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Campbell, Donald

( Athlete racer)

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Biography Campbell, Donald
photo Campbell, Donald
In Donald Campbell had three hereditary diseases: rheumatism, heart disease and the desire to surpass the speed. If the responsibility for the first two divided the parents, the fault for the third lies entirely on the father. Sir Malcolm Kempbepl who gave life to Donald, was no less famous than the presidents, kings and prime ministers of the planet. He competed at a speed of racing cars, to speedboats, sports planes. At the end of 1930 on account Englishman were dozens of world records, and several severe accidents. But Providence filed Malcolm, who for his achievements in the world speed received from the King of Britain title of Sir.
. Donald, closely followed the progress of his father, decided to follow in his footsteps.
. At school the boy was beaten regularly, regardless of his close relationship with the idol, but because Donald often changed schools
. Only at the age of 14 he was in school, where respect for Malcolm Campbell did not outweigh the desire to wallop his son's classmates. But Health Secretary Donald already has announced the first time in 16 years when he was forced to say goodbye forever to the school. Connections Sir Malcolm Donald helped find plum job of insurance agent. The young man traveled for days in London, processing documents for insurance. Motion to him was tantamount to life, but in this movement, he sometimes crossed all boundaries of caution. Within one year, Campbell twice defeated your own bike, but remained virtually unscathed.

Due to the constant physical exercise rheumatism gradually retreated into the shadows. In the wake of British patriotism, Donald went to the recruiting station, where future pilots were recruited for the Royal Air Force. But it turned out that he had neglected heart disease.

The joy of victory in World War II for Donald jolt unexpected death of his father. But if the death of a loved one could accept, then the Americans rapidly seated on a throne in the world speed record breakers Donald perceived as a slap in the face. Campbell, Jr., decided in that whatever the cost to return the record of his homeland.
. Hard to believe, . Donald but within a decade, has raised the bar on the water speed record by an incredible result - 440 kilometers per hour! Having returned Britain and the Campbell family of the palm on the water, . Donald stood on firm ground and decided to set a new record on land,
. The Englishman was a master of costly projects.

In its design office in the company with the best engineers, he created the supercar "Bluebird" ( "Blue Bird"). From its price of 12 million German marks all fainted, but the famous surname Campbell attracted sponsors.

. The first attempt to beat the world speed record on land had failed and opened a series of disasters, which has consistently found himself an Englishman
. At the time of arrival, . who promised to be a record, . "Bluebird", . rushing along the bottom of a dried-up salt lake in the U.S. state of Utah, . reaching a speed of 500 kilometers per hour, . suddenly soared into the air! The car flew over 250 meters and fell to the ground in a heap of twisted metal,
. Observers do not expect to find Campbell's alive, but to their surprise in the crumpled body of the car with jet engine rescuers found the whole and unhurt driver!

The next attempt to get ahead of competitors Campbell failed. This time he chose the place of the record run, the Australian Lake Eyre. Green continent was happier than the North American. Donald overclocked to an insane speed of 648 kilometers per hour! But he wanted to raise the bar on speed records to the heights to which for many years no one could even come close!
. All 1966 Donald devoted to creating a new racing boat with a jet engine
. Its cost was enormous, and the dozens of thousands of pounds. His desire to set a record in one of the English Lakes, where before World War II struck by the unprecedented speed of Campbell Sr., Donald justified in his own book, "Overcoming the water barrier. Early in 1967 Campbell and his superkater arrived at Lake Coniston. The weather was disgusting: howling cold wind, the water a dangerous ripple, and the rain to wet snow hampered visibility. Donald knew that such conditions are contra-record run, and therefore postponed the start for a couple of weeks, during which he decided had a good practice at a favorite childhood lake, where they were resting with his father. However, the training provided did not slow passage across the surface of the troubled lake, and the spurt with a speed exceeding 400 kilometers per hour. Night before the tragedy of Donald, is not inclined to frankness, and said suddenly mechanics, was preparing to launch the record run that gnaws at his apprehension. Mechanic reassured riders in a joking tone, but Campbell was serious as ever.

Premonitions not deceived multiple world record holder. When January 4, 1967 Donald brought his boat for a morning workout, the sky clouds closed and the wind blew with a violent force. Campbell, who had radio contact with the shore, a straight, reaching a speed of 480 km / h, gave the weather is preparing for him some kind of trap. Spell out your words had no time racer: the next moment boat flew out of the water and exploded with a bang, . which may make only a god of thunder! Observers on the shore speechless with horror, and only fragments of boats conducted a glance, . collapsed into the water and stone recycled to the bottom,
. Rescuers arrived at the crash site in minutes, . but what was their surprise, . when in the twisted metal there is not one tangible evidence of presence of a driver! Detailed examination of the exploded boat and all the lake has led to the mysterious and terrible result: after the tragedy of Campbell, together with all clothing, . ammunition and fire-proof medallions around his neck and the arm is gone! Could not find a single piece of clothing or the remains of the body,
. Supergonschik simply disappeared, leaving descendants, not only dozens of world records for speed, but the mystery of his own death.

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Campbell, Donald, photo, biography
Campbell, Donald, photo, biography Campbell, Donald  Athlete racer, photo, biography
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