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Biography Lebedeva Olga
(1854 - NN)
Ah, to what we are disgustingly rich and wasteful! Be born Olga Lebedeva in the same in 1854 not in Russia but in England, or - even better - in Germany, it would now put the monument, museums would be open. And our Ivan, kinship is not forgetful, and can now only ask: Who LebedevaN etoN
. Reply to this question is not so simple, . Yes, and God knows, . why the virtuous wife of the mayor of Kazan, suddenly imbued with ardent sympathy for the Tartars, . learns their language, . but at the same time more and Arabic, . Persian, . German, . french, . Italian and Greek,
. And he sees the meaning of his life to overcome the "curse of Babel," among nations to adopt the tolerance and understanding.
. Tatar educators K. Nasyri and Shigabutdin Mardzhani give it a brilliant language lessons, history and culture of the Turkic and other Islamic nations
. Capable student transfers from Tatar to Russian book of the Iranian king Keykabusa "Qaboos-Name". Soon she becomes closely not only in Kazan, but in general in Russia, where serious women's education, to put it mildly, is not encouraged. In the 80 years of mathematician Sofia Kovalevskaya works in Berlin and Paris, and Lebedev, also drawn by their scientific interests, he went to Turkey. Her path was not strewn with roses. Ottoman security suspects Olga Sergeyevna Russian spy who is surrounded by agents. "Toptunam" not interested in what Gulnare Khanum (as she sometimes signed his work) knows turkish much better than their. She flashes Turkish literature translated Pushkin, Lermontov, Leo Tolstoy ... Translates the languages of Western European works of Turkish writers and poets. Issued in Turkish Istanbul edition of its "Stories of Russian literature from its beginning to the present day.
. A ROSSIYAN as it was to the great diversity of LebedevoyN Progressive people appreciated the mission Olga, calling it an ambassador of Russian literature in Turkey.
. In 1893, Lebedev returned to the beloved fatherland
. She already a world name - speech at the Congress of Orientalists, high reward, recognition of the great scholars. Alas ... Reporter who had met her at the Odessa raid, rightly writes that Olga far more popular abroad than in Russia. Russian secret police was a sister of the Turkish secret police. Again, police surveillance, censorship obstacles. Only now Lebedev is suspected in the transition to Islam, and the Synodal church threatens her every spiritual punishments.
Course, "Gulnara-Khanum," seeks no support in official circles, and in public opposition. For instance, she alarmed sentiments pogroms against Armenians in Turkey and in 1894, addresses a letter to Leo Tolstoy.
. Here is the beginning of this message.
. "Sir, Count Lev Nikolayevich Being engaged in Oriental languages, I am particularly well-studied Turkish language and its literature
. To this end, I spent some time in Constantinople and became acquainted with many writers. This gave me the opportunity to make sure that they are avidly read your marvelous works in French translation ...
Establish friendly correspondence. In one letter, Tolstoy asks Olga to answer several questions concerning the life of the Turkish people. Lebedeva complied with the request brilliantly. Her letter-essay on the socio-political life in Turkey has aroused great interest and Tolstoy's desire to get answers to other questions. Together with the following letter Olga Tolstoy sends his article, which refers to the common moral ideals of Christianity and Islam. Writer Olga endorsed the intention to publish a book in Turkey on the kinship of the two avraamitskih religions.
. The book, apparently, and not published, because neither in Tsarist Russia, nor in the Sultan of Turkey for its release did not then have the right conditions.
. The idea of bringing the peoples of Russia and the East does not leave Lebedev
. In 1887, Mr.. she turns to the best scholars of Oriental studies, to: create in Russia Oriental Society, . purpose was to "spread among the eastern peoples accurate and correct information about Russia, . as well as the introduction of Russian society with the material needs and spiritual life of the East - to promote rapprochement between Russia and the eastern countries, . serve as a conduit for Russian Culture.,
. REQUIRED 13 YEARS requests and belief, that the proposal was finally accepted
. February 29, 1900, Mr.. Lebedeva gets permission to create a "Imperial Society of Oriental Studies, held under the patronage of the Most August Her Imperial Majesty Empress Alexandra Feodorovna". Chairman appointed by the lieutenant-general NK. Shvedov, but its true creator is listed only "honorary chairwoman ...
Now the society is 100 years. We may be sure that even today few people remember about Lebedeva. Do not open the memorial plaque, not heard Tatar scientist A.G. Karimullina, which collects the crumbs of the facts of her life, not republish it works. In general, everything will be as always ...

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  • Catherine for Lebedeva Olga
  • Olga sounds like a truly amazing woman and scholar, I would like to find out more about her life.
  • Catherine for Lebedeva Olga
  • She translated many texts and wrote history of Kazan which is still in publication today by the British Library. She wrote about the woman in islam in 1900: 'De l'émancipation de la femme musulmane, etc.' and inspired her Ottoman publisher to publish the first female Turkish novelist. This year is the 160 anniversary of her birth. What an inspiring person.
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