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Gorchakov, Pyotr Andreyevich

( War Veteran)

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Biography Gorchakov, Pyotr Andreyevich
photo Gorchakov, Pyotr Andreyevich
(November 23, 1917)
However, the last point in the war, Colonel Gorchakov set June 24, 1945. He, Hero of the Soviet Union, other than political worker, has been a great honor - to command a company-bearers of the 4 th Ukrainian Front at the Victory Parade in Moscow.
. Born November 23, 1917 in the village Borinskoe Borinskoe Voronezh region (now Lipetsk) area
. Father - Gorchakov Andrew S. (1872 - 1937). Mother - Gorchakov Maria. Wife - Antonina Semenovna (1917. born.). Children: Alexander P. (1944. born.), - a reserve officer, Andrew P. (1954 g. born.) - scientist.

Pyotr Gorchakov grew up in a peasant family and, like any other villager, from an early age began to work. In the two-year-old Peter lost his mother. She died of typhus in the harsh 1919. All care for the survivors of four children - Peter was the youngest - lay on the shoulders of his father. Fortunately, that expert was excellent and very necessary in rural areas: oven-builder, roofer, glazier - in short, a jack of all trades.

Together with her sister and brother Peter as he could to help his father, not shied away from any work. That is why, and grew strong, Artisan man. Labor hardening then great use to him.

Father was able to raise, raise children, make them real people, give them an education.

In 1938, Peter's call to serve in the Red Army and sent to the Far East. In the early days it attracted the attention of its activity, a zealous attitude to service, erudition. Three months later, Peter was elected secretary of the Komsomol bureau battalion, a year later appointed Assistant Chief of the Political Department of the Komsomol parts Chita Garrison. A year later was elected executive secretary of the party organization of a separate 25-second border battalions.

Peter could not then assume that these elections and appointments will determine his fate for life tie him to the army. Until the end of May 1941 Gorchakov resigned to the reserve and returned to the fold. No sooner had he look around, how come the tragic morning of 22 June ...

Despite the book, Peter insisted that he was released to the front. The request was satisfied Gorchakov. He was appointed Commissioner of marching company. And already 29 June 1941 a young political worker received a baptism of fire east of Brest. The situation has been difficult. I had to bloody fighting retreat into the country. Anger and resentment simmering in the chest ...
In mid-July, Peter commanders on the course of political personnel. In late December 1941, he again returned to the front, in the 3rd Army. He was appointed executive secretary of the Party bureau 474 Infantry Regiment, 6 th Guards Rifle Division. Polk led the battles on the right bank of the Oka, in the vicinity of settlements Fetishovo, Sivkova. They were fighting though and local significance, but of people and machines wore fairly.

. Peter visited all the battalions and battalions, met with the commanders, the secretaries of party organizations, took part in several battles, raised and led an attack by one cause or another unit
. In these battles, he has acquired the main thing - the experience of working with people on the battlefield.

In April 1942, 6 th Guards Rifle Division have brought to the resupply. Gorchakov was appointed deputy commander of the 1033rd Infantry Regiment 280 Infantry Division on the political part of. In a short time in command of this regiment joined a young but experienced and very brave, past fire and water officer, Lieutenant Colonel S. V. Ledkov. They quickly came together and found mutual understanding, good friends. They were able to quickly establish a strong part, the militant group, which has successfully coped with any problems, proved himself worthy in battle at the Kursk Bulge.

Then on the exact time the German offensive in the regiment learned the day before it begins. On the night of July 5 in units of no sleep. All to a man, from soldier to commander of the regiment, intensely preparing for a tough fight.

Attack was the Nazis started with some delay. Maps of muddled our artillery counter. But seven in the morning the earth trembled. In the sky appeared armada of German aircraft, artillery hit. Then came the tanks. Gray steel monsters moved to the position of the 1033rd Regiment. But the soldiers did not flinch and calmly waited their approach. First of them opened fire artillery, antitank guns. Then, have already gone in the course of grenades and Molotov cocktails. All battalions were to death. None of the Nazi tank did not burst on their sites.

But at the junction with the adjacent 1031-m regiment group of enemy tanks still managed to infiltrate the positions of the training battalion stationed in the second echelon. The situation is critical. A minute or two - and the enemy tanks will overcome the last line of trenches the regiment, welling up at the rear of unprotected. Behind them came the Nazi infantry.

Pyotr Andreyevich time I saw the danger, jumped on his horse and galloped off to NP training battalion. "Report the situation!" - Gorchakov demanded by the battalion commander. But he otsizhivayas in the dugout, lost control of the companies were, and now completely confused. Nothing else to do but to remove him from command of the battalion.

