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His request met the. While Lonsdale detained, among his guards have always been a man, well played chess. Smith admired the tenacity Lonsdale and treated him with genuine respect. He once told reporters: "His work was not a gift - just like me or you. But he coped with it well. How can I condemn someone for what he well performs its rabotuN "
Scouts with microdots

Smart, well-dressed man with an elegant attachц? cases appeared in Royslipe, a suburb of London, at dusk. He came to the house N 45 on the street Krenli-Drive and rang the doorbell. On the home front began to move the curtain - overly curious neighbor was, as always, 'in her post'. She learned an elegant, handsome. It was a Canadian friend of Kroger, a man in all respects prominent. He came to visit at least once a month. Usually on Saturdays. The old woman looked up from the window and sat down at her knitting: in Royslipe usually there is nothing interesting.

. Home comfort

. If only she knew what secrets hide house N 45! In a secret cellar in the kitchen kept the high-frequency radio transmitter and a special device that allows users to transfer encoded messages at 240 words per minute
. The living room was a powerful receiver that could receive radio signals from around the world. There also stood a typewriter and a tape recorder with headphones. From the bathroom could go into a closet that housed the equipment for creating and reading microdots - products of a special technology that allows to reduce the big picture to the point size of a pinhead 'surprise' here were everywhere. Between the pages of the Bible kept photosensitive cellophane plate to create microdots. In the bedroom was a microscope - for their prochteniya.V flat metal flask was not an alcoholic, and spools of microfilm. In the box from under the powder on the shelf in the bathroom - a device for reading microdots, like a miniature telescope.

Backroom staff

Residents of quiet Royslipa had no idea that within six years in their town operated a secret foreign intelligence headquarters, poses a real threat to UK security. From 1956 to 1961. house N 45 on the street Krenli Drive was the headquarters of the Soviet intelligence network, led by one of the most famous spies of the USSR, Gordon Lonsdale, or - if the name is his real name - Konon Trofimovich Young.

. The hero of the last war, who spoke fluent in many European languages, Konon Young was highly professional scout, one of the best in the KGB
. At the age of 32 years, he rose to the rank of lieutenant colonel and spent a few brilliant intelligence operations
. In 1954, . eve of his 33-anniversary, . Young received from the KGB especially important task: to gather information about the British and U.S. air bases and get information on the latest developments in the UK on installation and operation of nuclear engines for submarines,
. Outstanding scout
. Under the guise of a Canadian businessman Young comes to the UK 3 March 1955, Mr.
. Now he is no longer Konon Young, and Gordon Lonsdale. Cover was perfect. Canadian named Gordon Lonsdale really existed. But the real Lonsdale missing in Finland - presumably he was killed - and his passport was now in the hands of the young.

Lyubimets women

Charming Lonsdale liked all. He easily made friends with people. He had many friends and - thanks to the KGB-money to enjoy spending time with his many friends and buddies. Soon Lonsdale already knew in the face of London's best restaurants and nightclubs. But his expensive car, is very expensive, drawn from America, producing literally furor in the city, devastated by war and still had not recovered before the end. At home, Lonsdale arranged noisy parties. Women just melted from this black-haired swarthy, handsome. He generally enjoyed remarkable success with the fairer sex.

Lonsdale But not all the time carelessly indulged in amusements. He did it. First, he created the company to sales of musical automata, then - a company selling anti-theft devices for cars. Companies are beginning to bear a lot of money. But dating and communication were much more valuable than money. Company Affairs Lonsdale had to travel across the country. During these visits, he struck up useful contacts, including - among the military and the intelligence organizations.

. Ordinary people

. Among the most 'valuable' singles Lonsdale was the wife of the house Kroger N 45 Street Krenli Drive in Royslipe
. As he Lonsdale, they were Soviet spies, illegals living on forged documents. They themselves were the Americans and at first worked in America, but in 1954. they were barely not disclosed, and Kroger wife fled to Britain on false passports.

