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Ashby Turner (Turner Ashby)

( Trooper)

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Biography Ashby Turner (Turner Ashby)
photo Ashby Turner (Turner Ashby)
(October 12, 1828 - June 6, 1862
After his death of Stonewall Jackson said: "I did not know a better officer-partisan. His bravery is legendary, his stamina was incredible, his character is painted heroism, and the sharpness of mind allowed him to intuitively feel all the steps and even the possible desire of the enemy "
. Turner Ashby was born in Virginia on Oct. 12, 1828 in one of the best families of the state - his great-grandfather had served with George Washington and his father a colonel in the U.S. Army fought the British in 1812
. In 1834, Mr.. father died, and 6-year-old Turner has begun to receive a brilliant home education through her mother Elizabeth hired private teachers. Like other young Southern gentlemen, Ashby from childhood accustomed to the saddle and hunting rifle, preferring the long ride to society ladies and the grand salons. In 1855 he was commissioned by the state government, formed a volunteer cavalry unit, which carried out under police surveillance for workers, is building Manassaskuyu railroad. When four years later, abolitionist John Brown's revolt and seized an arsenal in Harpers Ferry, Ashby and his party one of the first arrived on the scene and assisted the Marines appeared in time, led by Robert E. Lee. During the trial of Brown and his execution squad Ashby was called to guard duty in the city and surrounding area.

. Since the beginning of the Civil War Ashby was promoted to captain, and his volunteer cavalry unit was officially called 'Rangers Ashby' and joined the 7 th Virginia Cavalry Regiment
. The war has become for Ashby's personal character, after federal troops with bayonets stabbed his brother Richard, and it made Turner's implacable enemy of the Yankees. A trump Ashby was undoubted talent scout - so, he repeatedly visited in the rear of the federalists, disguised as an elderly veterinarian, or pretending to impoverished farm laborer.
. Turner Ashby's cavalry, commanded by the legendary Thomas 'stone wall' Jackson, but the debut in that capacity was unsuccessful
. Battle of Kernstaune in March 1862 - the only tactical defeat Jackson in his famous 'Campaign in the Valley' - was due to badly and razgildyayskoy intelligence and lack of battle more than half of the 7 th Virginia Cavalry,
. Ashby felt that the battle will take place a day later, and himself dismissed its cavalrymen to their homes - in the short-term leave. Battle of Kernstaune, which, however, eventually proved to be a strategic victory for Jackson, disillusioned stone wall in the commander's ability Ashby, on the contrary, persuaded the indiscipline in the past. Religious to the bone Jackson demanded from his subordinates, strict discipline, obedience and unconditional implication divine Providence, whose hand, considered himself. Ashby, it seemed, did not meet these criteria, so Jackson decided to remove him from his post as commander of the 7 th Virginia, and the regiment was divided into two parts and placed under the command of two infantry officers. He explained it this way: "I hope this step will lead to the fact that the cavalry will be organized, drilled and disciplined". The soldiers of this regiment idolized Turner Ashby, and, in response to the decision of Jackson, began to make plans of revolt, and he first called Ashley Jackson to a duel, then threatened with dismissal from the army. And only the intervention of senior military officials of the Confederation Virgin reconcile the two gentlemen and prevent mutiny in the depths of the army of Jackson. Ashby was reinstated, and the 7 th Virginia Cavalry was a couple of weeks one of the most exemplary regiments of the armed forces of the South.

. The next two months, Jackson's army (16 thousand troops) is continuously tormented, . surprised, . attack and destroy the federal forces in the 60 thousand people in the Shenandoah Valley, . completing two strategic objectives - ousting the Yankees from the valley and the establishment of a direct threat to Washington, . capital of the Union,
. Lincoln was forced to repeatedly demand that their generals reinforce the garrison of the capital, attracting patrolling soldiers from the army, McClellan, much-needed Yankees at Virginia Peninsula. Thus, Jackson has managed to weaken once two federal army, tearing the offensive on the eastern group of the Union of Richmond. Ashby's cavalry proved to be excellent during the entire campaign, although Jackson was forced to sometimes turn a blind eye to the merry antics of dragoons of the 7 th Virginia. One northern officer said: "Ashby's easy, active and experienced. It took us just as the breeze gets bull, gradually reducing it to the mind ". Vividly Ashby Cavalry talent manifested itself in the battles of Strasbourg, Fort Royal and Winchester. In recognition of his work May 23, 1862 followed by production to brigadier general. In this regard, Jackson melancholy said: "It seems that now you will command the brigade, perhaps the country will get a chance to enjoy less redundant underline the characteristics of your guests."
. It was sensible advice, but Ashby, as always, they did not use
. Evening of 6 June 1862, he led his horsemen in a counterattack on federal positions in Harrisonberge, diverting the main forces of the enemy and trying to give time to the troops, General Richard Ewell to prepare a defense. By Ashby was killed by a horse, but he tried to continue the attack on foot, drawing his revolver and shouting: "Attack, guys, for God's sake - Attack!". He had not gone a few steps, like his heart was hit, was released from federal musket. Unpredictable, undisciplined, desperately courageous Turner Ashby became a legend of the South. After his death of Stonewall Jackson said: "I did not know a better officer-partisan. His bravery is legendary, his stamina was incredible, his character is painted heroism, and the sharpness of mind allowed him to intuitively feel all the steps and even the possible desire of the enemy "

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Ashby Turner (Turner Ashby), photo, biography
Ashby Turner (Turner Ashby), photo, biography Ashby Turner (Turner Ashby)  Trooper, photo, biography
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