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Irina Tchachina

( sportswoman, rhythmic gymnastics)

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Biography Irina Tchachina
photo Irina Tchachina
She rarely smiles, when acting, but can laugh after victory. This character. Siberian. 19-year-old Irina Tchachina forced to talk about himself suddenly, but all. In the world of rhythmic gymnastics appeared bright talent. In the past the Goodwill Games in Brisbane, she defeated in the all-around very Alina Kabaeva. And that, you know, mean something ...
Ira, tell me what you still got it is not very pleasant nickname - NesmeyanaN

- And you know, I disagree with it. In ordinary life, if fun, then I laugh and am an emotional, especially when I am surrounded by interesting people. But competition often smile at me until it turns out, although I know that the artistic gymnastics, unsmiling look dull.
- What other traits do you consider your strengths and what - it's nedostatkamN
- Stubbornness - the most powerful feature of my. If there is something uprus, then watch out for all. I will not leave until they do, how to. How can I go to competitions, unfinished element, which I did not poluchaetsyaN Then - Willpower. Sometimes there are moments when nothing you do not want to do. Then ask yourself: "What will I do without a gym, if that's all so broshuN" And I just can not take people who believe in me.
- You can feel yourself sibiryachkoyN
- Certainly, and very proud of. Organically not stand the heat. This summer, she felt uncomfortable in Moscow.
- It is said to succeed in gymnastics, one must start almost from the cradle ...
- I started with six years. I was led into a section grandfather, who was a great lover of sport. On the eve of the TV I watched the World Cup, and I really liked. We grandfather decided that for health and figure you can try. I had a very full, and they told me that it is better to go to gymnastics. But I replied that I wanted to deal only with the artistic. Gradually came to success, although the data did not have any, except for a strong shock. My grandfather put me on a pound of weight on each leg and made the house jump. Maybe that's why jump rope became my favorite subject.
- And what roditeliN They supported your vyborN

- Mama - musician, and really wanted to and I went on her way. So I gave the music school. All the years I mix and training, and music. But two years ago, when finally finished school externally, it became clear that the time for both starved. Had to choose. And I chose the artistic gymnastics. First I supported grandmother. It drove me a little on the training and to this day remains my most devoted fan.

- You've been training and living in Moscow, the Olympic Training Center. But what about the house, not tyanetN

- More like one! But the biggest holiday - two weeks - was after the European Championships where I won the gold medal in the rope exercise, beating Alina Kabaeva. When standing on a pedestal, was unable to hold back my tears. Home in Omsk arrived at six o'clock, but I met a huge crowd of fans with flowers. It was very nice ...

- There are times when athletes move from one coach to another. Often, because of fatigue from each other. And at times because of selfish reasons. Have you ever had the desire to part with Vera EfremovnoyN

- No, I'm very attached to her for 13 years. She told me, like a second mom. It is love her and I can not even think that someday it rasstanus. If for some reason she left from Moscow, then go away and I.

- Commendable. Tell me, has traveled many countries. Where did you like more vsegoN

- I say this. While I have in the first place Paris. There - simple and very friendly people. Second place I would have averted Hollywood. But the Americans, to be honest, I am not very liked. And it is where I never wanted to live, so it is in Germany. They feel uncomfortable and sad. At seven in the evening all go home, drink tea, on the streets of one. Boredom! And I measured life not to his liking. We in Moscow, and Omsk in this time, by contrast, is just beginning outdoor tusovka. Yes, still impressed Las Vegas. True, there are allowed to visit a casino only 21 years old and we even close to him did not let.

- How do you think, why our gymnasts practically no rivals in mireN

- Because foreign gymnasts too sorry for ourselves and, for example, the slogan of Irina's Wiener: "Do not eat!" - For them sounds absurd. In America, for example, a gymnast can sit in the middle of training in the middle of the carpet, a bite to eat hamburgers and drink his Coca-Cola. And if the coach makes her point, she has the right to take him to court. And not one extra minute, not specified contracts, there will be no train. We, however, when learns exercises, especially at the clock do not look. You know, if not overcome itself and be a slave to his desires, including those in the food, the big sports have nothing to do.

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Irina Tchachina, photo, biography
Irina Tchachina, photo, biography Irina Tchachina  sportswoman, rhythmic gymnastics, photo, biography
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