Peter Kroger, a quiet gray-haired man in his fifties, had its own 'home' business selling rare books. Helen was not much younger than her husband. The house was a Kroger store spy equipment, which gave Lonsdale to maintain contact with Moscow. During his numerous trips around the country - ostensibly for the company, but actually to gather secret information - Lonsdale became acquainted with a man named Harry Houghton, who became for him an invaluable source of information.

. Ready to sell

. Houghton served as a clerk at the classified naval base at Portland
. He had access to classified information. And that was particularly useful for Lonsdale, from Houghton was not entirely clean sheet. In 1951 he was appointed to the position in the Security Service of the British Embassy in Warsaw, but soon withdrew: it turned out that Houghton was doing some illegal trade machinations on the black market. Employees of the Polish secret service, closely monitor the activities of Houghton in Warsaw, reported to Moscow that this man is easy to bribe. Moscow, in turn, contacted the Lonsdale and ordered him to lose no time, to make contact with Houghton.

Lonsdale introduced Houghton as Commander (rank in the U.S. Navy, corresponds to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel in the Army. It soon became clear that Houghton - the type of person that he needs. For the sake of money Houghton was ready for anything. In addition, he had the opportunity to secretly make secret documents from the Portland base: his mistress, middle-aged woman named Egel Gee, worked there as a reviewer. This was particularly valuable. Male staff when leaving the territory more thoroughly tested than women.

Espionage network

Houghton was easy to recruit. Lonsdale said. that the Americans want from him some information. On the law of non-disclosure of secret information could not worry - after all, the U.S. and Britain stand on one side. Naturally, he was well paid for the work have stipulated amount Houghton was pleased with. Ethel Gee was supposed to act as a courier. Soon Lonsdale began to arrive in Portland valuable materials - such as detailed maps of the British naval bases and a detailed description of the device ships and submarines. The contents of the documents handed over to Moscow from the house N 45 on the street Krenli Drive with high-frequency radio signals, and then safely returned to Paper Ethel Gee. Spy network has earned full swing.
First suspected
Lonsdale Houghton paid in cash. These 'extra' money does not affect the state of his bank account. But the usual procedure of checking that the MI-5 periodically conducted among members of secret organizations, revealed that the costs Houghton far exceed its income. In 1960, Mr.. Houghton official salary was just 714 pounds a month.

However, he recently bought a new car, made a 10 thousand. pounds sterling to buy a new house and spent бё 20 a week for just one drink. Where did such a humble servant dengiN Agents MI-5 had to find out.

In July 1960, Mr.. Houghton and Gee went to London, in a theater at the Old Vic. They did not know that they are being watched. In the theater, they met with Lonsdale, who also took the briefcase and gave them instead of an envelope. Houghton and Gee went outside and went by a roundabout route to his car.

A month later, Houghton met again with Lonsdale in the Old Vic theater, and together they went to the cafe. MI-5 agents sat down at the nearest table and began to listen to the conversation.

"The first Saturday of every month - they caught the words Lonsdale. - And especially the first Saturday of October and November.

It was obvious that they have something planned.

Then Houghton with Lonsdale came out of the cafe and went into a phone booth to call But they did not. Houghton only gave Lonsdale some papers, wrapped in newspaper, they parted, and Lonsdale went to the bank. There he handed in a luggage bag brown. Once Lonsdale left, the staff of MI-5 opened the suitcase. It turned out to be Soviet-made camera, magnifying glass, two reels of film and a bunch of keys.

Watching and waiting

Lonsdale two months left for Europe, but when he returned to England, he had already waited for the agents of MI-5. They watched him from the bank, where he took his suitcase to Royslipa, where he went afterwards.

In the ensuing weeks the picture began to clear. On the first Saturday of each month Lonsdale met with Houghton in London. They exchanged some convolutions, and the same day went to Lonsdale Royslip to Kroger. He came, he is usually at the beginning of the eighth evening. This went on for three months. Eventually, the MI-5 decided that the time Lonsdale 'take'. Responsible for the operation assigned detective George Smith, Superintendent of Police (police officer, following the Inspector. - Per.) From the special department of the London Criminal Investigation.


