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Beverly Robertson Holkomb (Beverly Holcombe Robertson)

( Trooper)

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Biography Beverly Robertson Holkomb (Beverly Holcombe Robertson)
photo Beverly Robertson Holkomb (Beverly Holcombe Robertson)
(June 5, 1827 - November 12, 1910)
Robertson's cavalry played an important role in the collision with Apperville and during the Gettysburg campaign.
Beverly Holkomb Robertson was born on 5 th June 1827 in the town of Amelia, Virginia City. In 1849 he graduated from West Point in brevetirovannogo rank of second lieutenant and was assigned in the 2 nd regiment of dragoons. After a year of service in the cavalry school in Pennsylvania Carlisle, he was promoted to second lieutenant and sent to the West. During his time on the frontier of New Mexico, Kansas and Nebraska Robertson proved himself a great warrior, and distinguished himself in battle with the Apaches in the Tornado Del Muerto and the Sioux at Blue Water, which resulted in the production of a lieutenant in 1859. In this rank Robertson was transferred to the headquarters office in Utah, where he rose to the rank of captain. Five months later, he resigned from the federal army and accepted the appointment of a Virginia colonel in the volunteer cavalry. After the end of the 61-year Cavalry Brigade was formed by Stewart Robertson took 4 th Virginia Cavalry Regiment. With the surrender of Yorktown federal lines dangerously close to Richmond, and Robertson courageously fought with the Yankees at New Bridge, trying to recapture so desired Confederates Mekaniksvill.

. In June 1861, when Stonewall Jackson was completing his famous "Valley Campaign", Robertson was promoted to brigadier general and transferred to Mount Jackson to lead the cavalry killed Turner Ashby
. Of the people Ashby were formed 7 th and 12 th Virgin cavalry regiments under the command respectively U.E. Jones and E. U. Harman and 17 th Battalion (later turned into the 11 th Virginia Cavalry Regiment), Major O.R. Fanstena. These parts Robertson added 6 th Regiment Flornoya and 2 nd Regiment Manforda and eventually got the backbone of a cavalry brigade, headed by August 62 th joined Stuart on the Rapidan River.
. Robertson's Brigade took part in the battles in the near Culpeper, after which its commander, received a personal thanks to Jeb Stuart for their excellent discipline and exemplary command
. During the battle of Gruvtone Robertson commanded the cavalry on the right flank of the Confederate and in the evening on August 30 held a beautiful horse attack on the positions of the opposing John Byuforda, . forcing the enemy took to flight and capturing a considerable amount more than three hundred prisoners,
. 5 September 1862. Brigadier-General Robertson left his brigade and was seconded to the Department of North Carolina for the organization and training of the local cavalry.

In March 1863. He participated in a demonstration of military force in the South New Bern, and in May the same year, singled out two regiments of his new team - 4 th and 5 th Severokarolinskie cavalry - to strengthen Stewart. Robertson's cavalry played an important role in the collision with Apperville and during the Gettysburg campaign, Robertson commanded a cavalry division at the main army of Lee, . followed the movements of the enemy, . but after the departure of Stewart in raid on Maryland covered the rear of,
. The division consisted of Robertson Severokarolinskoy Brigade and his ex-Virginia Brigade (under command U.E. Jones). On the third day of the battle of Gettysburg his division struggled with the Yankees in Fairfield, and during the retreat has participated in numerous skirmishes and firefights with the enemy, particularly when Fankstaune and Hagerstaune. Heavy losses have reduced the number of two of his regiments to 300 people, and on his return to Virginia Robertson, were deeply concerned defeat, asked for transfer to another area of the country.
. In October 1863 Robertson was appointed commander of the 2 nd of districts in South Carolina and remained in office until the end of the war, having managed to repulse the attack on John's Island Yankees in July 1864
. and confirmed his reputation this cavalryman-swordsman in the operation to cover the departure of Hardy from Charleston and in several battles against the marauding troops of Sherman. Disillusioned and lost interest in active life, Beverly A. Robertson, after the surrender chose solitary life, founded a small insurance company and paying almost all the time the family. He died November 12, 1910 in Washington, DC, one of the last of the generals of the Confederacy.

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Beverly Robertson Holkomb (Beverly Holcombe Robertson), photo, biography
Beverly Robertson Holkomb (Beverly Holcombe Robertson), photo, biography Beverly Robertson Holkomb (Beverly Holcombe Robertson)  Trooper, photo, biography
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