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Gorelov Tolstoy

( War Veteran)

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Biography Gorelov Tolstoy
photo Gorelov Tolstoy
(August 2, 1922)
. He was awarded three Orders of the Red Banner, Order of Patriotic War I level, three orders of Red Star, Order of Service to the Motherland in the Armed Forces "III degree, many medals, including" For Military Merit. "
. Born August 2, 1922 in the village Kstischi Kozelskii district of Kaluga Region
. Father - Gorelov Sarah Childress (1899-1969). Mother - Gorelova Domna D. (1896-1980). Wife - Claudia Gorelova Panteleyevna (1926 g.rozhd.), Teacher. Daughter - Gorelova Natalia L. (1947 g.rozhd.) Doctor. Son - Gorelov, Yuri L. (1951 g.rozhd.) Colonel Airborne.

In 1940, LN Gorelov was drafted into the Red Army and sent to the 202 th Airborne Brigade, stationed in Khabarovsk. He served a platoon commander, then the company.

During the Great Patriotic War took part in the hostilities at the 3 rd and 2 nd Ukrainian Front in the post of commander-machine company. In 1943 he completed the courses "The Shot" Far Eastern Military District.

In March 1945, 357 th Regiment 114 st Airborne Division led the fighting in Hungary and came to the River Raba. In order to ensure a successful crossing of the river company submachine regiment under the command of Lev Gorelov night was transferred to the rear of the defending enemy. During this night rota Gorelova destroyed mortar and artillery batteries and regimental command post of the enemy and moved to the defensive part of the road, thereby avoiding the enemy's retreat. As a result, the regiment successfully crossed the river Rabo. During the conduct of operations, many soldiers and officers were awarded orders and medals. LN. Gorelov, received the Order of the Red Star from the hands of Marshal R.YA. Malinowski.

After the war, Tolstoy continued to serve in the Airborne. In 1958 he graduated from the Military Academy named M.V. Frunze. He commanded the regiment, and subsequently the division, developing new tactics and methods of warfare.
. In connection with the events in Czechoslovakia in 1968 7 th Airborne Division under the command of Leo Tolstoy Gorelova on the night of August 22, was airlifted to three airfields near Prague
. With the highest skills of, and occasions, and discipline personnel of the entire operation was completed in 3 hours without loss and destruction. Hundreds of paratroopers were awarded orders and medals. Tolstoy was awarded the Order of the Red Banner.

Over thirty years of service in the airborne troops (1940-1970) LN. Gorelov rose from platoon leader to division commander, made 511 parachute jumps.

In 1970, LN Gorelov was transferred to the Army first deputy commander of the 14 th Army (Chisinau). In this position for 5 years, held a large number of exercises with officers of the army staff, including joint exercises with the Bulgarian People's Army. In 1973 he graduated from courses at the Military Academy of the General Staff of the K. Ye.

. In October 1975, following discussions with Marshal Kulikov Tolstoy was appointed chief military adviser to the President of the Republic of Afghanistan, . where at that time was a complex political situation, . which was exacerbated after the so-called Saur Revolution,
. Military advisers performed their duties, working in the armed forces and not interfering in the internal affairs of the country

. Between 1978 and 1979, together with military advisers LN
. Gorelov, organized and conducted a series of military operations to liberate the city Faizabad, Asadobad, Borikod, Khost, Urgun from Afghan and Pakistani gangs of mercenaries, for which he was awarded the Order of the Red Banner.
. In August 1979, LN Gorelov was summoned to Moscow and heard at the Politburo
. He clearly and succinctly reported on the situation in the country and the state of the army. On the question of Leonid Brezhnev on, . whether to impose the Soviet troops in Afghanistan, . Tolstoy replied firmly "No, . as the input of our troops could cause problems for the military-political situation in the region and increase military aid to Pakistan by the U.S.,
. "The Afghan army - said LN Gorelov, - can perform its tasks on its own, as on the border and inside the country". However, his opinion was not taken into account: some people are not happy with a position on sending troops. December 4, Tolstoy was recalled to Moscow, and on December 27, Soviet troops entered Afghanistan.

In January 1980, LN. Gorelov received a new assignment as deputy commander of the Odessa military district of universities and non-military training. Since 1984, in stock.

So far, Tolstoy is a great public work. Since 1992 he is deputy chairman of the Committee of the Odessa Regional Council of Veterans. Provide possible assistance to veterans of the war in Afghanistan.

. He was awarded three Orders of the Red Banner, Order of Patriotic War I level, three orders of Red Star, Order of Service to the Motherland in the Armed Forces "III degree, many medals, including" For Military Merit. "
. He is fond of gardening and flower
. He likes to read military memoirs.
Lives in Odessa.

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Gorelov Tolstoy, photo, biography
Gorelov Tolstoy, photo, biography Gorelov Tolstoy  War Veteran, photo, biography
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