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Ananiev Anatoly A.

( Hero of Socialist Labor.)

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Biography Ananiev Anatoly A.
photo Ananiev Anatoly A.
(June 18, 1925 - ...)
Hero of Socialist Labor. Mens Line Ananyev a soldier, military. Pradд?d Anan'eva - Party Defense of Sevastopol in the Crimean War 1855-1856 period. Injured. He was awarded the George Cross III degree. Consisted churchwarden.
Born July 18, 1925 in the town of Jambul in Kazakhstan. Father Ananiev Andrei Petrovich (1896-1953). Mother - Mary Kulshina Timofeevna (1899-1985). Wife - Tanya Efimovna Andronov (1930. born.), philologist, poet. Daughter - Anan'eva Elena (1958. born.), philologist. Granddaughter - Anastasia (1996. born.).

A native of the village Anan'eva Rykov Bugulma County, now Tatarija. Nearby was the village trade fair Bavly that L / K on the river, which flows into the river Yaik. On the other side of the river began Aksakovskie ownership. And on the other side of the river stretched the first free village. In the village there were only two names - Anan'eva and Rykov. Free village were either public or in someone else's possession, and they were not included in the Cossacks, not joined in the Pugachev rebellion, a rebellion Razin. Perhaps here in Anan'eva on a deep level of genes inherited a sense of freedom.

Mens Line Ananyev a soldier, military. Pradд?d Anan'eva - Party Defense of Sevastopol in the Crimean War 1855-1856 period. Injured. He was awarded the George Cross III degree. Consisted churchwarden.

Father was taken to the war in 1914. On the Romanian front, he was captured. He was sent to a concentration camp in the city of Linz. Seven times Andrey escaped from captivity, but each time unsuccessfully - to recover it back. For the eighth time he was lucky, got: keep the way home, but did not get. Him, the soldier was taken in Bugulma and sent the Red Army, fighting now with Kolchak.

In the Siberian station Moskalenko, Andrei Petrovich was wounded, and he gets to the hospital. There he met Mary Kulshinoy Timofeevna, which soon became his wife. Genus Mary Timofeevna Kulshinoy was known for its longevity. Many of them lived more than 100 years.

After treatment in hospital Andrey Ananiev was sent to Central Asia to combat Basmachi. He was wounded, trace Bassmachi drafts always remained on his back.

In 1925 the city Aulie-Ata (Holy Father), the couple Ananyev born son Anatoly. In 1928, a family with small children (except Anatolia was the eldest daughter Nina and the youngest son of Gennady) returns to his father's native village Rykov, which remained more relatives. His father is a strong farmer. And then hurried to collectivization - it falls under the cannibalization. Whole family deported to Siberia. Found refuge in Jambul, where his father had once fought. Soon, he rents a cherry orchard, after 2 years puts pyatistennuyu hut. In 1937, the second time falls under the cannibalization. At night, two carts with the family went to the Ferghana Valley. But the third time to raise the economy has failed.

Anatolia was 14 years old when he finished 7 classes, went to work as apprentice electrician at the cotton plant in Namangan. Entered in the agricultural college specializing in technical culture. The war found him at 3-m course.

Anatoly and nine boys from college went to the recruitment office to ask for the front. But the one-armed person with disabilities, Lieutenant, putting them all birthday on Jan. 1, 1925, sent to study in Kharkiv anti-tank artillery school, which was evacuated in Ferghana. Of these 10 boys returned from the war alive only Anatoly Ananiev and Nikolai Snegirev. The school been studying 4 months instead of a year. Once lined up on the parade ground and asked: "Who in the division final, step forward!" And Ananiev, without hesitation, stepped up first! A month later he was promoted to second lieutenant and sent to the front.
His military address was 20-I Stalingrad-Rechitsa anti-tank artbrigada, 1184 th Novozybkov Krasnoznamenny anti-tank artillery regiment, a third battery, the commander of the platoon fire. There, for the recognition of the future writer, he is registered in perpetuity, like millions of his peers - the living dead who have died since the war.

. During the five days before the Battle of Kursk in the first 100 recruits, among them, and Anatoly, arrived at the location of
. After three days of this battle of the regiment survived a third. During this battle the brigade's commander, Lieutenant Colonel Eristov handed Anatolia Ananyev for personal achievement in his 18 years of single-parent soldiers' medal "For Courage".

Then, the battles for Belarus. Under Novozybkov went to the rear of the Germans and the Germans blew up the trains. After this operation, all those who managed to return alive, they delivered the tickets to the party candidates. There he receives a photo on your membership card. Continue to participate in the Dnieper crossing near the town branch. It was one of those moments in war when it was easier to die. But it was necessary to survive, to cover the crossing. And kept. Then there were the battles for Kalinkovichi. In 1959, the novel "Small screen", he describes this military operation. During the battle Anan'eva awarded the World War II degree.

