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Snesarev Drevesny

( revolutionist)

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Biography Snesarev Drevesny
(1865 - 1937)
Revolution, he probably did not take. If adopted, it is not immediately and with reservations. Without reservations, he took only Russia - a country considered as a set of characteristics, varying in tempo natural historical process, regardless of anyone's revolutionary impatience. The reason for the entry Snesariev in the Red Army was a German intervention in the spring of 1918.
. Half a century ago was called the geopolitics of bourgeois pseudo-science, and even in modern editions of the encyclopedia, it is treated as a tool to justify aggression
. Few know that the foundations of this science in the second half of last century, laid the Count Dmitri Milutin, scientist, politician, minister of war Russia. Military reform in the Russian army, which was held by Milutin, was inseparable from the development of a political vision of relations between Russia and other countries according to their inherent geographical factors. This concept is the area of geopolitics, only it was called Milutin military geography.
. Dmitri 8 years (1847-1855 gg.) Was a professor of geography at the Military Academy of the General Staff, and his work "A critical view of military geography and military statistics" has become a policy document Russia's geopolitics
. In accordance with its formula of "people MILYUTINA" went to the East, their names are unknown now, . except, . who have highlighted any twists and turns of history: Przewalski, . Kozlov, . Fadeev, . Kornilov, . Kuropatkin, . Mainergeym - these kinds of people joined the military and scientific search.,

. Perhaps, . this introduction will help to better understand the atmosphere, . which made Andrew Snesariev, . graduated from Moscow University of Physics and Mathematics Department with a gold medal, . thesis "Investigation of the infinitely small quantities" and became a candidate of pure mathematics, . capable linguist, . to 23 years who knew four languages, . already won fame piano virtuoso, . entered the Moscow Infantry School,
. It took him only 10 years to become the General Staff of the captain and was assigned to the Turkestan Military District.

. Service began with a trip to India.
. At the head of the order of three dozen Orenburg Cossacks Snesarev crossed from north to south the entire Pamir, infiltrated inaccessible areas of Kashmir, has collected interesting material on the Northern India
. Then it was difficult to return, again, the Pamirs, Khorog. Weary traveler met high in the mountains of the charming girl, Evgenia Zaitsev, daughter of the chief Khorog post. Appointment Snesariev Chief of the Pamir detachment was his wedding gift.
The result of three years of wandering the mountain - two volumes of North-India Theater. Word of the art world does not let fool you - this is intended theater of operations, meticulous description of the passes, roads and villages in the Hindu Kush and Kashmir - the information needed to move troops to the Indo-Gangetic Plain. Followed by the military-geographical descriptions of the Pamirs and the eastern Bukhara; passing Snesarev examines dozen Asian languages.

. It is safe to say that it Snesarev policymakers empire in southern Asia, and that its recommendations carefully considered the War Ministry and General Staff
. Activities Snesariev not like the British, it is against British interests in Asia. Pressed some spring in St. Petersburg, and Snesariev recall. But the tip - this screen: Directs the General Staff Colonel Snesarev method east paperwork. He publishes the textbook "The Military Geography of Russia, delivers a report at the International Congress of Orientalists in Copenhagen -" India as a major factor in the Central Asian question. "

This is again not like the British. Britain - though an ally of Russia - can not allow one of the key positions in the Russian intelligence was an officer with distinct anti-British views. Further pressure, Snesarev transferred to the Kiev Military District - and here begins the First World.

In December 1914. Germans broke through the front under Kolomiya. This regiment was transferred Snesariev. The colonel himself led him to attack. For personal courage and leadership shown by the regiment Snesarev promoted to Major General.

He participated in 75 fights, his chest is decorated with many military awards, and manages to rank. In September 1917, after the Kornilov revolt, the soldiers' Committee 9 th Army Corps, Lieutenant-General chooses Snesariev corps commander - the case for those days a rare, if not the only. But a month later Drevesny is in Ostrogozhsk, in the quiet provincial town deep in Russia; out a ruined army, he goes. But not forever. Just before the spring of 1918.
Revolution, he probably did not take. If adopted, it is not immediately and with reservations. Without reservations, he took only Russia - a country considered as a set of characteristics, varying in tempo natural historical process, regardless of anyone's revolutionary impatience. The reason for the entry Snesariev in the Red Army was a German intervention in the spring of 1918.

