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Andriy Shevchenko

( Athlete, football)

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Biography Andriy Shevchenko
photo Andriy Shevchenko
In Italy now, boom. Shevchenkomaniya. An envoy from the banks of the Dnieper, Andriy Shevchenko, his brilliant game shook Rome to its foundations. He, the one with the territory of the former Soviet Union, has become a real star on the western horizon of the football. But yesterday, few could have predicted such a fabulous career with a simple lads Obolon.
Sheva, as they call it Italian tiffozi, was born in a village not far from Kiev. Today few people remember that day - September 29, 1976, when the village raised a large table with bacon, gorilka and other local delicacies and started to celebrate his birthday. Tell me then, that has been born one of the best players of the world, even after the tenth glasses no one would believe. Especially happy birth to brother's elder sister Lena, who helped her mother Luba swaddle a baby. Even a wild imagination could not tell her and the children that after many years younger brother Andrew would carry the whole family in Italy. By the way, the father of Sheba, Nicholas G., in his youth he loved to urge the ball after work. Before retirement, he served as a lieutenant in the military unit was considered one of the best snipers.
- Walk to school I did not like - not hide Sheva. - I found it boring to sit in a stuffy classroom and look for where the leg or the hypotenuse. I do not like and to solve problems, where one point of leaving a walker and was walking toward the other. For me, the best time in the lesson was to play football to score a few goals. So I instigated kids on this. The school even parents caused the request to transfer me to another school.
Then Sheva parents moved to Kiev. Flats gave them Obolon, in the sleeping area, but the boy was lost again with youngsters on a vacant lot, where he could from morning till evening to drive to their favorite football. Often came home scratched and proud to announce that today, scored three goals. He criticized, saying that his father's small salary and he could not buy him new sneakers every month, but Sheba is not acted. He could not quit football because of some obuvki. Often played barefoot and even surprised that you can score goals, and so.
And Sheva loved to read books about football. On different occasions during the match could talk for hours. About him same docks from football talk, when 17-year-old lad is not afraid to put on Champions League. The first goal against Bayern "became for him a trip to the big football. And today, hardly anyone would say, as it has developed a sports career guy, if fate had not brought him to San Sanych Shichkovym. He first noticed the kid who thought nothing circle two or three defenders and score goals. He invited him to a football school "Dinamo".
Abroad Andrew first came to twelve years with the youth team. Then, in the children's tournament came on the field of the stadium, San Siro, where then shone the famous Dutch trio - Van Basten, Gullit and Rijkaard. In less than ten years, as Shevchenko will feel on this very lawn, the rightful owner. To some it may seem that to his triumph Andrew walked like clockwork. Nothing like. In his youth few people saw him as a successor Blokhin. Even in the Kiev Institute of physical education was not received: he passed the entrance exam for specialization - football! However, at a height of trainers were Vladimir Onishchenko and Valery Zuev, who took him into "Dynamo-2".
In football now Sheva - a star, but in my personal life for a guy - quiet to the smooth surface. He does not earn foreign journalists at a scandal or sensation. Do not drink, does not smoke, although the victory and can take a sip of beer or a good red wine. Since girls do not tusuetsya, although he is surrounded by beauty, which is steeper than the girls with Kreschatik or Tver. To marry is not going and the girlfriend does not initiate. In the first place he is still football. Although there is a hobby - it is a big hockey fan and a friend of Russia's famous hockey player Alexei Yashin.
Now no one in Milan would not say that the Italian financier and politician Silvio Berlusconi, wasting $ 25 million to buy Shevchenko. He even once said that Sheba - the second Van Basten. However, Ukrainian lad disagrees and wants to remain so, who he is - Shevchenko. By the way, no relation to Taras Grigorievich, whose name is Kiev University, Sheba, unfortunately, has no. It is said that someone from the "new Ukrainians" wants to erect a monument in Kiev Shevchenko football player, and not far from its literary namesake. He believes that the five-time champion of Ukraine, national team player and best offensive player of the Champions League the late 90's it worth. Maybe this is correct: erect monuments to people in life, rather than after, as we have taken.

Andriy Shevchenko: the guy who conquered Rome

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Andriy Shevchenko, photo, biography
Andriy Shevchenko, photo, biography Andriy Shevchenko  Athlete, football, photo, biography
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