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Belov, Alexander

( Athlete, basketball)

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Biography Belov, Alexander
(9.11.1951 - 3.10.1978)
Career talented basketball player with each passing year has gathered momentum. In 1974 he was recognized as the best pivot in the World Cup the following year he became the champion of the country, even in a year or a world champion at the Olympic Games in Montreal in 1976, took the bronze.
. But after the Montreal Olympics, Belova increasingly become donate health
. He constantly complained about the coach of chest pains, and those to ease his pain, literally in every game allowed a minute or two to rest on a bench. And in late 1977 the health of Alexander became rapidly deteriorate due to a scandalous incident ...
Alexander Belov was born Nov. 9, 1951. In basketball started to play more in school years. In the late 60's hit the main part of the Leningrad "Spartacus", which soon won the Cup Winners' Cup. World fame came to him in 1972 at the Munich Olympics. In the final match of this tournament came together two teams: the USSR and the U.S.. Match formed very dramatic. Our ever waged in the bill, but the gap was minimal. For half a minute before the end of the meeting the score was 49:48 in favor of the USSR national team. What we went into another attack, and the captain Paulauskas, reaching the ball before the opponents zone, gave a precise pass. Belov, who was already under the shield of Americans. Everyone was waiting for him the final throw, which would put the final point in this duel. Alexander threw the ball flew a few yards separating him from the ring, but got into the earhook. It was unbelievable, but true. But then there was even more incredible. Bounced off the bow, the ball went back into the hands of a. Belova. It should drop again, and everyone who watched the match, were firmly convinced that A. Belov will do so. But he apparently feared a new slip, did not do so: he threw the ball into the side of his team mate Sakandelidze. The same did not expect this and catch the ball in the hands of failed. But turned out to be right there American Collins picked up the ball and ran to our area. To stop him, Sakandelidze had "sfolit", and the judge appointed a penalty. Collins brilliantly realize them, and for a few seconds before the end of the match brought his team ahead. Everything! Our lost! Americans rushed to hug, and the Soviet basketball players were afraid to look. Especially going through a. Belov, who had an excellent opportunity to lead our team in the tournament winners. In those moments he probably felt that life for him stopped. He stood in splendid isolation in the middle ground, and none of his teammates did not look in his direction. Then suddenly a miracle happened. Judges record that the match did not finish until the end: there were three seconds. But what can be done for this vremyaN Did that catch the ball in his hands. Therefore, almost none of those present and monitored the match on TV viewers did not believe that the result will change. But the whistle sounded, our basketball Edeshko accurate throwing the ball on duty paid under the shield of Americans A. Belov. Hall dies. Another moment - and the match ends. However, before this happened, Alexander accurate throw sent the ball into the opponent's ring. And only after that sounds a siren. Everything! The victory of the USSR national team, which brings her Olympic medals!
After this victory roll to come Belov fantastic glory. Even in America, where, apparently, it had to hate now, there were whole groups of "fans" - admirers of Alexander Belov. One young American lost to his head, came to Leningrad and invited him to marry her and go to the U.S.. But he refused.
Meanwhile career of a talented basketball player with each passing year has gathered momentum. In 1974 he was recognized as the best pivot in the World Cup the following year he became the champion of the country, even in a year or a world champion at the Olympic Games in Montreal in 1976, took the bronze.
. Despite the enviable success in the sports career Belova, his personal life first evolved not so well
. At one time he met the girl he loved, and even planned to marry her. However, this did not come true. Get pregnant from him, she decided to get rid of the child and had an abortion without even notifying about his favorite. When he heard this, he decided to break off relations with it. For him it was a difficult decision, but obviously, otherwise he could not act.
A new love came to him in the spring of 1976. Happened in the following circumstances.
Two years ago, he knew that he loved a young basketball player Alexander Ovchinnikov, but respond to her feelings, he could not: if he had met with his first bride. But when they parted, he remembered his namesake and first went to the rapprochement.
By A. Ovchinnikov: "At the Olympic rally, held in Leningrad, I was approached by Sasha's friend from Georgia, also a famous basketball player, Michael Cork, and talked about Belovo, figuring out how I am to Sasha. I, suspecting nothing, answered honestly: "I love it". Barely after the three days, as I see in "Spartacus" deliver a letter without a signature. Not even a letter - a brief note. I have it still have: "Sasha, we need to talk. Now you have learned a lot about my feelings for you. Not subscribe. I think you guess who turns to you ". That evening I rushed to him on a date ...