May 13, 1918, Mr.. Snesarev arrived in Tsaritsyn with the mandate of People's Commissars: "Sim certify that bearer Drevesny Snesarev really is the head of the North Caucasus District Military Commissariat for ..."

. District did not exist
. At Tsaritsin advancing the 40 thousandth army of General Krasnov. The Revolutionary Army - part Kikvidze and Voroshilov, Shchadenko and Shevkoplyasa, work shelves, and a gang of Black Marousi - protesting and this is seconds, "threatened to send military director Snesariev in Dukhonin headquarters, that the revolutionary jargon meant" shoot ". Yet Andrei Yahenyevich managed to create a regular part of the Red Army, to organize the defense of the city, to stop the enemy. That he has done, despite the attacks "a class of no confidence" by the District Commissioner boy student-Zeid and the apparent resistance of the Commissioner for an emergency shipment of grain to Moscow with a strange name Stalin.

. Stalin demands "remove Snesariev, who can not, can not, can not or do not want to wage war against counter-revolution" and the plan Snesariev Defense announces the city wrecking
. In mid-July 1918, when the situation stabilized Tsaritsyn, Stalin arrested military director and almost all district headquarters slid onto the barge.

To investigate the "barge" of Stalin's policy in Tsaritsyn arrived inspectorate of the Supreme Military Council. Snesariev released from custody, and in September they won over Trotsky Tsaritsin tangle differences Solomon Court - Stalin in Moscow, Voroshilov, Ukraine, Snesariev in Smolensk chief of the Western Area. And if I say that in the new post Snesarev method could improve the organization and management of troops, supplies and weapons parts, develop intelligence, you blame me for repeating myself. But I repeat I am not - repeat life.
In the spring of 1919 began one of the most mysterious episodes in the life Snesariev.
It was a time when revolutionary ferment spread throughout the East - from the Aswan to Cantona. India was seething protests, peasant revolts. British gunners mowed down the demonstrators by the thousands, and blood flowed along the pavements of ancient cities. Afghanistan strongly rejects the British Protectorate, and British troops march through the Punjab to the North.

Snesarev again in Turkestan. Pamir detachment in place, but under the red flag. Red Army holds the city, it includes no local residents, and rural areas - under the authority of tribal elders and, as one would say today, commanders. Over the roar of the Hindu Kush 6omby with British airplanes.

. Almost no preserved evidence of Andrew Tamm in these months in Central Asia, but the events of the Third Anglo-Afghan war is felt experienced hand, turn the military defeat of the Afghans in their political victory
. The mass uprising of the Pashtun tribes in the rear of the British troops and their defeat at Merv foiled British offensive in Herat in the north.

. Immediately after the conclusion of the Anglo-Afghan peace, when England lost its power over Afghanistan, Snesarev was recalled to Moscow and appointed Chief of General Staff Academy of the RKKA
. For two years of command academy, he made her a military educational institution of world-class. Snesarev not only directed but also led many of the items himself, fruitfully engaged in science - the same Milyutinskij military geography
February 22, 1928, Mr.. Andrei Yahenyevich Snesarev method for multi-year multi-faceted activities, in particular, and the construction of the armed forces of the country, was one of the first rank of Hero of Labor.

. This could not stand the man with the candy-beautiful appearance and boundless ambition, claiming the highest military and scientific authority in the USSR, Mikhail Tukhachevsky
. Koba, remembering Tsaritsyn, and hiding a malicious smile in his mustache, gives Tukhachevsky Snesariev. In January 1930. he was arrested and charged as a participant in the counter-revolutionary monarchist officers' organization.

Sam Tukhachevsky in May 1937. was shot, but very old man, adamantly silent, not sold his honor, stays still summer and autumn, and quietly faded away December 4, 1937. From the camp of his family gave more in 1934 - gave die. But the fate allotted to him three years Snesarev continued to work ...

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Snesarev Drevesny, photo, biography
Snesarev Drevesny, photo, biography Snesarev Drevesny  revolutionist, photo, biography
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