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UVAROVA Praskovya S.

( The Countess)

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Biography UVAROVA Praskovya S.
(9.04.1840 - 30.06.1924)
Countess Uvarov was not only a beloved wife, and beloved member of her husband. And became a professor of archeology and an honorary member of the St. Petersburg Academy of Sciences.
She was born in the village Bobrik Lebedyanskiy County Kharkov province. The family faithfully maintained the traditions of the ancestors - historians, educators, military. Paracha's father, Prince Shcherbatov close znakomstvoval with by Pushkin himself and kept a copy of "Prisoner of the Caucasus" with the author's dedication: "To my friend Sergei.

. In the family estate, and then in Moscow, the young princess with a well-trained and nicely brought
. Her mother, nee Princess Sviatopolk-Chetvertinskaya, very well educated lady, tried to find the daughter's best teachers. Russian literature professor taught FI. Buslaev, music - NG. Rubinstein, painting - AK. Savrasov. Also indispensable in light of the French language. Paracha also mastered German and English.

But the least beautiful Praskovya resembled "blue stockings" - were themselves beautiful, graceful. And witty. Young Leo Tolstoy turned his attention to young Scherbatov. In 1858, Mr.. writer noted in his diary: "With boredom and sleepiness went to Rumin, and suddenly engulfed me. P.SCH. - Charm. Fun day ". Finding prototype Kitty Shcherbatskaya from "Anna Karenina" is not very difficult for literary critics - is certainly. Paracha Shcherbatov.

Her name would have remained, probably, only in fine print notes to the novel by Tolstoy, if not previously happy marriage. In 18 years, the princess married Count Alexei Sergeevich Uvarov (1825-1884). Historian. Archaeologist. Connoisseur of antiquities. He was fascinated by his young wife scientists occupations. On notions of the time it is rather strange, even curious.
Soon after the wedding, the young went to Rome, Naples, Florence. Praskovya Uvarov understands the basis of European culture in all its pristine splendor. Then she would always help her husband as the founder of the Moscow Archaeological Society and Historical Museum. And so will determine their fate for many decades.

Aleksey devoted wife of his book "Stone Age" and testified: "You have always participated in all my travels and always helped me in my explorations". One of their awards - a medal, brought him to Tiflis Congress archaeologists - Earl gave Praskovia Sergeyevna with engraved inscription: "Beloved employee.

. After the death of a spouse Praskovya S. assumes the chairmanship of the Moscow Archaeological Society - Atlanta, as it were replaced by Caryatid.

. Countess takes professorial rank in Tartu University and St. Petersburg Archaeological Institute, writes books, maintains many of the scientific endeavor
. Even today in the Historical Museum one letter, she addressed. Among those who turned to the Countess for advice and help, people are well-known, famous - artist VD. Polenov, historian V.O. Klyuchevskii, archaeologist VI. Sizov, and many others.
Praskovia Sergeyevna and was indebted to Ivan Tsvetayev, father of Marina Tsvetaeva. He created the Moscow Museum of Fine Arts (now the Museum of Fine Arts. A.S. Pushkin). It Uvarov tried that before Tsvetaev not only opened the door secular interiors, but also persons receiving the imperial family. Paying tribute to the Moscow ascetic, she made a great and informative article "I.V. Tsvetayev - creator of the Museum of Fine Arts.

Praskovya S. respected and supported collectors realized that the basis of the best collections of public museums are the efforts of those who once revered eccentric, ridiculed. Countess herself too different collector spirit: to collect ancient manuscripts (over 3000), coins, bronzes, paintings.

Especially fruitful were 9 of its travel to the Caucasus. Books written in the wake of these expeditions - Caucasus. Itineraries and cemeteries of the North Caucasus "- researchers often reveal today.

Year 1895 marked the election Uvarova an honorary member of the St. Petersburg Academy of Sciences, the first Russian woman in that position. However, Sofya Kovalevskaya won the title in a few years earlier, but ... famous woman mathematician regarded as a foreign member correspondent and represented the Swedish science. Truly, there is no prophet in his own country.
It is impossible to even briefly enumerate all, we owe Uvarova. For Russian science, a Russian education, she was always and until the last possible. For example, in 1916. Countess wrote a letter about the need to prohibit the export of antiquities from Russia and the address of the Minister of the Interior AN. Khvostov protege of Rasputin, careerist, cold bureaucrat. Of course, nothing he did. Yeah, and not be able to: Imperial Russia in its final months ...
After 1917, when the title of "Countess" has become a stigma, Praskovia Sergeyevna had to leave Russia. June 30, 1924, Mr.. She died in the Yugoslav town п■п╬п╠п╟я─. At home her forget. How not to recall the replica of Pushkin: "The wonderful people we disappear without leaving a trace" N
But lately, no, no and yes there are printed mention of the remarkable woman archaeologist. Murom museum established Uvarov reading. Thank you and that ...

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UVAROVA Praskovya S., photo, biography
UVAROVA Praskovya S., photo, biography UVAROVA Praskovya S.  The Countess, photo, biography
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