That evening we went to a concert, then a long walk. Morning Sasha flew with the national team for 20 days in the U.S.. Since then he often: not enough time to meet, as has been necessary to leave. I'm also the national team ...
The first time Sasha and I often met in Moscow. Women's Team of the USSR pursued charges are usually in the Silver Wood, and male - in Novogorsk. Despite the strict control of trainers (especially our own, female), we managed to run every day for visits to each other ...
His coach, Kondrashin, I think, was happy and somehow inadvertently pushed him to me. I consider it very positive, modest, sustained, and Vladimir Petrovich had hoped - it's my belief - I positively affect the "explosive Belova" ... We got married in April 1977 ... "
Meanwhile, after the Montreal Olympics, Belova increasingly become donate health. He constantly complained about the coach of chest pains, and those to ease his pain, literally in every game allowed a minute or two to rest on a bench. And in the late 1977's health began to deteriorate rapidly Alexander because of a scandalous incident.
. It is no longer a secret, . that in those years, many Soviet athletes, . traveling abroad, . were taken from a scarce for the Western buyer of goods (such as caviar, . vodka) and exchange them for things, . in short we have: audio and video equipment, . clothing, . shoes and T,
. d. For these purposes in each group departing athletes were special people, who in their luggage and smuggle (they were called "rabbits"). It was mostly players-average performance, which lost for the team in case of exposure would be insignificant. However, in the ill-fated trip Leningrad "Spartacus" in Italy, referred to, the players for some reason decided to entrust the smuggling Alexander Belov. Tom would be indignant over such "confidence", to refuse ... But, apparently, the fact and was made the calculation that Alexander in his natural goodness take it without a scandal. And so it was. Taking the bag, which this time did not lay any vodka or caviar, but the icon (!), The athlete stepped on the point of customs control. And it was his luggage suddenly decided to check customs.
Later it became clear that this does not happen by accident. One of the players on the team, who dreamed of playing in your starting five and had seen in Belovo main obstacle to this, decided to remove him by proxy. He "hit" which follows the fact that the baggage Belova not intended for transportation of things, and the famous center-detained.
Scandal of this inflated grandiose. A number of major newspapers was given the command to elaborate on this event, shares the perpetrator of the incident "a nut". Belova immediately denied the title of Honored Master of Sports, scholarships, withdrew from the national team and from the "Spartacus". Even the practice has been banned. After this, Alexander took to drink, my heart began to ache even more.
In one version of this provocation, specifically officials of the Sports Committee tune to dislodge the well-known center-of Leningrad "Spartacus" and lure him to Moscow. For example, this: Immediately after the expulsion from the team Belova the man who lectured him infamous icons are strongly advised to move to CSKA, where he immediately restore all ranks and take back to the team. But Alexander refused the offer. He could not bring the team coach, who, in fact, made him a true athlete.
. In August 1978, fate seemed to smile Belov: he was once again invited to the national team, which is in preparation for the World Cup in the Philippines, trained in the Latvian city of Talsi
. According to eyewitnesses, when Belov arrived at the charges, he enthusiastically greeted the whole team, even those of the players, whom he was bound to displace from the team. It seemed that justice is done and new victories athlete is not far off. However ...
Just a few days after the start of training Belov began to complain of malaise. Doctors examined him and determined poisoning. The patient was sent to the infectious diseases hospital and thence Aesculapius put him on shots. From them Belova suddenly ill heart. Soon he moved to Leningrad, the Institute of Advanced Medical.
Famous sportsmen had treated a group of eminent professors, and established that the cause of his illness: armor mesh. The disease, which is known as shell, from one year to cover the heart muscle. In the end, a man stops breathing. The disease was incurable, and the doctors knew this perfectly well. According to one version, he knew about it and he Belov, only the mind never gave. His coach in. Kondrashin at one time even tried to find a U.S. doctor who could cure his talented student, but this attempt failed.
. In a bitter twist of fate, Belov died in the same institute, which several years ago passed away and his father
. Moreover, he was lying on the same bed, which held its last moments of his father.
October 3, 1978 A. Belov died.
P. S. A. Ovchinnikov after her husband died several years lived alone. Then again married, gave birth to a daughter, Pauline. However, in the future of young lives gone wrong, and they were divorced. A Mother. Belova, Maria D. says Pauline and helps her granddaughter in her upbringing.

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Belov, Alexander, photo, biography
Belov, Alexander, photo, biography Belov, Alexander  Athlete, basketball, photo, biography
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