Pyotr Andreyevich assembled company commanders and platoon leaders, put them to a specific task. He was ordered to prepare troops for a counterattack. By the time anti-tank riflemen and 1031 the first battalion of Infantry Regiment, knocked out of the tanks and other vehicles turned back. But in the area of the trenches the regiment still remained German infantry. "Attack!" Follow me! " - Filed Gorchakov school battalion command and not looking back, rushed forward.

The counterattack was unexpected for the Nazis. Stunned audacity of Soviet soldiers, they retreated. Training Battalion returned the lost ground, killing more than 200 Nazi soldiers and officers.
Political worker Dmitry Stepanov headed battalion and returned to Gorchakov NP Regiment. Colonel Ledkov embraced his deputy. "I do not want any reports, all saw it myself - broke, he began to speak Gorchakov. - About your deed will inform the Divisional Commander ". I told. Divisional Commander, Colonel D. N. Votes reported above on this episode for instance. So learn about the heroic deeds of Lieutenant Colonel Gorchakov Central Front Commander, Colonel-General to. K. Rokossovsky. On the same day he was awarded the Order of the commissar of the Red Banner. The evening of the staff at the front, the representative arrived and handed Pyotr Andreyevich high reward.

July 15 of the right wing of the Central Front launched a counteroffensive. Breaking the resistance of the enemy, they advanced rapidly to the west. September 23, 1033 Fifth Regiment of its 280-th Infantry Division went to the Dnieper River near the village Okunnikova. Force the river on the move failed: the enemy tore crossing the first group of paratroopers.

. Then it was decided to pick up in the regiment 100 - 120 people from among the athletes, swimmers, most courageous, and a battle-tested, and a group of them to capture a bridgehead
. Headed its battalion commander Captain A. Rybalko. Because the case was of paramount, the group went on a mission and the political officer of the regiment, Lieutenant Colonel Gorchakov.

Late at night on September 26 boats with paratroopers pushed off from shore. The enemy did not notice anything, and only a few meters from the Germans found a group of. Rang guns, bombs exploded near.

"Everyone in the water!" - Ordered Rybalko. "Follow me!" - Shouted Gorchakov and first jumped from the boat. Marines shouting "Hurray!" rushed for the political officer. His powerful figure stood out among all, it equaled. In the dark group broke into the enemy trench. Caught unawares by the Nazis could not have organized resistance. Courageous warriors in a brief skirmish seized a bridgehead to a depth of 200 meters and 500 meters on the front. At once he began crossing companies and battalions of the regiment. Rapid attack, they mastered the second strip of enemy defenses in 5 - 6 kilometers from the coast.

From this base launched an attack on Korosten and then to Kiev. But in the battle for the capital of Ukraine Colonel Gorchakov had not participated. October 10 at the River Grouse he was badly wounded - the fourth time since the war began.

. In the hospital Gorchakov discovered the good news: for valor and heroism displayed in numerous battles, forcing rivers to Saeima, Desna, Dnieper he was awarded the title Hero of the Soviet Union.

. In February 1944, Lieutenant Colonel Gorchakov left the hospital, went to the appointment in Moscow
. He was sent to a refresher course of political personnel. After studying Peter was appointed head of the Political 276 Infantry Division on 4 th Ukrainian Front. With it, he stormed the seemingly impregnable Carpathians, participated in the Moravian-Ostrava and Prague operations. He graduated from a military way May 12, 1945 in the village of croup, 30 kilometers from Prague.

However, the last point in the war, Colonel Gorchakov set June 24, 1945. He, Hero of the Soviet Union, other than political worker, has been a great honor - to command a company-bearers of the 4 th Ukrainian Front at the Victory Parade in Moscow.

War ended. But the difficulties and troubles are not diminished, but something even been added. Pyotr Andreyevich relatively quickly moved up the career ladder. Life threw it across the country: from the far east to the extreme west. In 1949 he was head of the political community in Estonia. And from 1970 to 1987 until the resignation of a member of the Military Council - Chief Political Commissar Strategic Missile Forces.

Military labor Colonel General P. A. Gorchakov highly marked Homeland. He - Hero of the Soviet Union, . awarded two Orders of Lenin, . Order of the October Revolution, . two Orders of Red Banner, . Three World War I degree, . five orders of Red Star and the Order "For Service to Motherland in the Armed Forces" III degree, . has more than 40 medals, . awarded orders and medals of foreign countries.,

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Gorchakov, Pyotr Andreyevich, photo, biography
Gorchakov, Pyotr Andreyevich, photo, biography Gorchakov, Pyotr Andreyevich  War Veteran, photo, biography
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