brazilians and yugami same number of points, . but lost them on goal difference,
Football biography Lowe could emerge more clearly if he had not missed many games due to frequent injuries and disqualifications. Lowe was a very temperamental player, and always fight fire with fire, which, of course, could not tolerate no judge. A beat Denisa oh, how often - because he was a forward from God with an innate instinct of a predator (the notorious assists intuition), lightning-fast response and decision speed, great game on the second floor ...
Lowe was the idol of many generations of fans in the hearts of the fans 'MJ' Lowe always remain 'King' (even if it took the throne later another king - Eric). Before Lowe always admired Sir Alexander Ferguson (and not by chance, when before the finals ketch-99 'MJ' left without Keane and Scholes, Fergie recalled that, say, managed in the same 66-m win without Low). In honor of Lou got its name Dennis Bergkamp (Dutch father was an ardent admirer mankuniantsev. Only one letter 'H' in the name of still added - if not so much like the female 'Denise'). Became one of a hundred legends of English football. After finishing his playing career, worked as newscaster and 'final lead' on 'Radio 5'.

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Lowe Denis (Denis Law), photo, biography
Lowe Denis (Denis Law), photo, biography Lowe Denis (Denis Law)  Athlete, football, photo, biography
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