Then there was the memorable night a heavy battle to liberate the concentration camps Ozarichi. In this battle, Ananiev, was seriously wounded. More than 40 fragments hit him. Nine months spent in hospitals Ananiev in Irkutsk and Chita.

And again to the front. Fighting near Budapest. Terrible battles for the city of Szekesfehervar, who took three. They killed almost all the guys 1924-1925 years of birth.

Further, during the battle of Vienna, Ananiev was badly bruised. The hospital did not lay. He continued to fight. The war ended in Purgstall. After the victory was a very tormenting the spine affected by injury, had to be treated in hospitals in Sofia, Plovdiv.

. In December 1945, at age 20, Ananyeva discharged to the reserve and a disabled group.

. Came from the front with a orders, no profession, no money
. Years after the war seemed Ananyev terrible war. We had to start all over again.

Soon, however, received a diploma from the agricultural college. I went to the city Jambul. He worked as an agronomist in the collective farm, an agronomist rayzemotdela. Joined the correspondence department of the Alma-Ata Institute of Agriculture. Gradually began to study science, in charge of Variety testing station in the village Grodikovo. He experienced varieties of grain and industrial crops. At the 4 th year at the Institute was invited to plant tobacco fermentation as Chief of the commodity department. Received the offer to go to Moscow for the annual refresher courses. But fate decided otherwise
While working at the factory, he wrote in the factory newspaper poems. Funny poems. He wrote very easy. Once the head of the planning department Miroshnichenko, who had a philological education, asked him to bring a notebook with poems. And, to say nothing Ananyev, took his notebook in the magazine "Soviet Kazakhstan". Soon published a cycle of his poems. Anatoly felt happy to hear that he is talented. And, as recognized by the Anan'eva, and this is his undoing. After that he long nothing could write. He graduated from the Agricultural Institute.

Talent writer took his. Anatoly Ananiev throws his previous work and in 1950 entered the Alma-Ata University with the Faculty of full-time office.

. The decisive factor in admission to the University Anan'eva became his test paper to the literature on the entrance exam
. He had written a story about an episode of his life at the front - "Meeting with the German soldier face to face". The fate was solved for him: he would write.

In 1957 he graduated from University Ananiev. It turns out a book of his poems. He works in the newspaper "Alma-Ata is true, in the industrial section editors. His first article "Against Formalism in the competition" was written as a result of mission at the factory. Increasingly, the name of Anatoly Anan'eva draws attention not only to the general reader, but the leaders of enterprises and households
. In 1958 the Kazakh gosizdatelstve literature published his first book - a historical and revolutionary cycle "Verny stories.
. In 1959, his novel "Small screen" Anatoly Ananiev, fill hlebnuvshy fiery passions of battle in World War II, skillfully told millions of Soviet people that defended every one of us in this war, bearing torture and death
. This work is a remarkable event in a series of military works of prose.
. The war in this period of creativity will be the main theme of his works.
. Appeal to the theme of "man of war" was the most vivid expression in his novel "The tanks are rhombus" (1963), dedicated to the battle at the Kursk Bulge.
. Anan elected board member of the Writers' Union of Russian literature in the republics of the Soviet Union and invited to work in Moscow.
. In 1964 he published the novel "trump monk Gregory.
. In October 1967 a
. A. Ananiev, was appointed first deputy chief editor of "The Banner".
From 1973 until the present time, he - Editor in Chief, "October".
Anatoly Andreyevich continues to work productively as a novelist. The memory of war permeates the work and Anan'eva to peaceful theme: novels "Meza" (1969), "Milestones of Love" (1971), "The years without war" (1975-1984), "Tablets and bells," play "Silent Officer ( 1981).
. In the novel "Milestones of Love" in 1978, Anatoly Ananiev receives a title of Laureate of Gorky.

. In the last decade, the writer published a novel "Faces of the immortal power"
. In 1991, a. Ananiev conceives write historical narrative "Vocation Rurik, or thousand-year mystery of Russia" and anticipates its subtitle "version based on historical records, documents and facts". To date, were published in news publishing two volumes of the bulk of this work. The writer continues to work on the third volume.

For outstanding achievements in the literary field A. A. Ananyev awarded the title Hero of Socialist Labor. He was awarded the Order of Lenin, . October Revolution, . two Orders of Red Banner of Labor, . Orders of Patriotic War I and II degree, . Of Honor, . medal "For Courage", . "For the capture of Vienna", . "For Victory over Germany", . "For Labor", . Order and two medals of Poland, . other awards,
. He is an honorary citizen of the city of Haskovo (Bulgaria) and the city Kalinovich.
Lives and works in Moscow

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Ananiev Anatoly A., photo, biography
Ananiev Anatoly A., photo, biography Ananiev Anatoly A.  Hero of Socialist Labor., photo, biography
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