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Princess Madeleine

( The youngest daughter of King of Sweden)

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Biography Princess Madeleine
(Rhode. June 10, 1982)
The younger daughter of King of Sweden, Carl XIV Gustaf and Queen Silvia. In baptism she was given the title Duchess Halsinglandskoy and Gastrikslandskoy, under the name of ancestral estates of the Swedish kings. She also wears the title of Princess Shweds.
Princess Madeleine, the youngest daughter of the King of Sweden, Carl XIV Gustaf and Queen Silvia was born June 10, 1982. Her birth weight was 3340 grams, and height - 49 cm She was baptized on 31 August that same year, Bishop Olof Sundbiommom and baptized with the name Madeleine Theresa Amelia Josephine Bernadotte. In baptism she was given the title Duchess Halsinglandskoy and Gastrikslandskoy, under the name of ancestral estates of the Swedish kings. She is also the title of Princess Shweds. But all relatives, family, friends, relatives, and after them, and all subjects, lovingly called her simply: "Article".
The greatest passion in life, Madeleine - "Article" - a horse and travel. The age of four princess had sat on a little pony called Travolta, who carefully kept the reins of his father, King Carl - Gustav.
. Passion for riding professionally delivered, by the way, many parents worry little princess
. But they are proud, . that their daughter had not just been involved in equestrian competitions, . is a member of the largest horse - Gym in Shweds - Faeltrittklub in Stockholm, . and in April 1998, won prestigious competitions in Koenige honorable second place and a silver cup,
. In competitions it participated under the name of Anna Swenson, in order not to cause too much excitement among the public and the press. But that still is known for each step of the "little Madeleine. "
. For example, . when she was seven years old and it was time to choose their place of study, . the parents of Princess, . (especially, . mother, . Queen Silvia, . modest woman and loving quietly, . ) Long puzzled over, . how carefully choose a school, . that this did not become known to all journalists and newspaper people in Shweds,
. They have not decided one day, . where one should learn to Madeleine - in school, . where in due time began the formation of Prince Phillip - boarding Lyundsburg, . in Vaermlande, . or in the gymnasium Enskilda, . (a suburb of Stockholm), . where also studied her older sister - Crown Princess Victoria,
. The choice was made in favor of Enskilda Gymnasium, the main, the course is Madeleine graduated August 20, 1998. Two years later, just before his birthday, June 5, 2000, Madeleine - Thц?rц?se Amelie Josephine Bernadotte, a bachelor's degree in art school - the school Enskilda and thinks to continue their education, art historian in Italy or the United States.
. Nature Madeleine is very unpredictable, it is sociable, has many friends and capable of harmless pranks and jokes, jokes and parodies
. So in 1997, she participated in a burlesque concert college - high school, where she performed in the guise of one of the soloists of the "Speyz Gerlz", which is a big fan. But at the same time, many, . know the princess and bltizko and not very - note its deep seriousness, . strong sense of duty, . attachment to father, . King Gustav and mother, . adoration to which of the Madeleine is so great, . that is playful jealousy of his father and older brother.,
. Madeleine often says: "I will do so as to advise my father."
. Princess Madeleine is also keen on skiing holidays, and often conducts at ski resorts Switzerland and Austria.
. Recently, all Swedish newspapers were thrilled by the fact that Madeleine has a new admirer
. It became known even to his name: Matthias Trottsig. When started with questions most Princess, that she bestowed reporters blindingly radiant smile, she said merrily, that in a long list of her admirers Mathias takes far not the first place. KakoeN She looks: Now it is too early to think about boyfriend. She has everything ahead. Meanwhile, the princess is planning to give serious attention to the continuation Svoge education, move up lame, as it considers English.. Perhaps, on the shores of foggy Albion.
By the way, the Crown Prince of England by William, the eldest grandson of Elizabeth II, long and seriously tipped as suitors beautiful Madeleine. At a ball in honor of his vosemnadtsatiletiya William is particularly remarkable for its attention is Madeleine-Therese: Well. Let's wait, see: Time will tell.

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Princess Madeleine, photo, biography
Princess Madeleine, photo, biography Princess Madeleine  The youngest daughter of King of Sweden, photo, biography
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