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Biography ALIYEVA Olesya
photo ALIYEVA Olesya
It has always been brisk, wind-and hurried. Even was born in the month ahead of schedule. Nothing is known about "plans" daughter, parents, convinced that the child would be born at least four weeks, decided to go relax at the resort and came back with the addition. On this occasion the family had many conversations. But even more than they are now. After all, none of the relatives and could not assume that a beginner skier so quickly turn into a champion. In March of this year, Olesya Aliyev won a World Cup in Switzerland the bronze medal in the downhill. But the "bronze" in this case may well be likened to a coin the higher test. Only two gymnasts - Varvara Zelenskaja and Olesya Aliyev - represent Russia in this sport, puffing along the way and for the men's team.
. - Olesya, Can you call your chance of getting into the top three leaders in the Cup miraN
. - Frankly, I never thought that I would be third
. Competition among female athletes was high. Also, this season I have a tough. We have almost all stages of the World Cup, hooked several stages of the European Cup. I showed good results, and the coach promised to let me go home early. I am very glad I will not hide.
- So, when she came to start, then in the head were thoughts about the rest, not medaliN
- In competitions we have participated together with Varya Zelenskaya. She first tried out the route, showed a third result, and immediately gave me up information about what to do, like go, how fast. I rushed to the start of warm up. And during this time, while kneading, learned that several more skier came in the top three, pushing Varya. Then I decided to focus only on driving, copying the words friends and coaches. So did. When I saw the finish time, then could not believe my eyes. While there, at first did not even realize what kind of numbers. Then, clutching her head, because it does not happen! This could not be.
- ZaplakalaN
- Yes there all crying. I also. Not violently, but it was a little bit.
- Back to the beginning of conversation: what is the reason for the successful vystupleniyaN
- Before entering a contest a few days it was snowing, and the first issue it was difficult to go. They are rolled and stamped the track for those who have the following. In short, I just used had the chance, and the reason victory. By the way, for me it is very important. I believed in myself, because before a few times so happened that I started like a good idea, and then either went off the track, or losing on the last interval. I lacked confidence, experience, and responsibility crushed.
- After these competitions, your rating izmenilsyaN
- Yes. Previously, I had 180-some, and now - in Number Thirty strongest.
- Now you can eat and sweet. I allude to your bargain with Varya Zelenskaya ...

- At the beginning of the season, we agreed that as long as it does not fall into the boat, but I'm of thirty (in the elite downhill skiing are the top 30 athletes), refuses to dessert. Now the ban lifted.

- Weight for the skier has rolN

- No. All athletes are different. There is a tall, thin, and full of growth slightly above 150 cm. I think that the powerful girls a little easier, because they are applying pressure on the skis, and because of this faster turn. However, in my view, much depends on the character, temperament Rights. I am by nature very mobile.
. - Therefore, the chosen disciplines such as downhill and supergigantN By the way, why Russia's athletes traditionally prefer these two species, leaving behind slalom
. - Because it is fast driving.
. - Do you want to repeat the words of a classic: "What Russian does not love fast driving" N..
. - Yes
. All of this is the case. For other athletes to go fast is difficult. And we have - especially the Russian psyche: stood on skis - a-ah! - And ponesslas
- And what skis you stand tyN
- When started, on what just did not go skiing. Soon turn to Fischer. They are more nimble. But every athlete his. Some people like to ski hard, someone soft, but to me these.
- It is true that abroad, almost all competitions are held on an artificial sneguN

- Yes, it has long since made. Frozen distilled water are shot from special guns. For the competition enough layer 20-30 cm. Artificial snow, compared with conventional more rigid, and it must accommodate.

- It turns out that if you train on this snow, then on artificial can easily proigratN ..

- Of course, there is a difference. But we in Apatity, where the championship of Russia, the structure is similar to the artificial snow. It is dense, crystallized ... Generally speaking mountain skiing - a sport where you have to be ready for anything: and the artificial, and so far the snow, and fog, and rain ...

. - Do you remember the feeling the first time I slid down the mountain on lyzhahN

. - I was four years old, and I remember very little
. We were then living in Adygeya, 40 kilometers from Maikop, a small mountain village that housed tourist centers. It turned out that my parents separated. I was brought up by my mother, but once he came to my mother's sister, Auntie Sveta, from Magadan, and said: "There is no need to keep the child in the village - should move to the city". And my grandmother and I went to visit her aunt in Magadan. There I went to first grade, and then Aunt gave me in the ski section. True, there was a time when I'm tired of these classes order. And then my mother and aunt forced me to walk alone on the train. For this I am very grateful. Grown, raised, left in sports. Well done! In fact, Aunt replaced my dad. Up to 8 th grade, she held me in rigor, and then they were with my mother seemed to have exchanged roles. Mom, always stood by my side, has become more demanding, and aunt Sveta - on the contrary, soft and manageable.

A year after graduating from high school I was a sportswoman, budding, was invited to Moscow. Had transferred from Magadan Pedagogical University in Rossiyskuyu Academy of Physical Culture. But, once in the national team, at the Institute, I only appear in the spring - from May until mid-June. Although I am very interested to learn, and I would like to spend more time in the classroom.
- You live in obschezhitiiN
- Lived, but not for long. Accidentally met a girl named Julia, and she took me under wing. At first we lived in Julin parents, now rents an apartment. By Sport girlfriend has nothing to do. Powered by the French firm. If it were not Julia, then when my salary - a thousand rubles, - I do not know what I would have lived, as fed, and in that dress. Alas, but Julia soon leave me. Married a Frenchman and moved to it. I am very happy for her
- P is not zovetN ..
- He is calling, but I live abroad heavily. The house is a house in Magadan, he or Moscow, and abroad - abroad. It is not easy there. Other people, and everything else under. And we have - and soul wide open spaces ... Of course, there are all sorts of people there and here. But Russia for me - it all and go away I do not want.
- You want to be izvestnoyN
- Praise for me is not important. Most of all I like what I'm pleased with the victory of my mother, aunt, friend and friend.
. - And what ambitsiiN
. - It's nice when you find out when we arrived with Varya from Switzerland, the Sheremetyevo-2 "showed people his finger at me:" It's Aliyev
. But for me it is not important. Importantly - good to go skiing.
- Mom does not survive for you, because "driving" from the mountains - it riskN
- She is calm, because she is afraid of nothing. Mama I looking for experiences - for example, jump from a height. This in 40 years! Previously, she was engaged in gymnastics, then worked as an instructor at the camp sites, drove routes. True, the profession it is - a barber, but knows a lot of things.
- What are you afraid not to do in this zhizniN
- I do not realize their potential. Although I am sure that sooner or later, dreams come true. We just have patience and wait.

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ALIYEVA Olesya, photo, biography
ALIYEVA Olesya, photo, biography ALIYEVA Olesya  athlete skier, photo, biography
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