January 7, 1961, Mr.. Harry Houghton arrived in London. At this time it was Ethel Gee. At Waterloo wait for them at least 15 security agents, disguised as passengers and newsboys. Among them was George Smith. The train was late by 45 minutes. Perhaps because of this delay may be due to a terrible cold people Smith noticed Houghton and GM only when they left the station and sent to the bus stop. Only one dressed as a policeman had to jump on the bus, all the rest is hopelessly behind. Fortunately for the hapless police, it was only entertaining tour of the city to familiarize themselves with the sights. About an hour Houghton and Gee returned to Waterloo and from there right onto Old Vic. There they were met by Lonsdale. As a true gentleman, he took a heavy package Ethel. Smith, who followed them, ran across the path.

"You have all been arrested - he announced. - I'm from the police. "

They drove three cars. Lonsdale packed into the first, Houghton - in the second, G - in the third. Machines jumped up and rushed to the station. One of the officers announced over the radio: "Suspects arrested. We carry ".

. At least in chess play

. The package Ji found four secret document from Portland and a film of 300 frames were captured at her drawings and documentation about the device of British submarines with nuclear engine
. Three of the detainees were accused of violating the law on disclosure of sensitive information. Each reacted differently.

"How was I an idiot!" - Exclaimed Harry Houghton.

"I have done nothing wrong," - said Ethel Gee.

"It seems that I have to spend the night here - quietly said Lonsdale. - Could you find me a partner shahmatamN "

His request met the. While Lonsdale detained, among his guards have always been a man, well played chess. Smith admired the tenacity Lonsdale and treated him with genuine respect. He once told reporters: "His work was not a gift - just like me or you. But he coped with it well. How can I condemn someone for what he well performs its rabotuN "

Complete set of spy equipment

Kroger The couple were arrested on the same day. They played the holy innocence. However, when they were taken away from home, Helen Kroger has asked permission to throw fuel in the boiler to fire during the night is not extinguished. "Sure, of course - said Smith. - But first I'll see what you have in your bag.

The bag was a tape with a recorded tape, a glass container with three microdots and a letter five pages, written in Russian handwriting Lonsdale. Helen was going to burn them in the furnace.

Now came the forensic. Special team searched the house N 45 on the street Krenli Drive for a whole week. Found a walkie-talkie. Have found equipment for producing microdots. Among the books by Peter Kroger have found lists signal codes, dates, radio and two New Zealand passport. In the box for the pens lay Canadian passports. Everywhere found bundles of money.

Searched the apartment Lonsdale also yielded results. Police discovered the equipment for the production of microdots, another walkie-talkie and a lot of money. Equally clear evidence they found in the house Houghton: secret documents, made of Portland naval base, a camera and a box of matches with a double bottom with a tiny card meeting places in London.
The trial began March 13, 1961, Mr.. and lasted for nine days. And finally, Lord Chief cudya (chairman of Queen's Bench Division of the High Court of Justice, the highest ranking judge after the Lord Chancellor. - Per.) Announced the verdict. Houghton and Gee were sentenced to 15 years in prison, Kroger - to 20 years. Gordon Lonsdale was waiting for more severe punishment. "Gordon Arnold Lonsdale, - the judge turned to him, - you, no doubt, a professional scout. Is a dangerous profession. And you certainly should have been aware of what you would have risked failure. So, I think you are ready to be punished. You are sentenced to 25 years in prison.
Lonsdale only smiled. He knew that in a British prison, he is delayed (not for long. During the Cold War were distributed exchanges scouts 'bash in Bash'. Lonsdale, not without grounds for believing that the Soviet Union will try to exchange it for any British intelligence, failed in the Soviet Union. And he was right. Three years later he was exchanged for a British spy, was seized in Moscow. Lonsdale was released.

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YOUNG Konon, photo, biography
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